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This section holds our Forex Educational library: Our trading library consists of a collection of the most excellent educational articles written by our top market experts. It is primarily focused on those subscribers who aim at initiating or consolidating a professional trading career; that is, for people who take trading seriously. It is our mission to continually enrich our library over time, as well to cover all sorts of useful topics, from foundational to the most advanced ones. We have separate sections for Advanced Forex Education, beginners Forex Education, A daily Forex Topic and a Complete Forex Course.

14.The Different Sessions In The Forex Market

Introduction The forex market is traded all across the world. In fact, it is open 24 hours. And these markets are traded in countries when their national markets are

Elliott Wave Principle – Advanced Concepts – Part 2

Indicators are a useful tool that can aid in supporting the analysis process. In this educational article, we will review the Awesome Oscillator and how it can help us in

The Basics of Spread & Slippage

Spread Did you know that each time you place a trade, you pay a fee to the broker for providing the opportunity & platform to trade? Spreads act as a

13. General Myths In The Forex Market Every Trader Must Be...

Introduction Forex is the market for trading currency pairs. It is a real business that happens over the internet. However, many new traders do not take it seriously and often

The 5-0 Harmonic Pattern

Harmonic Pattern Example: Bearish 5-0 Harmonic Pattern The 5-0 Harmonic Pattern Like the Shark Pattern, the 5-0 pattern is a relatively new pattern discovered by the great Scott Carney. Carney

The Deep Crab Pattern

Harmonic Pattern Example: Bearish Deep Crab The Deep Crab Pattern     The Deep Crab is a variant of the regular Crab pattern. It is still a 5-point extension, and it still

The Shark Pattern

Harmonic Pattern Example: Bearish Shark The Shark Pattern The Shark Pattern is the newest harmonic pattern from Carney’s work (2016). He revealed this pattern in his third book in

Even a Combination of Double Top and Engulfing Fails

Double Top/Double Bottom is one of the most robust patterns that price action traders wait to take entries. When the price is rejected twice at a resistance level, it forms

To Reinvest or Not Reinvest, That is the Question

That is one key issue when trading. Should I stick with the same trade size, or is it better to compute trade size based on the account balance? In his

What Is Pip & Why Should You Know About It?

What is a pip? Essentially, a pip represents the price interest point. It is known to be the smallest numerical price move in the forex market. As you know that

Price Action, Market Psychology, and Adjustment

Price action traders are to get clues from what the price has been doing. Horizontal Support/ Resistance, Trend Line Support/Resistance, Fibonacci Levels, Equidistant Channel along with Candlestick Pattern are price

All you need before trading the EUR/USD Pair

The EUR/USD pair tracks the exchange rate of the Euro against the US Dollar. Since this pair represents a combination of the two stronger economies in the world, it is

The Cypher Pattern

The Cypher Pattern The Cypher Pattern is another type of Harmonic Pattern - except it isn't - but it is. This is one of the few patterns not identified by

12. The First Step In Your Trading Journey

Introduction Trading the forex market involves high risk. As per statistics, 95% of the traders fail in this domain. Hence, having expertise and experience in trading is very necessary for

The Crab Pattern

The Crab Pattern   The crab pattern is another of Carney’s harmonic patterns and one of the first that he discovered. The essential condition of this pattern is the

Taking Forex Trading as a Business

Forex trading is a hard business. A trader has to work hard to learn the algorithm of it as well as psychologically strong enough to apply them when it comes

What Are The Different Types Of Orders In The Forex Market?

What is an order? One of the first things every forex trader should know is about the different order types and implications of each one. An order in forex determines

11. The Different Order Types In The Forex Market

Introduction In the world of trading, the order types are identical, irrespective of the market you’re trading. The type of the 'Order' refers to how you wish to enter or

Elliott Wave Principle – Advanced Concepts – Part 1

Intermarket Analysis studies the correlation or relationship between different markets or assets. In this educational article, we will review how to apply the correlation analysis within the Elliott Wave Principle.

Let Profit Trade Run

There is a saying in the financial market, “Cut your losses short and let your profit run.” Letting the profit trade run is not as easy as it sounds. Traders

The Alternate Bat Pattern

Harmonic Pattern Example: Alternate Bat Bullish The Alternate Bat Pattern The Alternate Bat Pattern is another pattern by Scott M. Carney. This pattern comes from his second Volume Two in

10. Understanding Lots & Different Types Involved

Introduction In the stock market, securities are traded in a number of shares. Similarly, in the Forex market, currencies are traded in units of the currency. And these units are

The Bat Pattern

Harmonic Pattern Example: Bearish Bat The Bat Pattern The Bat Pattern is another harmonic pattern that was not identified by Gartley, but instead by the great Scott M. Carney -

How to determine if your Trading System shows Dependency

How to determine Dependency in your Trading System As we have explained in our previous article How to be sure your trading strategy is a winner, traders usually apply position

Essential Elliott Wave Theory Guideline

Recently, we ended the series that presents the basic concepts of the Elliott Wave Theory. In this guideline, we disclose the contents developed. Fundamentals of Elliott Wave Theory. Divided into

Equidistant Channel Trading: What Else to Consider?

Equidistant Channel is a very reliable trading tool for the price action traders. In an ascending Equidistant Channel, the buyers wait for the price to come at the support level

Traders’ Guide to the Elliott Wave Theory

The Elliott wave principle has its origin in the early 1930's decade. The introduction of the wave concept was published in 1934 by R.N. Elliott in his work "The Wave

Retracement, Consolidation, Breakout, and Price-Action Trading

In the financial market, there is a saying, “Trend is your friend.” When the price makes a strong move towards a direction breaching a significant level of support/resistance, traders start

9. Understanding The Concept Of ‘Pip’ In Detail

Introduction ‘Pip,’ the word sounds pretty familiar, right? Well, that’s because this is a fundamental term when it comes to trading in the forex market. Pip forms the base

Trading Energy Commodities – Crude Oil, Coal & Natural Gas

Introduction Energy belongs to that category of commodities, which has the most significant impact on our daily lives. Energy prices affect the cost of almost everything that we consume on

8. Which Is The Right Currency Pair To Buy & Sell?

Introduction By now, we know that trading Forex market involves trading of currencies pairs rather than just a single currency. The working mechanism of this is quite different from that

What Should You Know About Trading Metals?

Introduction We have discussed metal commodities briefly in the previous article. In this article, let's understand trading metals in detail. Trading precious metals were only possible by wealthy investors in

The Butterfly Pattern

Butterfly Harmonic Pattern Example: Bearish Butterfly The Butterfly The Butterfly pattern is a harmonic pattern discovered by Bryce Gilmore. Gilmore is the author of Geometry or Markets (now in its

An Overview of the Commodity Markets

Introduction Trading that deals with raw materials, either manufactured or available as natural resources, are known as commodity trading. Investors, today can access around 50 major commodity markets. These are

7. How Does Profit & Loss Take Place When You Are...

Introduction Forex is that market where buying and selling of currency pairs take place. Unlike the stock market, where you need to consider only one stock to analyze, in the

The Gartley Pattern

Harmonic Pattern: Bearish Gartley The Gartley is probably the most well-known pattern in Gartley Harmonics. Gartley himself said that this pattern represents one of the best trading opportunities. Its profitability

Contract For Difference (CFDs) Explained!

What is CFD? A contract for difference (CFD) is a form of derivative trading. CFD allows a trader to speculate on prices of global financial markets such as shares, indices

6. Different Ways Of Trading The Forex Market

Introduction Forex is a market to trade foreign currencies. It is traded 24 hours electronically over-the-counter, meaning the transactions are performed over the networks around the world. One way to

AB=CD Pattern

AB=CD Pattern [caption id="attachment_42589" align="aligncenter" width="1530"] Bearish AB=CD Harmonic Pattern[/caption] [caption id="attachment_42590" align="aligncenter" width="1530"] Bullish AB=CD Harmonic Pattern[/caption] The AB=CD Harmonic Pattern is the most basic and common

Harmonic Geometry

Gartley Harmonic Pattern Example: Cipher Pattern Harmonics – Gartley Geometry Out of the myriad of different approaches and methods of Technical Analysis, there seems to be one particular method

A Breakout-caused by a Gap – Anything to Offer to the...

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of a breakout created by a gap or price adjustment. Usually, we get a gap at the start of a

Everything You Need To Know About The Forex Currency Pairs

In the previous articles, we have discussed the overview of the Forex industry as a whole. In this article, let us understand in detail about the currency pairs which Forex

An Entry Derived from a Double Bottom

The Double Bottom is one of the strongest bullish reversal patterns that price action traders wait for once they see the price may have found a support zone. On a

5. How Large & Liquid Is The Forex Market?

When compared to other markets like the stock and commodity market, the foreign exchange market is the largest in the world in terms of size and liquidity. In this lesson

Know The Two Systems Operating inside Your Head

In the introduction of his book, "Thinking fast and slow,"  Daniel Kahneman presents a face with an expression similar to the following image as an example of your mind

Trading the Elliott Wave Principle – Part 5

Triangles are the third fundamental Elliott wave corrective structure. In this educational article, we will review the guidelines to trade this pattern. The basics The triangle structure is a corrective

What Should You Know About Forex Brokers?

Introduction In the previous article, we have discussed an overview of the financial industry. Now we know that the entire Forex market is about buying and selling of currencies. The

How a Broken Resistance Offers Us an Entry

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of how the price heads towards the direction of the trend upon a breakout. We know that it is not

Trading the Elliott Wave Principle – Part 4

The flat pattern is the second fundamental Elliott Wave corrective structure. In this educational article, we will review the guideline to trade the flat structure. The basics Flat pattern is

4 – Understanding The Mechanism In Buying And Selling Of Currency...

Introduction The mechanism of the forex market is quite different when compared with other markets like stocks and commodities. In the stock market, we essentially consider a company’s stock to