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Trader's psychology is the main driver of the markets: Greed and Fear were the two main forces already signaled by Jesse Livermore as the main culprits of the traders' failure. In this section, we present the best education on psychology to help our readers master their minds and control emotions while trading. We will dissect the main tasks of trading, analyze the psychological elements of risking and how the mind behaves under situations of uncertainty. We present also techniques to control stress. A section will be dedicated to losses and how this element of the trading profession has its roots in psychology. Another section is dedicated to the development of discipline. Finally, we explain the process to make sound decisions.

Taking Forex Trading as a Business

Forex trading is a hard business. A trader has to work hard to learn the algorithm of it as well as psychologically strong enough to apply them when it comes

Know The Two Systems Operating inside Your Head

In the introduction of his book, "Thinking fast and slow,"  Daniel Kahneman presents a face with an expression similar to the following image as an example of your mind

Two Mistakes Novice Traders Should Avoid

On this article we are going to discuss two mistakes novice traders should avoid to succeed in the financial markets. Reading a book about trading or a strategy article on