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This section will cover information about cryptocurrency exchanges. We will continually add in it reviews about industry leaders and relevant market merchants for the exchange of crypto-crypto, fiat-crypto, and crypto-fiat assets.

Trezor Model T: Features, security, pros and cons

"Information stored online can be copied and stolen," that's Trezor's unique selling point. 

Samourai Wallet Review 2020: Is This The Safest Bitcoin Software Wallet?

Samourai is a bitcoin-only crypto wallet app for android smartphones. It takes pride in incorporating the broadest range of security and privacy features on its mobile app. On their website, Samourai is described as a “modern wallet hand forged to keep your transactions private and identity masked.” It was created by privacy activists who describe it as the “Bitcoin wallet for the streets.” They also hail it as the wallet that “Bitcoin deserves.”

Only 19% of Bitcoin’s Supply is Traded 

Only 3.5 million, an equivalent of 19% of Bitcoin's circulating supply is moved around by traders, while the rest is being HODLed by investors, a new report by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis reveals. Another 20% of the total supply is considered 'lost' or in dead-end addresses and lost/forgotten wallets. And, of course, the millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin reserved by Bitcoin's creator Satoshi Nakamoto.
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Bitmex Vs. Deribit Vs. Bybit: Which one is the Best Crypto-derivative...

Cryptocurrency derivatives are an ideal investment option for individuals looking to generate more returns from the crypto market. Although they appeal most to experienced traders, trading derivatives is the less risky alternative to the standard cryptocurrency trading. 

Bittrex Crypto Exchange Review 2020: Is The Exchange Legit Or Another...

Bittrex has time and again been ranked among leading crypto exchange platforms across the world. And some of the factors that keep it ahead of competition include the fact that it embraces advanced technologies in guaranteeing system security as well as the wide range of cryptocurrencies one can trade on this platform. We attribute these to the fact that Bittrex is one of the few exchanges that haven't lost its client assets to crypto hackers.

Poloniex Review 2020: A Safe Crypto Exchange Or Scam?

Poloniex crypto exchange started in 2014, and by 2016, it was one of the most popular and preferred bitcoin exchange. What happened after 2016 that saw the crypto exchange fall off the leader's post into near-oblivion? More importantly, can we really trust Poloniex crypto exchange with our crypto assets and personal information?

Coinbase: Is It Safe To Buy and Store Cryptocurrencies On This...

Coinbase, the American based crypto exchange, describes itself as the “easiest place to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.” While relying on some of its string features like insurance backed deposits, strong regulation by the SEC, and secure storage that has shielded it from hackers since establishment, Coinbase refers to itself as “the most trusted cryptocurrency platform.”

Binance Exchange Review: Is it legit?

Is Binance crypto exchange an industry leader or just another hoax? Well, launched in China but expelled during the Chinese Crypto ban and forced to find a new home overseas, Binance has gone on to become one of the most popular crypto exchanges today. This popularity can largely be attributed to the impressive number of cryptos supported here, professionalism in customer support, low trading fees, and a friendly CEO – CZ.

BitMex Crypto Exchange Review 2020: Is BitMex Legit or Scam?

When looking for cryptocurrency exchange platforms, BitMex is one of the first names you will come across. Also known as Bitcoin mercantile Exchange, this platform boasts of "industry-leading security," offers 100X leverage, and has no expiry dates for trading. They are also one of the handful of exchanges yet to lose any Bitcoin through hacking and fraud.

What Is OmiseGO (OMG)?

From being centralized to being expensive, today’s crypto exchanges come with their own share of issues. Besides, they often have a limit on how many transactions they can handle, a factor that has led to downtimes in times of high traffic.

Kucoin Review And Analysis 2020: Is It A Safe And Reliable...

Would you like to buy or sell cryptos but aren’t sure of the exchange platform’s safety and reliability? Well, if you have looked at different lists of most popular crypto exchanges today, chances are KuCoin has been a prominent feature. And we believe that this huge popularity can, to a large extent, be attributed to its wide global reach, massive client base, super-low trading fees, and commissions as well as its support for a considerably high number of coins.

Kraken Review: Is Kraken A Trustworthy Crypto Exchange?

Looking at Kraken crypto exchange and its operating history, you can’t help but notice a few of its unique features. It is, for instance, one of the oldest crypto exchanges around having been established in 2013. It also has never been hacked. More importantly, Kraken was also the first crypto exchange to feature on the Bloomberg Terminal. Not to mention that it was the first crypto exchange to publish cryptographic proof of reserve audits – a great show of transparency towards its clients that even some of the leading exchanges haven’t matched yet.