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Forex course starting from the basics and up to advanced topics. This course will consist of 11 modules for a total of over 300 lessons. Each lesson will cover one short topic and in the end it will include a quiz to self-test the knowledge of the student. Course 01 - Forex basics. Course 02: Brokerages Course 03; Charts, Support/Resistance, Candlesticks, FIbonacci, Moving Averages, Popular indicators Course 04: Oscillators, chart patterns, pivots Course 05: Elliott Wave, Harmonic Patterns Course 06: DIvergences, market envoronment, Breakouts, multiple timeframe analysis Course 07: Market Sentiment, Trading the News, carry trade Course 08: The US Index, Intermarket Correlations, Using equities, Contry profiles Course 09: Developing a trade plan, Find which trader you are, the trading system, trading journal, Metatrader 4 Course 10: Risk management, Leverage, Position sizing, Stop losses, Scaling in and out, currelations course 11: Trading mistakes, Forex scams, personality quizes, The last words.

199. Effects Of Gold On AUD/USD & USD/CHF Currency Pairs

Introduction Gold is among the most traded commodities globally due to the good intrinsic value of this asset. Considering that Gold is less impacted by...

198. The ‘Dollar Smile Theory’


178. Decoding The COT Report

In the previous lesson, we learned how, where, and when you can access the Commitment of Traders report. In this lesson, we will discuss the elements contained in the COT report. The CFTC prepares four COT report types: the Legacy Report, the Supplemental Report, the Disaggregated Report, and the Traders in Financial Futures report. For forex traders, the Legacy and the Traders in Financial Futures reports are of most importance.

This Forex Trading Plan May Actually Shock You

In the forex market where every activity and movement happens rather quickly, traders need to be particularly prepared to take on unexpected challenges. This...

167. Multiple Timeframe Analysis – Key to your Success

Before defining what multiple timeframe analysis is, we first need to understand what timeframe in forex means.

161. Learning To Trade Interest Rate Differentials

Introduction In forex trading, every trader anticipates the upcoming price of a currency pair in several ways. Traders and analysts use market analysis tools like...