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164. Do You Know What A Synthetic Currency Pair Is?



In institutional trading, traders usually take trades with a more significant volume, which often makes trading impossible in some currency pairs due to not having enough liquidity. Therefore, institutional traders create synthetic currency pairs to take trades on those pairs.

What is a Synthetic Currency Pair?

If an institutional trader finds a possibility of a decent upward movement of AUDJPY pair, but due to not having enough liquidity, they might be unable to take a buy trade. However, the alternative option to take the trade is to buy both AUDUSD and USDJPY as there is enough liquidity in these pairs. As a retail forex trader, we can take similar action as institutional traders. If we perform AUDUSD and USDJPY trades at the same time, we are trading in synthetic currency pairs.

In our current world, Internet connectivity makes trading easy; therefore, many brokers offer to trade currency pairs like CHFJPY or GBPNZD. However, these pairs have some issues regarding the spread and overnight fee. In some cases, cross-currency pairs like AUDCHF, GBPNZD, and CHFJPY move within a consolidation for a specified period. Therefore, trading in these pairs is costly, even if the broker allows.

How to Create Synthetic Currency Pairs?

Creating synthetic currency pairs need to open two trading entries with its margin. In synthetic currency trading, there is a common currency bought in one currency pair and sold in another currency pair. Overall, we will eliminate the common currency by buying and selling; therefore, the ultimate currency pair will remain that we are expecting to buy.

Is Synthetic Currency Pair Trading Profitable?

Trading in synthetic currency pair requires an additional margin, which is not wise to use. Moreover, in the present world, most brokers allow maximum currency pairs that reduce the hassle of trading two currency pairs at a time. Therefore, it is not recommended that traders trade in synthetic currency pairs if the broker has an option to take trades on the main currency pair.


Synthetic currency pair is a combination of the currency pairs where a single currency is bought in one pair and sold in another pair. In the present world, most Forex brokers allow trading cross and exotic currency pairs that eliminate the need for synthetic currency pairs. However, if any broker does not allow trading in a specific pair, we can use this method.

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