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Educational Articles for Newcomers to the Forex and Crypto World: Forex basics, including structure, assets, a basic definition of the common terms such as lot, bid, ask, price, how prices move, leverage, spread, slippage, basic chart concepts, chart types, timeframes, ranges. Basic money management and position size techniques.

Importance of Timing in Trading

Timing is an essential factor in trading. Price action traders take entry on signal candle’s/bar’s attributes and support/resistance breakout. Many traders ignore the timing factor. However, it is an important

Learning The Art Of Fading In Trading

What is Fading? Fading involves placing trades against the trend to profit from a reversal. Using the concept of fading, a trader will short sell, expecting the momentum to fade

Unusual Candlestick Chart Types

In our previous article, we have seen the mainstream chart types, out of which the candlestick charts are the most prevalent in the current markets. But traders devised other ways

Even a Choppy Price Action Offers Entries

The market moves in three ways upward, downward, and sideways. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of a Rectangle breakout and an entry from a choppy

All you need to be introduced to Trading Charts –...

Why Technical Analysis? The expression "technical analysis" originated from the belief that price action is all that is required to make sound trading decisions. Fundamental analysts believe that fundamental or

Stop Loss: An Art to be Learned Well by Traders

Setting Take Profit and Stop loss in the right areas are essential factors in trading. A trader does not survive in the market by placing Stop Loss and Take Profit

The Babe Ruth Syndrome

In his book More than you know, Michael J. Mauboussin tells the story of a portfolio manager working in an investment company of roughly twenty additional managers. After assessing the

A Twist in the Tale

The Forex market can be very unpredictable. It is a game of probability. With more experience and knowledge, a trader increases the chance to be right in making a trading

Leverage Trading & Important Money Management Rules To Follow

What is Leverage? Leverage trading, AKA Margin trading involves borrowing extra funds to increase a trader's bet while they trade. In this aggressive mode of trading, traders take more risk

You Must Definitely Try These Most Promising Bollinger Bands Strategies

Understanding Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands is one of the most famous indicators out there, developed by a technical analyst named John Bollinger in the 1980s. This indicator primarily identifies the

Do not be Biased with Your Anticipation

Financial markets keep going up and down. Traders make money out of those moves. To take an entry, a trader is to do a lot of calculations, such as detecting

Why Compounding is such a Powerful Tool

Novice traders put their focus on how much leverage brokers are offering as a crucial part of their decision process to choose the right brokerage account. But in fact, as