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Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier About Forex


Hindsight is a fantastic thing for those of us that have been trading for a long time. We made a lot of mistakes or didn’t do things quite the right way when we started out, things that we wish we had known or done differently. For those just starting now, you can take advantage of the fact that we have learned a lot of new things about our trading and the things that we can do, meaning that you can start off where we are now, rather than at the very start of a trading journey. So here are ten things that we wish we had known earlier in our trading career.

1. No single best time to trade: When I started out trading, I was told that there are certain times during the day that you need to trade at, and should pretty much avoid the rest, this is simply not the case Yes there are times where there is a lot more liquidity and movements in the markets, such as during the changeover of the different markets (London and New York for example). This does not, however, mean that this is the only time that you are able to trade, but this is what we thought, of course, we don’t mean that we weren’t able to, just that it would not be as beneficial for our strategy, now, however, we know that we can trade at pretty much anytime and it can be effective, bar some special circumstances or random news events.

2. The majority of traders lose money: If you are just coming into trading now then you probably already knew this, but a number of years ago, forex brokers did not have to have the disclaimer about the majority of traders losing money as they do now. In fact, they purposely hid it, which is why the requirement came into lace. Due to this, we believe that everyone could make a lot of money, but we now have the understanding that it is a hard thing to do, and this makes us more cautious and careful with the trades that we make.

3. Some currencies are linked: A number of the currency pairs and different assets are linked together, think about oil and CAD for instance, when the oil prices change, so does the CAD currency. Knowing which assets work with each other can give you a real advantage when it comes to knowing how the markets will move and how certain things like news events will affect other currencies, ones that say not necessarily be involved in the news.

4. You can profit with more losses than wins: Losses are a part of trading, in fact, it is something that all of us will experience and experience a lot of them. What we did not understand before is that you are actually able to be profitable by winning only a fraction of your overall trades. Our current strategy means that we only need to win 25% of our trades, something that is certainly achievable. Get your risk management and risk to reward ratio right and you can profit with just a small number of wins overall.

5. You can lose with more winners than losers: The other side to the coin mentioned above is the fact that you can actually lose money, even if you win 80% of your trades, if you do not use proper risk management techniques, then even if you have a number of winning trades, when you have a losing one, without the proper things in place, that one losing one could take away all of your profits and leave you out of pocket. This shows us how you need to get your risk management right, no matter the strategy that you are using.

6. Big news can be bad news: News events can be a little scary, yet we were not told this when we first started. Instead, we just traded whenever, with little regard to what news events were going on around us. This is where we went wrong, we wish we knew about the effects that news events can have on the markets, we have been trading through them and seeing ht markets jump massively up or down which has caused us both large wins, but also large losses, far more losses. So now we know not to trade during the news events, which has saved us a lot of money.

7. Don’t quit your job: Not something we actually did, at least not to begin with, but quitting your job was the goal of a lot of people, and we were told that it is certainly possible due to this, a large number of people took the leap a little too early. Unless you are really ready for it, with a lot of time and work behind you, then you will not be ready, no matter how well you are doing, you are not ready to quit your job unless you have been successful for at least a year in a row and are making more than you do with your job, only then should you do it. We weren’t told this before, and many learned it the hard way.

8. It can be good not to trade: A quick one at this, but you don’t actually need to trade. If the conditions aren’t right, then there is no need to actually put on any trades. It can be best to sit back and be patient. Better opportunities will come up and if the markets are not in line with your entry requirements, then putting on a trade would be considered a bad trade, something that we want to avoid doing as much as we possibly can.

9. You don’t need loads of indicators: Indicators can be fantastic, they can show you a whole host of information, but do you really need all of it? If you have too many indicators it can actually slow down your trading, each one that you add is another bit of information that you need to check before putting on a trade, the more you have, the more time that will take. Not to mention the fact that it could simply confuse you seeing so much information on the screen. Instead, choose just a few, this will enable you to get the info you need while still streamlining your trading and making it much quicker. Oh, and make sure they are at least relevant to your strategy and not just simply random indicators because they look cool.

10. Forex is long term: We came into trading like many others did, with the idea that we can make a lot of money and make it very quickly, we now know that this is north e case and instead Forex and trading are long term things where we can build for our future. Trying to make a lot quickly will only cause you to lose your deposited capital, so take your time and slowly build your balance rather than going for the big bucks.

Those are 10 of the things that we wish we had known when starting out our trading carers. You probably know most of them already as the information is much more accessible and people have been through the same experiences as us and shared them online. There will of course be learning opportunities and things that you will develop that you wished you knew before, but ultimately that is life and will happen with everything that we do.


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