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Top 8 Real-Life Lessons About Forex Trading


If you ever decide to go the traders’ way, know the only boss you will have to listen to is you. Also know listening to yourself is the harder part of trading. Sounds funny but true. When an established trader thinks about foolish beginnings he can only smile and realize how much he has changed since. Becoming a trader is a lot of work, but it is one that gives many life lessons with a tremendously good outlook for young people. There is one trait that each successful trader has – they are wise. Wisdom requires experience and work, just no way around that. The sooner you start working the better the odds you could retire early. What a trader learns on this path is all about actually becoming a better person and how he sees life around him. Here are the biggest lessons that await you if you decide to become a professional trader.

“Do, or do it not. There is no try”

This line is definitely familiar to the movie series fans but it holds true to trading especially. Hopefully, it also motivates you. The initiative has to be strong, simply because forex loves to cut quitters. This market will test your mettle psychologically above all else. All those who seek to get in for the easy money will be disappointed. Making forex a sort of casino is possible, most people take it like that. Gamblers are hard to stop, only a zero on their account can until they put some more money if they have it. it does not matter how high they went, unfortunately. Those that keep researching ways to beat the casino might be the ones that find their holy grail. There is a crucial turning point here, do you want to be a gambler or a trader. Is this you in the next few years?

“Discipline equals freedom”

This is the title of a book by Jocko Willicks. The book is not about forex trading yet it is an essential life lesson that applies to forex too. There is no trader with results without discipline. By giving an example of a book that actually addresses general life problems with practical guidelines, we want to point out that forex punishes those that lack discipline as life itself. Now forex is not dangerous per se, but it can be to your financial status if you do not have rules that stand in the way to complete disaster. What you want to become is one thing, but the way to that goal is what will define you. Forex does not have feelings, do not expect mercy, mistakes will be made. But that is a good thing, you discover your psychological weak points that would need discipline to patch. 

Understanding the Concept of Risk

You have done so many foolish things when you were young, so many songs have been written about that period of human life. Simply, people take irrational risks when young. Why is this so is explained by science but that is not important since you cannot avoid it. Forex is all about how you manage risks and if you stick to the rules you set. If you are on the way to become a forex trader, it is time to make stupid mistakes. Make the hell out of them, however, we strongly advise you to do them on a demo account. Just pretend that demo is the real one. Interestingly, some young traders lack the patience or mentality to accept what they are doing on a demo does not work and go to live trading anyway. This leads us to another lesson.


Again, one more interesting result of a science experiment, more precisely the Stanford marshmallow experiment showed that willpower has a dramatic effect on the quality of life. Now, patience does not mean you have to wait for something but to keep searching for ways to improve your trading, be it through researching other traders, strategies, indicators, or reading books. Have the willpower to persist despite the failures that could set you back emotionally, feel like it is a “waste of time”. But it is not, it is just another lesson. The results do not happen overnight. According to some experts, the results may come even after two years of everyday work. Patience is also needed in practical trading, however, this is just a smaller scale of this lesson. Now when you know it takes time to get to that holy grail the question is are you willing to do the right trading approach.

Knowing Yourself

On your journey of forex trading, you will discover your personality or better said, accept who you truly are. The sooner you accept your flaws but also your advantages the better. You now know where the potential reason for losses lies. Forex will demand you to cope with the bad habits, and this lesson will translate to real life. These habits exhibit life as well, and when you think about it this lesson improves how you manage your urges that lead to events you do not want to happen. Special skill traders have developed just by trading forex, yet this skill is evident in every elite professional. 

Decision Making

This skill is so in demand because it carries responsibility not everybody can take. When the time comes to decide and accept the consequences then it takes a special skill. Sometimes this skill is attributed to leaders. In sports, this is especially evident in the last lap, the last-second shot, the final point in a match that decides the winner. Are you the one who makes it despite the failure consequences? Actually, decision-making is a stealthy skill that just makes noise when it is apparent. Elite professionals are deciding all the time by scaling the upsides and downsides of the decision. In forex, these decisions define trading, but traders eliminate the stress by knowing their strategy or a system work in the long run. They are very cool when it is decision time because they know it is just a matter of probability. In the long run, they win. 

Staying Cool

Controlling emotions is a skill and closely tied with good decision-making. You may have the methods and tools that can tell you the odds or what is a good decision. But if emotions mess that up, what good it is? Handling emotions can be done in various ways, it does not mean you need to be emotionless to make the right decision. Many will tell emotional decisions are bad ones. However, it does not mean you need to take a “pill” to stay cool. How about just staying true to your rules? If you have a plan that works in the long run, let it choose for you, there is no reason to change your mind just because you feel like it. In time, you become cool in even the most stressful moments because you strongly believe in something that just works. Now, in life, it is not recommended to be emotionless of course, but every time you need to decide about something important, you will have that attuned, cool, analytical mindset that helps. 


The magnificent harmony of what you have learned by forex trading is the most precious part. At this point the results are inevitable. This is the point where you accomplish and turn to higher goals by reaching out to others and sharing what you know. Now you have the responsibility to make a better future for others. Forex trading made you a better person on many levels, not just financially free. The lessons and values learned is just another lesson your personal accomplishments do not mean much if it is not reflected in the life of others. 


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