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The Absolute BEST Twitter Accounts for Learning How to Trade Forex


Twitter has emerged as one of the key places where trading enthusiasts gather. Famous for both the information it provides and the negative effects it may have, this social media outlet seems to be loved by its trading community and today we will see exactly why. Look at this diverse list of Twitter accounts you can rely on to learn more about trading.

No Nonsense Forex (@This_Is_VP4X)

Patrick, who is more commonly known as VP, is (mainly) a forex trader and educator known for his dominant attitude and practical advice he generously shares with his followers. His Twitter account has a following of 20.1 thousand that appears to love his “no-nonsense” approach to trading. He loves to debunk trading myths and equip traders with the knowledge that he gathered all the way from being a penny stock trader to diversifying to different trading markets. VP shares advice, his personal trading-related decisions, and moves as well as announcements of upcoming YouTube videos. He teaches traders how to improve their technical skills as well as money, risk, and trade management. This account also provides some personal comments on current events without unnecessary hype.

Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt)

As he personally explains on his account, Peter has been around in the trading world for quite some time. Apart from having a massive Twitter following of almost 400 thousand people, this man is actually a published author and the CEO of his global trading company, Factor LLC. Peter is a trend trader which also something he likes to share through his account. Although he is a professional commodities trader, his account is a versatile collection of comments, advice, and facts that people love to like and share.

Charlie Bilello (@charliebillelo)

Charlie Bilello is a founder and CEO of Compound Capital Advisors who is commonly praised for his financial statistics, not to mention that 211 thousands of Twitter accounts follow him at the moment. He loves posting charts as well as facts many seem to find useful, and it appears that his heart-felt messages of support during the pandemic revealed much more than his trading insight. 

Mohamed A. El-Erian (@elerianm)

Educated and in the know, this man has one of the greatest followings there are with just over 350 thousand people reading his frequent posts. As a businessperson, the previous chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council, a columnist for Bloomberg View, and a contributing editor to the Financial Times, among others, he seems to be a good individual to follow. Besides his impressive resume, his account reveals different economic facts and information as well as advice for traders on how to tackle current challenges. 

WhalePanda (@WhalePanda)

You may not find a name on his Twitter account, but he describes himself as an “angel investor” and a “toxic monetary bitcoin-adjacent maximalist.” A major following of almost 250 thousand and an attentive audience that likes, comments, and shares his post may tell us a thing or two about the content provided through this account. If you visit this crypto influencer’s profile, you will discover an attempt to provide a realistic review of the market. What is more, if you love daily updates and information on trends, this is your man.

GoldTrader_Jay (@GoldMarket)

Don’t be taken aback by a slightly smaller following than the previous accounts because here you will find news on all four precious metals. This stocks and commodities trader will post a few times a day so you won’t feel like you are missing out. 

Wheaton Precious Metals (@Wheaton_PM)

Don’t look at the followers’ list because it doesn’t matter here. If you are looking for news on silver, look up this Vancouver-based mining company’s account. In the midst of business-related posts, you will be able to discover some really amazing insights into the silver bullion market.

Robert T. Kiyosaki (@ PeterSchiff)

This is another popular account created by an educational investment program that aims to help average investors increase their returns. Frequent and insightful posts will probably make you keep reading, as you learn more about commodity-related investment along with some personal views on different matters. 

Rick Ferri (@Rick_Ferri)

This retired US Marine Corps officer and fighter pilot, a former stockbroker, adjunct college professor, a former advisory firm founder, and a vigorous investing consultant aims to help traders achieve their financial goals. Rick’s area of expertise in terms of trading includes ETFs, on which he also wrote a book (The ETF Book: All You Need to Know About Exchange-Traded Funds). His account is increasing in flowing by the day, as his followers seem to love his mindset and motivational posts as much as the trading-related ones.

John McAfee (@officialmcafee)

The impressive 1 million followers view and share this British-American computer programmer, businessperson, and cryptocurrency enthusiast’s daily posts. Learn about this man’s personal history and views on different matters through his Twitter account, where you can see how successful individuals voice their opinions to make changes outside the trading community. 

Rudy Havenstein (@ RudyHavenstein)

Rudy Havenstein is known for his witty approach as well as his insightful market analysis. Through this financial historian’s profile, you will get to discover more about his specialty – inflation. You will probably get to read many analyses on Central Bank monetary policies and how inflations impact world economies. Moreover, if you love pictures and videos along with more serious and straight-to-the-point facts, this one is a good account to follow.

Joe Kunkle (@OptionsHawk)

If you are looking for an option-trading expert to follow, this is the account you should definitely bear in mind. Read plenty and enjoy detailed descriptions of past, current, and future-related news on options trading. He even developed his own methodology, explaining how “the options market has consistently proved a leading indicator of future price movement in stocks.” 


If you’d like to receive daily official trading news, follow this 3.8 million live financial news network. If you are interested in business and finance, you will discover a variety of posts that can help you make informed decisions on your trades.

Downtown Josh Brown (@ReformedBroker)

The CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management has 1.1 million followers who seem to appreciate his diverse choice of topics that range from politics to the economy, companies, and news. This is one of those accounts that consistently grew from a minor following owing to consistently providing quality content.

Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman)

Paul Krugman was awarded a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions in the field of economics. Apart from being a professor, this intellectual’s tweets mainly about the US economy and policy decisions. Providing his academic perspective, he manages to provide a different perspective on major market trends, supporting his statements with relevant numbers and facts.

Which Twitter accounts do you like to follow? Do you read about one market only or do you like to keep informed about other markets as well? 


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