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This section covers all aspects of risk management. What is risk, drawdown, stop loss placement. Trading using leverage. How to define trading objectives. How objectives are related to the optimal position size and account balance, how position size affects the overall expected drawdown of the system, position sizing strategies. We cover what fractional trading is How optimal fraction is the best and the worst thing you can do. we cover also different alternatives to optimal fraction trading.

How to determine if your Trading System shows Dependency

How to determine Dependency in your Trading System As we have explained in our previous article How to be sure your trading strategy is a winner, traders usually apply position

How Be Sure your Trading Strategy is a Winner?

To evaluate, the quality of a strategy is an old quest, and its answer has to do with gambling theory, although it can apply to any process in which the

Basic Math Skills Traders Needs – Average and Chevyshev’s Inequality Explained!

Most of the people wanting to profit from the Financial Markets think that the secret to success lies in knowing the price turns to start a new trend and also