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Forex how to calculate how many pips?

Forex trading is a popular way to invest and trade in financial markets. It involves buying and selling currencies in order to profit from the changes in their value. It is important for traders to understand how to calculate pips in order to accurately monitor and manage their trades.

What is a pip?

A pip is a unit of measurement used in Forex trading to measure the change in value between two currencies. It stands for percentage in point, and is the smallest unit of movement in a currency pair. In most currency pairs, one pip is equal to 0.0001 of the quoted price.


For example, if the USD/JPY currency pair is trading at 121.50, and it moves up to 121.51, that is a one pip movement. If it moves up to 122.50, that is a 100 pip movement.

Why is it important to calculate pips?

Calculating pips is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps traders to monitor the value of their trades. By knowing how many pips a trade has moved, traders can determine how much profit or loss they have made.

Secondly, calculating pips helps traders to manage their risk. By setting stop-loss orders based on the number of pips, traders can limit their potential losses if the market moves against them.

Finally, calculating pips can help traders to determine their position size. By knowing how many pips a trade is likely to move, traders can calculate how many lots they need to trade in order to achieve their desired profit or risk levels.

How to calculate pips

Calculating pips is relatively simple. The formula for calculating pips is:

Pip = (1 pip / exchange rate) x lot size

Let’s break this down into smaller parts.

Firstly, we need to know the exchange rate of the currency pair we are trading. This is usually expressed as a four or five-digit number. For example, if the USD/JPY currency pair is trading at 121.50, the exchange rate is 1.2150.

Next, we need to determine the lot size we are trading. A lot is a standard unit of measurement in Forex trading, and is used to determine the size of a trade. Lot sizes can vary depending on the broker and the account type, but typically range from 0.01 to 100 lots.

Once we have determined the exchange rate and lot size, we can use the formula to calculate the number of pips.

Let’s take an example. Suppose we are trading the EUR/USD currency pair at an exchange rate of 1.1200, and we are trading 0.1 lots. To calculate the number of pips, we would use the following formula:

Pip = (1 pip / 1.1200) x 0.1 lots

Pip = 0.00008928

So, in this example, one pip is equal to 0.00008928. If the EUR/USD currency pair moves up to 1.1300, that is a 100 pip movement, which would result in a profit of $10 for a 0.1 lot trade.


Calculating pips is an important skill for Forex traders. It helps them to monitor the value of their trades, manage their risk, and determine their position size. By using the formula outlined above, traders can easily calculate the number of pips in a trade, and use this information to make informed trading decisions.


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