Forex Risk Management

Ways to Keep Your FX Trade Earnings Consistent

Once you start making money as a forex trader, you’ll never want it to stop. Sadly, none of us are safe from trading fallout and you just might find yourself at the end of a string of losing trades if you aren’t careful. If you want to keep making profits consistently without falling victim to this problem, try following these tips:

Limit Your Losses

While we’re often thinking of how much money we could make on each trade, it’s more important to focus on avoiding losses. If you risk a lot on one trade, you might get lucky and profit, but you have to think of how much money you could lose as well. If you go risking 10% or more on each trade, you’re far more likely to blow your account. Think slow and steady rather than risking larger amounts as if you were gambling. When it comes to limiting these losses, different traders use different methods.


Using a stop loss is a common way to ensure that you don’t lose too much, but you’ll also want to think of your risk tolerance for each trade. You might prefer to risk a certain percentage of your account balance on each trade based on the trade’s risk to reward ratio. Everyone has their own risk tolerance, but you shouldn’t be risking large amounts of money on each trade you take. 

Know your Strategy

You can’t expect to keep consistent profits coming in if you don’t know the ins and outs of your chosen trading strategy. You’ll want to start by choosing a strategy that works for you depending on how much time you have available to trade and you’ll also need to ensure it isn’t too difficult. From there, you’ll need to figure out the strengths and weaknesses associated with your plan. 

Only Risk what you Can Afford to Lose!

You should never deposit money into your trading account that you can’t lose, so don’t even think of depositing money needed for necessities. You’re always hoping to make money, but you have to remember that there could be times when things don’t go in your favor. You’ll also want to think of how much you’re actually willing to lose on each trade, which goes hand in hand with our first tip that covers limiting your losses. 

Be Patient! 

Sometimes, you’ll just need to sit back and do nothing as a trader. Some struggle with this because they feel unproductive by doing nothing. Others are simply addicted to the rush of trading so they enter trades even when evidence doesn’t support those decisions. This can cause you to lose money and will certainly have a negative effect on your profits. 

Don’t Give Up!

The reason why most traders fail isn’t that trading is too hard, it’s because they give up too easily. One bad day, a few losses or a blown account are enough to send some traders packing for good because they decide that trading isn’t worth it or they just aren’t good at it. The truth is that the mistakes that caused those losses could have often been avoided, but many beginners just don’t put enough time into research and figuring out what they’re doing wrong. If you want to make consistent profits as a trader, you have to hang in there and work on any mistakes that are affecting your profits.


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