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Addicted to Forex? Us Too. Here’s 5 Reasons Why We Just Can’t Get Enough!


Forex can be exciting, it can be exhilarating, it can be amazing but it can also be devastating, no matter what it is doing, there is one thing that will remain true, we are absolutely addicted to it. For whatever reason, once we started trading we just could not stop, and there are a lot of other people out there too that have the exact same feelings. We are going to be looking at some of the reasons why we are completely addicted to trading, as well as some of the reasons that have been given by those of you on various websites around the internet.

The Profits

Let’s be honest, a lot of you probably started trading because of the potential profits that you could make, and then as soon as you started making them you simply did not want to stop. This is a perfectly natural reaction and thankfully, it has a positive outcome to it. When those profits start rolling in you will do what you can to make more, to keep it consistent, and to ensure that you continuously earn those big bucks. When you achieve what it is that you set out to do it can give you a great feeling and so we will want to continue to feel that, hence why these profits keep us coming back for more.

The Highs…And Lows

Forex is full of highs and lows, and it is mainly those highs that give us the adrenaline, it gives us the feeling that we can do anything, that we are invincible, and that we can make a lot of money. However, with forex, there are also those lows, when things aren’t quite going right for us, when we have made mistakes and even losses. However, the next trade, we could be on a high again, this is a rollercoaster, trading and forex is a rollercoaster, and it is a rollercoaster that we do not want to get off. When your feelings and emotions are up and down rapidly, it gives you a real yearning, it makes you want more. Those highs that we experience can be similar to those that you experience when traveling 100 mph on a rollercoaster, those coasters are popular, and so is trading.

It Gives Us a Feeling of Belonging

Forex traders often act as a community due to this it can actually give you a sense of belonging, to be a part of a group. Many traders sit at home by themselves, it can be lonely, loved ones may not understand things and neither do your friends or maybe you don’t have friends, either way, it is a pretty lonely thing to do. However, there are a lot of trading communities out there, communities where traders come together to help each other, to share ideas, and to simply meet one another. These sorts of communities can give us a new home, somewhere where we can talk to like-minded people about things that we enjoy, we can get ideas from them, new trades, test our analysis on people and more, these communities are fantastic and the sense of belonging can be addicting all by itself.

Hitting Milestones

Milestones are little goals that we set ourselves, if you are setting them properly then they will be set up in a way that will make them easy to achieve and also in set increments, increments that work with one another to lead us to the next one. When set up in this way we feel that we are always achieving something, this helps us to motivate ourselves and to push us to continue. Each time we achieve one we feel great, we feel that we want to continue, to push to the next one, and with each milestone being hit we get a little more addicted to trying to hit the next one, not to mention that fact that with each milestone we are being a little more successful and we are making a little bit more money, the main reason why so many of us started trading in the first place.

It Gives Us A Better Life

This kind of takes in a lot of the other things that we mentioned above, when we trade, we make a bit of money, that money can then be used on the sweeter things in life, to allow us to treat ourselves and to give us a little more financial freedom than we otherwise would have had, heck, it even lets us treat our significant other. Of course, it can have the opposite, cause us to lose things, but when it comes to our love of trading, we of course think about the good things it brings us and the improvements that it allows us to make to our everyday life.

Those are some of the things that make us addicted to trading, we love it, it gives us highs, it gives us profits and it gives us a community to be a part of, things that make it worthwhile for us, even though those losses and lows that come with it.

While trading is great, and we speak about how we love doing it, we do have to mention one thing though, those with an actual addiction, not just a real fondness of trading should try and seek help. Being addicted to something can actually ruin lives and when it comes to anything that involves finances, from gambling to forex trading, it can devastate lives. If you think that you or someone that you know is actually addicted to trading, then you should do what you can to try and seek help for them, try to do this as soon as you can, the earlier to catch it, the earlier that you can help that person get out of it.

Trading addiction can cause you to spend all your money, to use the money you cannot afford to use, so do what you can to get out of it, and most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for help, help is out there, and waiting for you.


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