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199. Effects Of Gold On AUD/USD & USD/CHF Currency Pairs


Gold is among the most traded commodities globally due to the good intrinsic value of this asset. Considering that Gold is less impacted by uncertain conditions, its prices rise when other economies perform badly and fall when there is an economic boom.

Gold impacts AUD/USD and USD/CHF in opposite manners. Price fluctuations in Gold primarily impact three major currencies that include AUD, USD, and CHF. Let’s discuss how Gold affects AUD/USD and USD/CHF.


The Effect of Gold in AUD/USD

When the price of gold rises, the AUD/USD will move upwards. These two aspects share a positive correlation; most of the time, they move together. An increase in the U.S. dollar generally contributes to the gold prices to fall and vice versa. The price of Gold perfectly depicts the economic health of the country.

During an economic crisis in the country, investors purchase Gold as protection from inflation or an economic crisis. But the inner value of the Gold does not change whether or not there is a crisis. Furthermore, gold value is displayed in the dollar, meaning every gold transaction, you spend/receive a dollar.

Australia’s Economy and its Impact on Gold Prices

AUD and Gold share a positive relationship and are inversely related to the USD. If the gold price rises, the Australian exports will increase, resulting in the expansion of the economy and foreign investment. When the gold price increases, the AUD/USD will move upwards because of the increasing demand for the AUD.

Impact on the USD/CHF

The Switzerland currency holds a positive correlation with Gold. This is because 25% of CHF is supported by the gold reserves. The refineries in Switzerland also process 70% unrefined gold every year. Additionally, Gold and CHF are inflation hedging during uncertain times.

Therefore, when the price of gold increases, the CHF value also appreciates or increases, vice-versa. Gold has a positive relationship with CHF and an inverse relationship with USD/CHF. When the price of gold rises, the value of USD/CHF falls down and vice-versa. [wp_quiz id=”97481″]


By Reddy Shyam Shankar

I am a professional Price Action retail trader and Speculator with expertise in Risk Management, Trade Management, and Hedging.

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