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165. Knowing More About Trading The Euro & Yen Crosses



In cross-currency trading, the Euro and Japanese Yen are the most traded currency. Therefore, after major currencies, EUR and JPY has the highest liquidity in the forex market. Overall, trading in the Euro and Yen crosses are secure compared to the other cross currencies.

Understand the European Economy

When trying to trade in any Euro cross pairs, we should understand the European economy even if we only follow technical analysis. In technical analysis, traders can make decisions based on previous price movements. Therefore, many traders think that there is no need for fundamental analysis.

However, in trading, we aim to increase the probability of our analysis. Therefore, when we add Europe’s economic condition, we will have a better outlook of trading Euro crosses like- EURCHF, EURAUD, EURNZD, etc.

The European economy consists of several countries, including France, Italy, Germany, etc. Therefore, trading in the Euro cross requires to know interest rate decisions, retail sales, employment export-import, GDP, and other economic releases of these countries.

Moreover, in Euro cross trading, we should focus on other currencies that combine with the Euro. For example, if we want to trade in the EURCHF pair, we should focus on Switzerland’s economic condition.

Understand the Japanese Economy

In Yen cross trading, we should have extensive knowledge of the Japanese economy. Japan is an export-oriented country. Therefore, it tries to depreciate its value against other major currencies by keeping the interest rate lower.

Overall, any increase in interest rate, retail sales, employment, and GDP are suitable for the Japanese economy.

Besides the Japanese economy, we need to understand the economic condition of the Japanese Yen combination. For example, trading in the CADJPY pair requires a fundamental analysis of both the Japanese and Canadian economies.


Overall, the Euro and Japanese Yen cross are mostly traded currency in currency crosses. Therefore, to trade Euro and Yen crosses, we should know these two countries’ economic conditions. Even if we don’t trade based on fundamental analysis, having good knowledge is essential to have an overall outlook of the economy. Cheers.

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