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Educational Themes of Intermediate and Advanced Complexity. In this section, we include all that is needed to master technical analysis such as complete coverage of price action themes: Support-resistance, volume, volatility, breakouts, reversals, trend and range trading, candlestick and chart patterns and formations, Elliott wave and Fibonacci retracements and extensions, and harmonic patterns. It includes also a section covering all indicators from simple moving averages to the complexity of Ehlels Filters. Another sub-section is dedicated to trading systems desing.

GBP/NZD Global Macro Analysis – Part 1 & 2

Introduction In this analysis, we will analyze endogenous factors that influence both the UK and New Zealand economies. The analysis will also include exogenous factors...

Three Things you Ought to Know Before Buying EURUSD

The EURUSD eased the last trading week, losing 1.18%, leaving away from the yearly high at 1.23495 reached on last January 06th. The common currency accumulates losses by 1.14% (YTD), which, added to other market conditions commented in our current analysis, carries us to expect further declines in the following trading sessions.  

Why GBPJPY Plummeted in Friday’s Session?

The GBPJPY cross declined on Friday trading session dragged 0.70% after the price surpassed the psychological barrier of 142, being the highest level reached since early September 2020.

Using Parabolic SAR With Dynamic Stops Losses

One of the best-known indicators in the Forex market is the Parabolic SAR indicator. This is because it tells us when the momentum is...

Trading System design – The pathway to Success

This article outlines the steps needed to find, create, test, and verify a trading system. We have to bear in mind that there is no way to create a forex trading system with an equity curve straight upward. Well, yes, it can be made. I've made it, but only optimizing it so much that expecting it to continue performing like this under real trading would be silly. Most trading bots advertise curves like this. If you believe them, your money will be in jeopardy.

Can Trend Lines Alone Be Used to Make Trade Decisions?

Trend lines are simply lines that are drawn on a chart that when analyzed will give you as a trader an idea of the...

GBP/CHF Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

GBP/CHF Exogenous Analysis The UK and Switzerland Current Account Differential A country's current account shows the sum of its net exports, net secondary income,...

GBP/CHF Global Macro Analysis – Part 1 & 2

Introduction The global macro analysis of the GBP/CHF currency pair will involve analysing endogenous and exogenous factors. Endogenous factors drive the domestic GDP growth in...

Trading System design – Basic Concepts

In previous articles, we explained the importance of a plan to succeed in Forex and described its general features. In this article, we will describe the concepts that need to be considered when designing a trading system.

EURAUD Under Bearish Pressure, What’s ahead?

The EURAUD cross is advancing in its incomplete third wave from a mid-term downward sequence that remains in play. Follow with us on what the Elliott wave theory tells about its next movement.

GBP/JPY Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

GBP/JPY Exogenous Analysis The United Kingdom and Japan Current Account Differential The current account data is the most comprehensive measure of a country's participation...

Building a Trading System: Elements of a Trading Plan

Now that we know the importance of having a plan, let's discuss the necessary components of a trading plan.

GBP/JPY Global Macro Analysis – Part 2

JPY Endogenous Analysis Summary An overall score of -13 implies that this currency (JPY) has depreciated since the beginning of this year. Indicator Score Total State Comment Japan Employment Rate -4 10 60.4% in October...

The Fundamentals of Mental Accounting in Forex Trading

The vast majority of agents involved in the financial markets know the term accounting. We also know the different categories within the generic concept: financial accounting, corporate accounting, analytical, management, banking, etc. However, what do we know about Mental Accounting? Have you ever wondered about the internal processes that our minds follow when we open or close a position? Why isn’t it easy for us to close a loss-making operation? Why do we rush to sell the winning trades, even knowing that they can have a favorable path to our position?

Building a Trading System: Why do you need a trading plan?

The necessity of a trading system has been discussed many times. Still,  new traders don't consider it important when, in fact, it is a crucial element.  Could you conceive building a bridge without a project, playing tennis, or chess, with no strategy?

Is US Dollar Index Ready for a Rally?

The US Dollar Index reveals exhaustion signals of its bearish trend. A trend that remains in progress since the currency basket topped at 102.992 pm mid-March 2020. Follow with us what signs show the Greenback to expect a rally during the first quarter of the year.

EUR/CHF Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

EUR/CHF Exogenous Analysis The EU and Switzerland Current Account to GDP differential The ratio of the current account to GDP helps us determine the...

Market Profile Singles Indicator Review

Today we will examine the Market Profile Singles Indicator (we could also call it a single print indicator or gap indicator), which is available on the market in metatrader4 and metatrader5 versions.

USDCAD Bullish Divergence in a Complex Corrective Formation; What’s next?

The big picture of the USDCAD pair shows a bullish divergence suggesting the exhaustion of the current bearish trend that remains active since past March 2020 when the price topped at 1.46674 and began to decline in a complex corrective pattern. Follow with us what's next for Lonnie.

Psychology and Mathematics in Forex: Control and Calculations

Obsession with control is an exceptional feature in the animal world. Humans develop more or less complex systems to direct each and every facet...

Measuring Trade Risk Levels with VaR and CVaR

Quantifying risk when trading has become one of the biggest concerns (or at least should be) as traders. The volatility, volatility of exchange rates,...

Why Do We Sabotage Ourselves Emotionally in Trading?

We spend our entire childhood and adolescence learning to control and develop appropriate responses to our emotions. We learn from our teachers, from our...

RSI: The Best Forex Indicator?

Far from being something that will help you operate profitably, the usual use of Forex indicators really causes more losses than gains among inexperienced...

Quantitative Trading and Its Differences with Technical Analysis

Today’s article is about definitions. Maybe for those who read us regularly, it is not necessary, but every day new readers approach for whom...

EUR/JPY Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

EUR/JPY Exogenous Analysis

EUR/CAD Global Macro Analysis Part 3

EUR/CAD Exogenous Analysis

A Risk Management Model to Forecast the Margin Level

Margin call and Stop Out are some of the trading conditions that are infallibly indicated in the trading account conditions. Margin call is a...

EUR/AUD Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

EUR/AUD Exogenous Analysis

EUR/NZD Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

EUR/NZD Exogenous Analysis

GBPCAD Triangle Pattern Completion. What’s Next?

The GBPCAD cross shows the completion of an Elliott wave triangle developed in its wave ((b)) of Minute degree, which moves inside the incomplete wave 2 of Minor degree. 

Is the US Dollar Index Finding A Bottom?

Technical Overview

Fundamental Analysis Vs Technical Analysis: Know the Differences!

Traders make decisions about when and what to trade based on several different factors. Fundamental and technical analysis are two different methods that one...

EUR/GBP Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

EUR/GBP Exogenous Analysis

NZD/USD Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

NZD/USD Exogenous Analysis

EURJPY Consolidates Expecting Further Upsides

Technical Overview

Best Trading Position Part 3 – Risk in Parallel Trades

If you are reading this article, you must be serious about trading. Did you know that curiosity and eagerness to learn are the two...

Will 1.24 be the Next EURUSD Yearly High?

The EURUSD pair continues extending its gains after surpass its psychological resistance of $1.22 for the first time since late April 2018. The common currency gained over 9.20% (YTD), encouraged by the US Dollar weakness.

USD/CHF Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

USD/CHF Exogenous Analysis

US Dollar Index awaiting FOMC Meeting in the Extreme Bearish Zone

The US Dollar Index (DXY) reached a new yearly low of 90.128, expecting the last FOMC interest rate decision meeting of the year. The analysts' consensus anticipates the rate unchanged at 0.25% by the FED.