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Educational Themes of Intermediate and Advanced Complexity. In this section, we include all that is needed to master technical analysis such as complete coverage of price action themes: Support-resistance, volume, volatility, breakouts, reversals, trend and range trading, candlestick and chart patterns and formations, Elliott wave and Fibonacci retracements and extensions, and harmonic patterns. It includes also a section covering all indicators from simple moving averages to the complexity of Ehlels Filters. Another sub-section is dedicated to trading systems desing.

EURAUD Advances Supported by the RBA Minutes

Technical Overview

The Williams %R Indicator: Winning Custom Interpretation Twists

There are special ways we can take signals out of an indicator, ways not described by default. In many cases we find an indicator...

AUD/USD Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

AUD/USD Exogenous Analysis

Why Is Everyone Talking About Renko Charts?

Is the Renko chart a revolution in forex trading? A game-changer? Or is it a dead-end that's going to cost you time and money?...

The Forbidden Truth About Trading Mindsets as Revealed By An Old...

Thinking about forex trading in the right way is central to doing forex trading in the right way, yet it isn’t discussed nearly enough....

NZDUSD Could Reach a New Yearly High

The NZDUSD pair continues extending its gains, testing the psychological barrier of 0.71, helped by the US Dollar weakness. The Oceanic currency outperforms over 5.4% during the current year. Also, the pair advances over 27% since it confirmed its bottom on March 22nd at 0.55862.

How to Avoid the Forex Drawdown Trap and Come Out On...

Drawdown is an extremely important benchmark of one’s development as a forex trader which is why it is the topic of today’s article. Shortly...

SSL Indicator Methods that You Can Put to Use Today

As any forex trader worth their salt knows, there are a bewildering number of indicators out there to choose from – which is why...

A Detailed Look at the CCI Indicator, Warts and All

Some market indicators are single-purpose juggernauts that resemble something designed in a Soviet tractor factory to inflexibly do one job and one job only...

Burning the Japanese Candlestick at Both Ends?

Japanese candlestick patterns are a popular forex trading tool but are they really useful or can they be more of a burden than an...

Prop Trader’s Use of Moving Averages

Moving Averages are very versatile in ways how you can interpret them for signals. Whatsmore, adding more than one creates a plethora of ideas...

EURGBP Soars!, More Gains Ahead?

The EURGBP cross soared on Friday session, surpassing the psychological 0.92 barrier, advancing until the target area forecasted in our previous short-term analysis (here.)

EURNZD Consolidates after Bouncing from its Recent Lows

The EURNZD cross is seen consolidating near the extreme bearish sentiment zone backed by the strength of the New Zealand dollar. This consolidation suggests a pause of the downward sequence that began on August 20th and ended heavily oversold after its latest decline that drove it to 1.69472.

Are You Taking On Too Much Risk While Trading?

One of the phrases that you have probably heard the most since starting out with trading is risk management, but what does that actually...

Top 5 Forex Trend Indicators for New and Experienced Traders

There are thousands of indicators out there. In fact, there are so many that it is impossible to look at them all. What you...

EURJPY Consolidates Expecting the ECB Decision Ahead

The EURJPY cross consolidates in the overnight trading session expecting the ECB interest rate decision statement that will take place before the U.S. opening bell. The analysts' consensus doesn't expect changes both in the interest rate that remains at 0.0% and in the deposit facility rate that keeps at -0.50%.

GBPUSD Ending Diagonal Completion a Warning Sign for a Trend Reversal?

In our last GBPUSD analysis, we discussed its upward advance in an incomplete ending diagonal pattern. We said that the terminal Elliott wave formation progressed in its fifth wave of Minuette degree identified in blue that belongs to a wave ((c)) of Minute degree labeled in black. Likewise, the wave ((c)) corresponds to the third internal segment of the wave B of Minor degree identified in green. 

USD/JPY Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

USD/JPY Exogenous Analysis

EURUSD: is 1.22 at Hand?

The EURUSD pair advances in the extreme bullish sentiment range, consolidating the short-term rally that started on November 04th when the price found fresh buyers at 0.15615.

BEWARE: These Excuses Could Be Holding You Back from Dominating in...

If you search “forex trading” on any search engine, you’re going to find a lot of frequently asked questions from users that doubt trading...

Using Moving Averages as Professional Traders Do – Here’s How…

Some traders use moving averages as resistance and support indicators or focus on whether a candle has closed above or below a specific moving...

Understand People and You’ll Understand the Markets

Every day the markets are more complex, more international, more liquid, with more people and robots operating in them. All this makes the current...

Is GBPUSD Preparing a Reversal Move?

The GBPUSD pair is seen advancing in an ending diagonal pattern inside an incomplete flat pattern of Minor degree, identified in green, which is in progress since September 01st when the Sterling found resistance 1.34832. 

Mistakes and Fears of the Modern Trader (and How to Correct...

Probably a lot of you know how to drive. If you don’t drive, surely you can find some similar perceptive-motor technique that you have...
Ascending Triangle

Chart Patterns: Ascending Triangles

[caption id="attachment_57083" align="aligncenter" width="3338"] Ascending Triangle[/caption]

The Ugly Truth About a Potential Trade War

Donald Trump provokes China, but Beijing is no longer the same as at the beginning of 2020. When I look at some people, and in my head, there’s only one thing: how to get a gun license? The last thing the world economy that is fighting the pandemic needs is the resumption of the great trade war between China and the United States.

Forex Success: It’s All About the Winning Mindset

I have been wondering for some time now what role does our mind-brain play in trading? And I keep asking myself that because rivers...

NZDJPY Fills the Gap Unfilled Since May 2019

The NZDJPY advanced 5.70% in November, consolidating the price in the extreme bullish sentiment zone. Likewise, as illustrated in the following daily chart, during December's kickoff trading, the cross reached the yearly high of 73.831, filling the gap that opened on May 06th, 2019.

EURJPY Advances Toward Key Supply Zone

In our latest EURJPY analysis, we commented on its advance in an incomplete corrective structure identified as a triangle pattern, which remains in development since mid-2014.

How To Make Forex Trading Comfortable?

Comfort in trading has several aspects, one is when we have a good trading practice, a system, or a strategy, yet we cannot find...

Is AUDUSD Turning Bearish?

In our previous technical analysis of the AUDUSD pair, we mentioned the potential corrective formation that was developing. In particular, we warned about the progress of an incomplete fourth wave of Minute degree identified in black, in which the pair was advancing on the wave (b) of Minutette degree in blue.

Is EURGBP Ready for a Fresh Rally?

In our latest EURGBP technical analysis, we commented on the cross moving in an incomplete sideways corrective formation of Minor degree, identified in green. Its internal structure suggested the completion of a double-three pattern of Minute degree.

AUDNZD: Potential Bounce among Overall Weakness

This analysis discusses AUDUSD's overall Elliott Structure, the likelihood of a short bounce in the AUDUSD, and its potential continuation.

Beware of these Supply and Demand Zones on the GBPJPY

The short-term overview for the GBPJPY pair reveals the sideways movement in a trading range bounded by its 90-day high and low range between levels of 133.040 and 142.714. The cross recently developed a rally that found resistance in the bullish sentiment zone resistance located on 140.296, where the GBPJPY presents a set of scenarios.