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Forex Academy’s Educational Library consists of the finest collection of written and video pieces of learning material. It focuses on every relevant aspect of trading.

Investing in an Early Stage of an ICO

Are projects (ICOs) worth looking at in early stages? This article will show you that while investing, one does not have to follow the crowd in order to be successful.

AUDUSD – Cycle Analysis and Forecast

AUDUSD - Cycle Analysis and Forecast The AUDUSD pair in daily chart is moving bearish as an A-B-C pattern, from the highest level reached on January 25 (0.81358 level).

Forex.Academy 2018-2019 Outlook – CAD Group

Summary Forex Daily News: In this post, we analyse the Canadian Dollar group against their main currencies. As a summary, the second half of the year and 2019, we

Forex And The Importance Of Education

The Importance of Forex Trading Education This is a growing market with an average daily turnover of US$5.3 trillion! That’s around £4 trillion. So who is taking advantage of this

The Importance of Mastering Trading Psychology

Introduction We as traders tend to learn the technical stuff and focus our attention on improving our technical analysis. Which is ok, but often, learning trading psychology is neglected. And

Momentum Trading

  Introduction There are two approaches to address the market, even when trading in favour of the primary trend. The first one is buying weakness and the second one is

The Trading Record

Introduction Traders want to win. Nothing else matters to them; and they think and believe the most important question is timing the entry. Exits don’t matter at all, because if

Risk, Reward, and Profitability

The Nature of Risk and Opportunity Trading literature is filled with vast amounts of information about market knowledge: fundamentals, Central Banks, events, economic developments and technical analysis. This information is

Centralized Exchanges And Decentralized Exchanges

Introduction In this editorial we are going to discuss decentralized exchanges, why they exist or why are they going to exist, what are the advantages, what aren’t people still using

Source Evaluation Template For The Cryptocurrencies Market

Cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy stage. That means that the industry around it is too. People all around the world are jumping at the opportunity to take the

The Power Of Compounding

  Novice traders enter the Forex markets with the illusion of becoming independent and wealthy. And they may be right. So why 95% of forex traders fail? After no trading

FOMC Statement- March 2018

The information received by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), since its meeting in January, has shown signs of further strengthening of the labour market and economic activity has been