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Forex Academy’s Educational Library consists of the finest collection of written and video pieces of learning material. It focuses on every relevant aspect of trading.

Leverage and Risk

This is a small presentation about how, at Forex.Academy, you could discover the secrets behind risk control; and how position size could affect your profits and your probability of ruin.

AUDUSD – Cycle Analysis and Forecast

AUDUSD - Cycle Analysis and Forecast The AUDUSD pair in daily chart is moving bearish as an A-B-C pattern, from the highest level reached on January 25 (0.81358 level).

Forex.Academy 2018-2019 Outlook – CAD Group

Summary Forex Daily News: In this post, we analyse the Canadian Dollar group against their main currencies. As a summary, the second half of the year and 2019, we

The Trading Record

Introduction Traders want to win. Nothing else matters to them; and they think and believe the most important question is timing the entry. Exits don’t matter at all, because if

Risk, Reward, and Profitability

The Nature of Risk and Opportunity Trading literature is filled with vast amounts of information about market knowledge: fundamentals, Central Banks, events, economic developments and technical analysis. This information is

Centralized Exchanges And Decentralized Exchanges

Introduction In this editorial we are going to discuss decentralized exchanges, why they exist or why are they going to exist, what are the advantages, what aren’t people still using

Source Evaluation Template For The Cryptocurrencies Market

Cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy stage. That means that the industry around it is too. People all around the world are jumping at the opportunity to take the

The Power Of Compounding

  Novice traders enter the Forex markets with the illusion of becoming independent and wealthy. And they may be right. So why 95% of forex traders fail? After no trading

FOMC Statement- March 2018

The information received by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), since its meeting in January, has shown signs of further strengthening of the labour market and economic activity has been

Monetary Policy Statements of Bank of Japan 2017

  Category: Fundamental Analysis, Intermediate, Currencies, economic cycles, Monetary Policy, Economy, Macroeconomics, Central Banks. Key Words: Central Banks, Monetary Policy, Bank of Japan. Tags:  Macroeconomy, BoJ, Monetary policy, 2017. At

Financial Report Bank of Japan 2017

The Bank Of Japan Financial System Report The Bank of Japan publishes the Financial System Report twice a year in order to assess the stability of the Japanese financial system

Japan’s Economic Outlook

Japan’s economic outlook Category: Fundamental analysis, Intermediate, Currencies, economic cycles, Monetary Policy, Economy, Macroeconomics, Central Banks. Key Words: Central Banks, Monetary Policy, Bank of Japan, Projections. At each meeting of

Quarterly Report on the Balance Sheet of the Federal Reserve 2017

In the quarterly reports of the Federal Reserve balance sheet, it is possible to appreciate the composition of the assets, obligations, capital and financial information of the Federal Reserve. With

Organisation of the European Central Bank

Globalisation has led to an integration of the various aspects of people's lives from consumer habits to cultural aspects. The economy has not been indifferent to this phenomenon and the

Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan is the central bank of Japan. It is a juridical entity established by the Bank of Japan Act. It has no governmental character nor is it

Quantitative Easing in the Bank of England

The issue of the balance sheet has been discussed by a number of analysts since there is no consensus on what the appropriate size for the assets of the bank

Inflation Reports – Bank of England November 2017

In the inflation report of November 2017, the decision of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) was published. They decided to raise the interest rate by 0.25% to 0.5%. In the

Asset Purchase Facility Quarterly Reports 2009-2017

The Bank of England Asset Purchase Facility (APF) was established as a subsidiary of the Bank of England on the 30th of January 2009 to fulfil the mandate of the

Stress Test – Bank of England 2017

The Stress Test Report has been published annually since 2014. The report consists of taking certain variables such as unemployment, inflation, growth, among others, and evaluating what would happen to

Inflation Reports – The Bank of England May 2017

The Inflation Report is a quarterly report issued by the Bank of England, which analyses many variables such as internal consumption, the growth of countries that are important in the

Report of the Financial Policy Committee June-November 2017

The Financial Policy Committee (FPC) was established in 1998 and amended in 2012. The main objective of the committee is to ensure the financial stability of the United Kingdom, which

The Bank of England

Bank of England The Central Bank of England is in charge of dictating the monetary policy of the country through a specialised committee. In addition to ruling the monetary policy

Minutes of the Federal Reserve June – December 2017

The minutes of the Federal Reserve are written records that register the details of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings. Comments are recorded in these minutes about the main

Macroeconomic Projections of the United States

In the course of 2017, the projections of the Federal Reserve almost did not change due to the good performance of the labour market. Good figures in the creation of

Components of the Federal Reserve

To understand how each meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is conducted and who is in charge of monetary policy we should understand how the Federal Reserve is

Federal Reserve Press Releases – June to December 2017

Released: 15th January 2018 By: Sebastian Alarcon Federal Reserve Press Releases are issued after the meetings that take place between the different entities and in these press releases, the decisions

Basics of Money Management and Position Sizing

This is a 12-minute video on the basic concepts of money management and position sizing. We observe that people that trade Forex and futures markets use leverage without knowing how

FED Monetary Policy Report

Monetary policy reports are the result of the studies carried out by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) showing how the United States economy behaves. With this report you can

How to Trade the Dead Cat Bounce

  Background The Dead Cat Bounce is a bearish structure that occurs mainly due to a high impact event, for example, news related, significative report or a speech of a

Trading using The Elliott Wave III: Applying Fibonacci Ratios and the...

  Background Traders use the Elliott Wave mostly as a continuously developing price map, on which they try to guess the most probable future path. Sometimes the trader waits for

Trading using Trader Vic’s Patterns

    Victor Sperandeo, known as Trader Vic on Wall Street, is a legendary futures trader who has over 45 years of experience in the commodities markets. In this article

Trading Using The Elliott Wave II – Guide to Wave Counting

Introduction One of the drawbacks of The Elliott Wave Theory is the challenge that wave-counting imposes to outsiders or rookies. When faced with a real price chart, a novel Elliott

Trading Using the Elliott Wave I

Introduction An essential “first step” for a trader who aspires to reach success is to fully understand how markets work, the deepest dynamics if you will. I.e., that certain tool

How to Trade the Harmonic AB=CD Pattern

Introduction Harmonic Trading is a method based on the specific structures recognition to determine highly probable reversal points. These structures possess specific Fibonacci levels that validate the harmonic pattern. In

International Trade: Types of agreements and movements against it.

Abstract Globalisation is a process that has been observed since the early 1980s and this has seen an improvement in the general welfare of people, but in some countries, it

Macroeconomics and its Limitations

 Abstract Macroeconomics is the basis of the fundamental analysis of investors who analyse how an economy is, what are its most prosperous sectors and how is its regulation to

Designing a Trading System (V) – Testing Exits and Stops

The importance of exits It’s not possible to create a system based only on almost perfect entries and using random exits and stops. As we could observe in the entry

Designing a Trading System (IV) – Testing Entries

Introduction Once we develop an idea into a system, it seems straightforward to test it fully assembled, with entries, filters stops and exits. The problem with this approach is that

Making a Trading Plan using Fibonacci Tools

The Trading Plan In the previous article, we've exposed a brief introduction to the Fibonacci Sequence, retracements, and projection concepts. In this article, we will show how to make a

Understanding The Fibonacci Sequence

Introduction Fibonacci is probably the most famous tool for traders. In this article, we will explain its origin, how the more common levels are calculated, and how to use retracements

Finding Trading Opportunities using Pivot Points

Pivot Points Pivot Points (PP) are maybe the most straightforward and accessible trading approach or technique. The objective of this article is to show how to find trade opportunities using

FED Beige Book – November 2017

Beige Book November The Beige Book is a publication of the Federal Reserve system where the economic conditions of the twelve federal districts of the reserve are published monthly. This
SMA with slopes opt trail and targets equity curve

Profitable Trading – Computerised Studies I: DMI and ADX

Introduction The spread of personal computers gave investors and traders the opportunity to perform sophisticated computations in an attempt to extract information out of the naked price series. Many traders

Money and Monetary Policy

Introduction Coming from the Latin word that defined the Roman coin denarius. Money is, in general terms, the preferred means for the exchange (charge vs. payment) of goods and services

How to Trade Using the RSI

Introduction In 1978, J. Welles Wilder Jr published the Relative Strength Index (RSI) in the book "New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems." Wilder describes the RSI as "a tool which

Evidence-Based Technical Analysis

Introduction Before proceeding to discuss forward-testing and Montecarlo permutations, we need to know the basics of the methodology and statistical foundations of evaluation and hypothesis testing. To achieve that, I'll

Transmission Channels of Economic Cycles

 Abstract The economic cycles are one essential topic studied by the economy. There is a wide variety of literature that mentions the fluctuations and long-term trends of economies. But

The Potential of Emerging Economies

 Abstract Some countries have valuable domestic productions such as Germany, Japan, the United States, Canada or France among others. But there is another group of countries that are representative

Problems and Crisis in the Economy

 Abstract The economy fluctuates in some studied cycles and it is normal that it revolves around long-term trends showing its productive capacity. It is therefore normal to see a

Monetary Policies in Open Economies

Abstract The central bank and the government have tools to accelerate the monetary policies or contract the economy such as the interest rate, public spending, the amount of money in