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Crypto guides Will be a series of tutorial guides to help our users, new to the technology, an easy to follow entry point into the cryptocurrency industry. Basic concepts about cryptocurrencies, wallets, money transfers, safety and security will be treated with an open and clear style.

‘Cryptokitties’ – The Innovative Blockchain Based Recreational System

Introduction Cryptokitties is a first blockchain-based leisure game created for entertainment. It is developed by Vancouver based blockchain company Axiom Zen on the Ethereum platform....

Use Cases Of Blockchain Technology – Part 2 (Food & Diamond...

In our previous guide, we have discussed some of the real-life applications of Blockchain technology. Some of the critical use cases of this technology that we have discussed in the Part-1 article include Asset Tokenization, Supply Chain Management, Energy Market & Healthcare. In this guide, let's talk Food Safety & Diamond Industry, where the blockchain technology is being used extensively to solve more significant problems.