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Top 4 Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency For Free


Cryptocurrencies have been one of the most spoken topics in the last decade. That too, in the last three years, the interest in investing or trading cryptos has been the maximum. We have also been discussing a lot about cryptocurrency lately in our detailed guides. We understood the various properties of cryptos and what makes this currency truly amazing. So, if you are a novice trader or investor or just a reader, we believe that you have at least a little interest in owning some of the top cryptos in the market.

One can buy cryptos easily in different ways, such as purchasing them in an exchange or using services like, etc. While these are some of the easiest ways to purchase cryptos, all of them involve investing your own money. But what if we say there are various ways in the market where you can earn cryptos for free? Yes. Many people are already grabbing these opportunities and earning a good amount of cryptos without having to invest their hard-earned money.


We have listed four of the most efficient ways to earn crypto for free. Please note that earning these cryptos does involve some amount of work from your side because nothing on this planet is truly free. However, you are not required to put any of your funds or take a full-time job for a crypto company. So let’s see the different possible ways to earn free cryptos.

💸 Through Airdrops

This is by far the most popular way of earning free cryptos. Airdrops work just like giveaways. Any crypto startup would prefer giving their coins for free in order to spread their name. It’s a marketing strategy where the participants of the airdrop get to avail free cryptos. There is a minimum amount of work involved in this process, like follow the company’s Twitter account, joining their telegram page, etc.

Anyone with an active ERC-20 compatible Ethereum Wallet can participate in these airdrops. Make sure to do your research to find the airdrops offered by some of the most potential crypto companies; because the free cryptos that you have earned in airdrops must increase in value later to make a profit out of them.

As we can see below, the last Stellar’s airdrop involved an offering of close to 375 million Stellar coins.

Picture Taken From –

💸 Coinbase Earn Programme

Users of one of the very well-known crypto exchange – Coinbase, can earn free cryptocurrencies by completing some of the interesting courses provided by them. These courses include lessons about the basics of how certain cryptocurrencies work. The point here is that this exchange offers free coins of crypto to their users by educating them and creating exposure to that crypto.

Picture Taken From – Coinbase

We can currently earn cryptos worth $186 (as of Feb 2020) by just signing up with Coinbase and completing the courses offered by them. Dai, EOS, Stellar, and Zcash are some of the familiar cryptos that can be earned through this program. You can follow this link to start with the courses.

💸 Participating In the Bounty Programs

Free cryptocurrencies can be earned through participating in various bounty programs offered by the crypto/blockchain companies. There are different types of bounties, such as Bug bounties, Content bounties, Social bounties, and Signature bounties. In bug bounties, cryptos are offered to the people who help the companies in finding bugs in their code. The rest of the bounties involve creating content and exposure for both crypto start-ups and well-established companies in different forums. So these programs are not just for tech-savvy individuals but also for promotors.

Recently, Coinbase has offered about $30,000 worth of cryptos to an ethical hacker who founds potential bugs in their system.

Picture Taken From – Hackerone

💸 Through Affiliate Marketing

Many of the cryptocurrency companies have their own affiliate marketing programs for individuals or companies who are willing to promote and generate sales for them. For instance, companies like Trezor, Ledger, Binance, and LocalBitcoins offer 10% – 40% of commissions to their referrals. Details about each of these affiliate marketing programs can be found in their corresponding websites.

Bottom line

There are many other ways through which free cryptocurrency can be earned, but these seemed to the most effective ones. Not every company that offer free cryptos have the best interest for their customers. So please do thorough research about the authenticity of any program you are willing to take part in. All the best.


By Reddy Shyam Shankar

I am a professional Price Action retail trader and Speculator with expertise in Risk Management, Trade Management, and Hedging.

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