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Crypto guides Will be a series of tutorial guides to help our users, new to the technology, an easy to follow entry point into the cryptocurrency industry. Basic concepts about cryptocurrencies, wallets, money transfers, safety and security will be treated with an open and clear style.

These Are The Top Cryptocurrency Wallets In The Market (2019)

In our previous articles, we have discussed what a cryptocurrency wallet is and its different types. We also understood their purpose and ranked the various kinds of wallets in terms of security. Quick recap - Hot wallets are the ones that have an internet connection, and cold wallets are the ones that are not connected to the internet. Desktop, Mobile, and Web Wallets are the example of hot wallets; whereas, Hardware and Paper wallets are the well known cold wallets. When it comes to convenience, hot wallets have the upper hand, and in terms of security, cold wallets take the front seat.

What Is Adaptive Scaling In Cryptocurrency & How Is It Achieved?

Introduction One of the most important motives behind the invention of cryptocurrencies is that they should have the ability to be an alternative financial system. That is, we, the users

A Simple Guide To Cryptocurrency Wallet & Its Different Types

What is a crypto wallet? Crypto wallets are software programs that store a user's public and private keys. These wallets interact with different blockchain networks to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Understanding Public Keys & Private Keys and Their Working

Introduction Blockchains use public and private key cryptography to perform transactions in a cryptocurrency network. Public keys are generally widely known and used for identification of the person while private

Consensus & Its Importance In Any Existing Cryptocurrency

Introduction In most of our previous articles, we have discussed a lot of topics regarding cryptocurrencies. We now know the properties of cryptos, advantages, and their fundamental purpose. In this

Blockchain Technology – The Fundamental Aspect Of Most Of The Cryptocurrencies

Introduction In this crypto guide, we have seen various articles about cryptocurrencies so far. In this article, let us examine the underlying technology, which essentially enables the working of these

Which kind of Problems can be Solved by Cryptocurrencies?

Introduction Cryptocurrencies have made an impact on the world's financial system in an unprecedented way. The speed and agility of global transactions have changed with the advent of cryptos. At

Monero – One Of Those Cryptocurrencies That Ensure 100% Privacy!

Introduction We have seen the in-depth analysis of different cryptos so far and understood that new coins keep coming up, improvising the shortcomings of the previous ones. Monero is such

Knowing About the EOS Cryptocurrency & Its Blockchain

Introduction EOS is the native cryptocurrency of the EOS blockchain. EOS blockchain is a decentralized open-source platform built to support the development of decentralized apps (DApps) with core functionalities helping

Learning The Fundamentals Of ‘Tether’ – The Stable Cryptocurrency!

Introduction Tether is a cryptocurrency founded in 2015, and it was initially known as 'Realcoin.' Tether tokens are issued by Tether Limited, a company based in the British Virgin Islands

Understanding The Basics Of Binance Coin

Introduction For crypto enthusiasts, Binance is a well-known word as it is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The word Binance is a portmanteau of Binary and Finance. Binance coin

Litecoin – Short guide to The Bitcoin Of Altcoins!

Introduction Litecoin is an early Bitcoin spinoff as it was started in October 2011. It was created by Charlie Lee, who was a Google employee and a former director at

Understanding The Basics Of Bitcoin Cash

Introduction  As the name suggests, one can easily conclude that Bitcoin Cash is forked from the original Bitcoin protocol. It is also called as Bcash and is created in 2017.

DASH – Everything You Should Know About This New Age Cryptocurrency

Introduction The word "Dash" is created from Digital Cash, thus signifying it is a virtual currency in its name itself. This coin was introduced by Evan Duffield in 2014, initially

What Should You Know About Ripple? The Most Centralized Cryptocurrency!

Introduction  In our previous articles, we have seen that Bitcoin has inspired and paved the way for a multitude of new and affordable platforms using cryptocurrencies. Ripple is one such

Understanding The Basics Of ‘Ethereum’ – A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency

Introduction The most talked-about cryptocurrency after Bitcoin is Ether. Ether is second in market capitalization after Bitcoin. While the Bitcoin network is only about minting Bitcoins using the POW consensus

What Is Market Capitalization? Top Cryptocurrencies With Highest Market Cap!

Introduction Market capitalization is estimated for publicly traded companies in general to determine the value of that company. The value is calculated based on the total number of outstanding shares

What Is A Bitcoin Address & Why Should You Know About...

Introduction In our previous articles, we have seen the properties, purpose, and working of cryptocurrencies taking bitcoin as an example. Now, let's understand what a Bitcoin address is. This topic

How Does A Cryptocurrency Work? (Example – Bitcoin)

In the previous articles, we have learned the definition, properties, and purpose of cryptocurrency. But it is vital for us to know how cryptocurrencies work. In this article, let us

Why Do We Need Cryptocurrencies? What Is Their Purpose?

Introduction Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens used in the place of conventional fiat currency for the exchange of goods and services. The digital tokens are generated and regulated using encryption techniques

Bitcoin – The First Scalable Cryptocurrency Ever!

In the previous article, we have discussed the evolution and properties of cryptocurrencies. Now, let's understand Bitcoin, which is the first scalable cryptocurrency. Introduction It has been around 11 years

The Evolution & Properties Of Cryptocurrency!

Introduction We could say that the type of currencies we use today is employed as a medium of exchange for goods and services. In the olden days, transactions used to