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This section included a detailed asset analysis including description spreads, slippage, trading ranges, and pip risk. We aim at providing the novice trader with the best information about every major pairs and crosses. The idea is to create a database of known basic facts as a starting point for the evaluation of a trade and the risk on each asset.

Fundamentals Of Trading The GBP/AUD Currency Pair

Introduction GBPAUD is an abbreviation for the Great Britain pound and the Australian dollar. This cross currency pair is widely traded with high volume in...

What Should You Know Before Trading The GBP/CHF Currency Pair?

Introduction GBPCHF is the abbreviation for the Great Britain pound and the Swiss franc. Since USD is not involved in this pair, it is called...

Everything About EUR/CAD Currency Pair

Introduction EURCAD is the abbreviation for the currency pair Euro area’s euro and the Canadian dollar. This is a cross-currency pair, as it does not...

What Should You Know About AUD/USD Forex Pair

Firstly, the abbreviation of the AUDUSD currency pair is the Australian dollar and the US dollar. AUDUSD is a major currency pair. It is considered a major pair because it is AUD is paired with the US dollar, and also, this is one of the pairs where a huge volume of trading takes place. In AUDUSD, AUD is the base currency, and USD is the quote currency.

All you need before trading the EUR/USD Pair

The EUR/USD pair tracks the exchange rate of the Euro against the US Dollar. Since this pair represents a combination of the two stronger economies in the world, it is

An Overview of the Commodity Markets

Introduction Trading that deals with raw materials, either manufactured or available as natural resources, are known as commodity trading. Investors, today can access around 50 major commodity markets. These are