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Metaverse – Buy a Valid Breakout

Metaverse (ETP) Market Cap. $36.84M Circulating Supply: 35.46M ETP Max Supply: 100M ETP Volume (24h): $5.94M   ETP/USD dropped aggressively in the yesterday's trading session and erased some of the

DASH/BTC Bullish Setup

Dash (DASH) Market Cap. $3.81B Circulating Supply: 8.03M DASH Max Supply 18.9 DASH Volume (24h) $111.72M   DASH/BTC Tradingview: The DASH/BTC increased today and recovered a little after the yesterday's

Crypto market pullback is almost over

General overview Market Cap: $384,204,107,562 24h Vol: $36,631,965,479 BTC Dominance: 38.8% In the past 24 hours, crypto market capitalization has plummeted down from 437


Steem (STEEM) Market Cap. $909.33M Circulating Supply: 254.27M STEEM Max Supply: 0 STEEM Volume (24h) $96.44M   We had very high volatility on the STEEM/USD today. The crypto dropped aggressively

Bitcoin Cash Long Again?

Market Cap. $21.76B Circulating Supply: 17.09M BCH Max Supply: 21M BCH Volume (24%) $1.95B   Bitcoin Cash (BCH) The BCH/USD signaled an exhaustion since yesterday, so the current drop is

EOS reached a major target, now what?

EOS (EOS) Market Cap. USD 11.16B Volume (24h) $3,36B Circulating Supply: 815.92M EOS Total Supply: 900.000.000 EOS Max Supply: EOS   EOS Price Analysis: EOS/USD rallied aggressively in

Is The Crypto Market Sell-Off Natural?

If you read all the analysis/trade setups in the Crypto Picks section, you'll notice that I've talked about a temporary rebound and about a corrective phase after the last day's

Pullback In The Crypto Market Has Begun

General overview Market Cap: $407,231,674,925 24h Vol: $36,479,367,950 BTC Dominance: 39.1% In the last 24 hours, cryptocurrency market cap evaluation went from $400B to

ZRX/USD Buying Opportunity

0x (ZRX) Market Cap. $592.68M Circulating Supply: 524.68M ZRX Max Supply: 0 ZRX Volume (24h): $17.70M   ZRX/USD price jumped up by 11.48% today and by 42.06% in the last

Qtum Crucial Breakout Eyed

Qtum (QTUM) Market Cap. $1.92B Circulating Supply: 88.55M QTUM Max Supply: 0 QTUM Volume (24h): $231.36M   QTUM/USD increased and resumed yesterday's bullish candle. It went up by more than

VeChain Broader Increase Validated

VeChain (VEN) Market Cap. $2.15B Circulating Supply: 525.78M VEN Max Supply: 0 VEN Volume (24h) $94.45M VeChain increased significantly today and erased the last day's minor drop. It has finally

Crypto Market Close to Consolidation or a Pullback

General overview Market Cap: $420,627,984,827 24h Vol: $27,680,549,243 BTC Dominance: 37.4% In the last 24 hours market cap has been rising and the rising

NEM Further Increase Could Be Confirmed

NEM (XEM) Market Cap. $3.05B Circulating Supply: 9.00B XEM Max Supply: 0 XEM Volume (24h): $30.37M   The XEM/USD has lost the bullish momentum in the short term and now

Dashcoin Leg Higher Underway

Dashcoin (DSH) Market Cap. $ 4.06B Circulating Supply: 8.03M DASH Max Supply: 18.9M DASH Volume (24h): $144.36M   Dashcoin (DSH) increased by 7.48% today and by 40.26% in the last

Litcoin Further Increase Still Possible

Litcoin (LTC) Market Cap. $8.53B Circulating Supply: 56.22M LTC Max Supply: 84M LTC Volume (24H) $390.80M     Will Litecoin Recover April 2018 The Litcoin increased more than 19% in

Market Is Moving Strong But For How Long?

General overview Market Cap: $393,028,123,788 24h Vol: $21,794,182,916 BTC Dominance: 38.2% During the weekend evaluations of the cryptocurrency market capitalization went from 395,120

Weekly crypto update 20.04.2018

General overview At the start of the week on Monday, April 16 the cryptocurrency market cap was around 338 Billion and has dropped approximately 20 billion dollars on a single

Bitcoin Long, The Most Expected Setup

Bitcoin (BTC) Market Cap. $143.84B Circulating Supply 16.99M BTC Max Supply: 21M BTC Volume (24H) $7.40B   Bitcoin massive corrective phase has forced the other cryptocurrencies to drop as well.

ICON (ICX) Buying Opportunity?

ICON (ICX) Market Cap. $1.27B Circulating Supply 387.23M ICX Crypto Max Supply: 0 ICX Volume (24h): $50.43M ICX tradingview: ICX/USD increased today as much as 3.544012 level but failed to

Ethereum Long Setup

Ethereum (ETH) Market Cap. $56.68B Circulation Supply: 98.93M ETH Max Supply: 0 ETH Volume (24h) Ethereum (ETH) is the second most important crypto after the Bitcoin, so all the investors

Blockchain getting closer

Blockchain getting closer JPMorgan has created the Quorum open source platform based on blockchain with the aim of applying it to the financial world. Although the development has been internal

Pressure From Both Sides

General overview Market Cap: $359,246,046,514 24h Vol: $22,391,963,491 BTC Dominance: 39.1% In the last 24 hours cryptocurrency market capitalization increased by around 20B. News

Stellar To The Moon?

Stellar (XLM) Market Cap. $6.69B Circulating Supply 18.57B XLM Max Supply: 0 XLM Volume (24h): $177.67M   XLM/USD increased sharply in the last days and has managed to jump above

EOS Bullish Perspective

EOS/USD Market Cap. $7.301.307.239 USD Volume (24h) $568.861.000 USD Circulating Supply: 802.920.263 EOS Total Supply: 900.000.000 EOS Max Supply: EOS   EOS/USD is trading in the green and tries

Ripple Further Increase Expected

Ripple (XRP) Market Cap. $28 179 718 865 Volume (24h) $754 165 000 Circulating Supply: 39 122 794 968 XRP Total Supply: 99 992 362 643 XRP Max Supply: 100

Cryptocurrency market is starting to gain confidence

General overview Market Cap: $343,721,340,582 24h Vol: $20,346,209,841 BTC Dominance: 40.3% In the last 24 hours, new 20B have entered the market. Market capitalization

Litcoin Losing The Bullish Momentum

Litcoin is struggling to increase further NEO seems exhausted on the Daily chart DASH/USD another false breakout                                                                                                                                                           Source: The major cryptocurrencies are fighting hard to stay higher, but

Cryptocurrency market is experiencing low volatility

General overview Market Cap: $326,535,690,890 24h Vol: $18,390,671,352 BTC Dominance: 41.3% Nothing has changed much in the last 24 hours. Market capitalization has been

Ripple Breakout In Play

Ripple breakout needs confirmation. ETP/USD still under pressure. EOS could resume the short-term rebound.   The major cryptocurrencies have found a temporary resistance in the yesterday's trading session and

Low Volatility In The Cryptocurrency Market

General overview: Market Cap: $325,989,899,352 24h Vol: $15,576,816,007 BTC Dominance: 41.7% In the last 24 hours market capitalization has fallen from 338,7B to

Bitcoin Update March 17

Bitcoin Update The Bitcoin price today reports losses of around -3.50% as the session has progressed on Monday, the day started with a downward movement that sent Bitcoin below $ 8,000. Now it is currently at about  $7.984 After the strong rally we could see last week, on this one many buyers may be expecting a considerable pullback. The 100 SMA is above the 200 SMA, which tells us that the price has little resistance to the upside, or to put it in other words, it is more likely that rise will start than the price falls. The space between these two indicators is still expanding or indicates a strengthening of the bull’s pressure. The 100 SMA will be an important support to beat for bears and is close to $ 7836, a break of this support can send the price to $ 7000-7200, which could indicate that the bears are strengthening again. The stochastic is at intermediate levels above 20, which shows a rest in the buyers and allowing sellers to take over from here. The RSI is also pointing down towards the oversold levels or indicating that we are close to the upward pressure that will lead us to overcome the highs of the last week and most likely find new highs for this week.   The slight fall in the price of Bitcoin is stimulated by the imminent tax filing deadline in the US on April 17. (Massive withdrawals to pay taxes) Traders are anticipating more gains for the cryptocurrency after the deadline because investors will reopen their positions. In addition, the second quarter of the year (Q2) has been historically positive for the price of Bitcoin, so it will not be a surprise that investors make a strong movement inside the market before the end of the period. Volume in Bitcoin continues to rise, despite recent bans in India and Pakistan. The market remains nervous for regulatory measures but the news that large hedge funds are preparing to invest more in the crypto market will overcome these nerves. © Forex.Academy

Bitcoin Shines Again

The crypto market has finally managed to bounce back in the last days as expected. The major cryptocurrencies have registered important gains in the short term, but we still need

Market Capitalization Sligthly Up

General overview: Market Cap: $327,852,350,305 24h Vol: $15,480,704,734 BTC Dominance: 42.1% In the past 24 hours market capitalizations went up from slightly below 322B

Surge in Crypto-Coin Capitalization

General overview Market Cap: 311,391,250,022$ 24h Vol: 25,736,521,327$ BTC Dominance: 42.6% In the last 24 hours, cryptocurrency market capitalization went from 268,960,000

Bitcoin’s Price explodes today above $8,000 In a big volume movement

Bitcoin has shown today that it can still trade with incredible swings as it did it the last year. 3 hours ago, bitcoin surged as much as 17% to trade

The crypto market showing oversold signs

The cryptocurrency market has started to show some oversold signs in the last days but is still premature to talk about a broader rebound at this moment. The major cryptocurrencies

Market Capitalization Steadily Rising

General overview: Market Cap: 265,099,377,794$ 24h Vol: 11,200,759,879$ BTC Dominance: 43.8% Cryptocurrency Daily Update In the last 24 hours, the market capitalization has been

Bitcoin reverses and entered into losses again

  BTC The Bitcoin price for today reports loses around -4.06% as the session has progressed on Monday, after initially starting the day with some gains. Following on from some

Cryptocurrencies Market Cap Slightly Up From Its Lowest Point

General overview: Cryptocurrency Market Cap: 265,511,000,000$ 24h Vol: $9,014,760,000 BTC Dominance: 44.8% Current Crypto Market Cap In the last 24 hours crypto market cap

Risk aversion returning to crypto markets once again

BTC Today, the Bitcoin price shows a decline of -2.55% in the last 24 H and its moving at the time of writing this update...

Another down move down in the Crypto markets

BTC The price of Bitcoin went down 3.66% in the last 24 hours. It reached $7,499, just crossing the 100 period EMA in the 1 Hour chart, but the

The bearish sentiment remains firm in the Crypto world

BTC The Bitcoin price for today reports a decline of -1.74% in the last 24 hours, the price at the time of writing this update...

BTC Testing a Dynamic Inflection Point

BTC The price of Bitcoin reports an increase of 3.80% in the last 24 hours, moving above 7000 USD. The price of Bitcoin still couldn't overcome a resistance around the