Crypto Market Analysis

Low Volatility In The Cryptocurrency Market

General overview:

Market Cap: $325,989,899,352

24h Vol: $15,576,816,007


BTC Dominance: 41.7%

Low volatility in the cryptocurrency market

In the last 24 hours market capitalization has fallen from 338,7B to 318,3B and has risen steadily since then to around 326B.


There is no significant news that came out in the last day that can impact the market fundamentally. These are the most interesting once.

Mastercard Patents Blockchain Tech To Combat Fake Identity

Mastercard has registered a patent for a Blockchain system to save and verify identity data, in an application published by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Source: Marie Huillet, April 16.

Crypto Investor Ian Balina Hacked for Millions of Ether During Livestream

Notable cryptocurrency investor and Youtube influencer Ian Balina ended a livestreamed ICO review last night when he realized he was being hacked. Balina seemed to realize something was amiss when he was required to sign back into Google to save changes to the spreadsheet he was using, saying “I have to get going” and ending the stream. Balina took to social media to ask for the support of his followers in tracing over $2 million worth of cryptocurrency being moved from his Etherscan wallets.

Source: Conor Maloney, April 16.

NASA Researches Ethereum Blockchain Tech for Deep Space Exploration

A research project funded and co-run by NASA is looking to leverage the Ethereum blockchain’s smart contracts technology to automate spacecraft maneuvering while avoiding space debris.

Source: Samburaj Das, April 16.



BTC/USD Cryptocurrency Market

Since yesterday the price of Bitcoin has decline by 5,07% coming from 8380$ to 8010$ where is now sitting.

sentiment for this cryptocurrency is slightly positive

The current sentiment for this cryptocurrency is slightly positive, meaning 69,15% from 389 mentions in total were positive.

Cryptocurrency Market Chart

On the hourly chart, we may observe that the price is close to the support line which served as resistance and was broken by a bull flag. Volatility is low, and there is not much going on.

Overall, hourly chart signals a buy, but it’s more like neutral.

hourly chart signals

Pivot points:

S3 4361
S2 5990
S1 6997.9
P 7619.
R1 8626.9
R2 9248
R3 10877



In the last 24 hours, Ethereum’s price has been bouncing in the range from 516$ to 502$. Looking at the daily chart, we observe that price has fallen below the 1.272 Fibonacci level (green line).

Ethereum’s price has been bouncing in the range from 516$ to 502$The current market sentiment for Ethereum is positive, meaning out of 133 mentions in total 77,44% were positive.


current market sentiment for Ethereum

Zooming into the hourly chart, we can see that price went slightly above the Fibo level and is now below it. Volatility is low as in the case of Bitcoin.

Pivot pointsOverall, hourly chart signals a buy, however, there are also nine neutral signals.

Pivot points:

S3 183.46
S2 327.57
S1 415.01
P 471.68
R1 559.12
R2 615.79
R3 759.90



In the last day, Ripple’s price has slightly declined from 0.68$ to around 0.66$ where is no sitting. Looking at the daily chart, we can see that the price has bounced off the 0.7$ level which may be serving as a psychological resistance level.

ripple sentiment todayThe current sentiment for Ripple is slightly positive meaning 62.71 out of 59 mentions in total are positive.
Source: sentimen.ioXRPUSD-H

Zooming into an hourly chart we can see that the rising wedge has been breached to the downside as it should have, and the price bounced off the 0.618 Fibonacci level which serves as a support.


Overall hourly chart signals a buy - Forex AcademyOverall hourly chart signals a buy.

Pivot points:

S3 0.13715
S2 0.37215
S1 0.50608
P 0.60715
R1 0.74108
R2 0.84215
R3 1.07715



After the market capitalization surged in the last couple of days, we are experiencing a slight pullback. Volatility is low, and the prices of three coins that we’ve covered in this report are resting at the prior resistance levels, which is a good thing because the upward trajectory will be more sustainable in the long run.


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