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Litcoin Losing The Bullish Momentum

  • Litcoin is struggling to increase further
  • NEO seems exhausted on the Daily chart
  • DASH/USD another false breakout


The major cryptocurrencies are fighting hard to stay higher, but it seems like prices will come down trying to recapture more directional energy. Bitcoin slipped below the $8000 level in the yesterday’s trading session, while the Ether continues to stay above the 500 psychological level.



Litcoin is the fifth most important crypto with a $7 537 807 784 market cap, and with a $514 562 000 daily volume. Unfortunately, Litcoin showed some exhaustion signs last night when has dropped aggressively and has erased more than half of the yesterday’s gains.

Price increased today and maybe will try to approach and reach the $140.49 yesterday’s high. It remains to see what will happen in the upcoming days because the rate is trapped below some very important resistance levels.

Litcoin - Forex Academy

Litcoin increased by 3.65% today and seems determined to challenge the 136.610 static resistance again. You can notice that the rate failed to retest the second warning line (wl2) of the former ascending pitchfork signaling exhaustion.

I’ve said in the previous article that the rate remains under pressure in the short term. Price moves in a range between the 136.61 and the 106.52 level. It could resume this range if the other major cryptocurrencies dropped again.

Technically, Litcoin could decrease a little towards the median line (ML) of the descending pitchfork in the upcoming period. I want to remind you that only a valid breakout above the upside 50% Fibonacci line (descending dotted line) will confirm a further increase towards the upper median line (UML).

We may have a great buying opportunity if the rate will decrease and if will fail to reach and retest the wl3, the 106.52 level and the median line (ML).


NEO/USD surged by 23.80% in the last 7-days, but has failed to stabilize above the $70.00 and now could register another drop.

NEO/USD surged by 23.80% in the last 7-days

Technically, it has made two false breakouts above the lower median line (LML) of the ascending pitchfork signaling an overbought. The false breakout above the confluence area formed between the lower median line (LML) with the 23.6% retracement level could send the price at least till the 150% Fibonacci line (ascending dotted line). NEO/USD will become strongly bullish only when it will have enough energy to make a valid breakout above the LML. The crypto will drop sharply if will drop and will stabilize below the 150% line.


DASH/USD - Forex Academy

Dash moves in range in the short term and has developed a symmetrical triangle. Price has made several false breakouts above the 50% Fibonacci line and now could slip lower. The Dash is trading at $363.60 after the failure to reach the $400 level in the last days.

A breakdown from the minor chart patter will lead the rate towards the lower median line (LML) and towards the outside sliding line (SL). I want you to know that only a valid breakout above the 50% Fibonacci line (ascending dotted line) will really confirm a broader rebound on Dash.


The major cryptocurrencies have found temporary resistance and now could lose altitude again. Technically, the crypto market is expected to increase in the upcoming period, but the upside movement will be a slower one.

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