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Market Cap Has Formed a Cup and Handle Pattern

General overview

Market Cap Has Formed a Cup

Market Cap: $421,269,776,870


24h Vol: $26,437,548,757

BTC Dominance: 37.5%

At the start of the week on Monday, April 23. Crypto market capitalization was around 388 billion dollars and rose up to 436,994,000,000$ on April 25, which is this week high. The day after the high was hit, the evaluation of the crypto market capitalization went to the lowest point of the week of 380,513,000,000$. Since it is on the rise and is now sitting at 421,268,000,000$.



On April 23, the price of Bitcoin was 8748$. Only two days later the price went to 9700$ which is this week’s highest point, and after that it fell by 1000$, coming to the lowest point of the week at 8700$. Since the price has increased to 9240$ where is now sitting slightly above 0.5 Fibonacci level and 100 day EMA. The price has increased by 5,4% overall.

Analysis BTC/USD

On the daily chart we have a potential tweezer top, which is the candles on 24. and 25. and if today ends up closing as doji, we can are going to see a trend reversal coming into the next week.


Overall daily chart signals a buy.

Overall daily chart signals a buy

Pivot points:

S3 6109.5
S2 7355.5
S1 8134.0
P 8601.5
R1 9380.0
R2 9847.5
R3 11093.5


Since Monday, April 23. The price of Ethereum has increased by 8,8% coming from 620$ to 675$ where is now sitting. Like in the case of Bitcoin, the price oscillated to the weekly high at 708$ and then fallen to the weekly low at 611$.


The price is currently above the 1.618 Fibonacci level drawn from bottom to the top of the prior range and above the 50 and 100-day EMA. Unlike Bitcoin, today’s candle isn’t a doji. However, it looks even from both sides, which nevertheless indicates indecisiveness.


Overall, daily chart signals a buy.

daily chart signals a buy

Pivot points

S3 324.51
S2 450.42
S1 527.43
P 576.33
R1 653.34
R2 702.24
R3 828.15



Ripple has decreased in price by 1,62% during the week, starting from 0.86$ at Monday, April 23rd. to 0.847$ where it is today. The price pathway is also like in the case of BTC and ETH been oscillating to form weekly high at 0.958$ and weekly low at 0,77$.


Looking at the daily chart, we can see that this week was really turbulent for Ripple. The price is currently above 50 and 100-day EMA, but it’s also below 100% Fibonacci level and today’s candle is a doji. Having that and this double top that struggled to become a higher high and failed indicates a potential trend reversal in the following week.

Overall daily chart signals a buy.

daily chart signals

Pivot points

S3 0.20439

S2 0.50804
S1 0.68659
P 0.81169
R1 0.99024
R2 1.11534
R3 1.41899




This week the price of Litecoin increased by 3% overall coming from 146,4$ to 150,33$ where is now sitting. At the end of 24, the price of Litecoin was the highest 166$ coming slightly above the 100% Fibonacci level, only to fall the next day to the lowest point of the week at 143$ on the 0.618 Fibonacci level which served as support. The price is currently in between 50 and 100-day EMA slightly below 0,786 Fibonacci level.

Overall, daily chart signals a buy

daily chart signals

Pivot points

S3 79

S2 111
S1 129
P 143
R1 162
R2 175
R3 207



Compared to Monday’s 387 billion dollar evaluation, crypto market capitalization evaluation rose up by 50 billion on Wednesday and fallen by 7 billion on Thursday. The cup and handle is a pattern is now clearly seen.

The similar chart pattern is imprinted on the four major cryptocurrencies which again shows a strong correlation in the crypto markets. Having seen the signs of struggle on the charts that we’ve covered and the tweezer tops followed by doji’s we can conclude that we are in for a bit of a downside before a breakout to new highs in the following period.Cryptocurrencies Market cap



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