Indices: Bull traders still could have space to go up?


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  • Monitoring the indices alignment before a correction.
  • Euro group: weakness will continue against its main pairs.

Monitoring the indices alignment before a correction.

As we have said in previous daily updates, the markets are correlated, and big moves occur when they are all aligned. The FTSE 100 continues making a bullish extended cycle and is near to reaching critical levels for a reversal (7,500 to 7,600 area.)

In this session, for the fourth time, the DAX 30 couldn’t soar above the critical resistance level 12,622. It is likely that the German Index climbs up above the resistance before we expect it to fall.


Finally, as we can see, the NIKKEI 225 could still reach the area between the 22,620 to 22,800, before starting a corrective move. In conclusion, Indices still have space to see a new high, but we expect limited bullish moves.

Euro group: weakness will continue against its main pairs.

The Euro currency is developing a bearish move after the rally that started in 2017. The EURUSD pair continues the bearish cycle reaching the first blue box, testing the 1.2071 level. Before the Employment data release in the US, we expect a downward continuation to the zone between 1.1869 to 1.1815. From this area, it could start to bounce but it is too soon to foresee that move.

Looking at the Euro crosses, EURAUD is moving as we anticipated in our last Short-Term Pick (24th April), We expect the price to drop down to the region between 1.5748 and 1.5650. Invalidation level is at 1.6192.

EURCAD could not reach the 1.5811 zone; this situation makes us think that the bearish force could accelerate to our target level which is 1.54.

On the other hand in the money market, the USDCHF pair is still on an upward trend which is near to completing the bull cycle. In the zone between 0.9943 to 0.9993, the pair could make a new connector, then, start developing a bearish cycle.

The Pound has dropped to the 1.375 level, from where we expect the cable to start a bounce and make a consolidation move. The retracement could reach the area between 1.39 to 1.40. Invalidation level is at 1.4246.(c) Forex.Academy