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Negotiations Between US-China Support Indices Advances



Hot Topics:

  • Indices continue soaring boosted by US-China negotiation progress.
  • UK Government seeks to pay its national debt.
  • The price action between EURUSD and USDCHF show divergences.
  • EURCAD and EURAUD are moving on critical zones.

Indices continue soaring boosted by U.S.-China negotiation progress

The advance in negotiations between the U.S. and China maintain the optimism in markets for the second consecutive session. The FTSE 100 consolidated in the record highs. Despite the fact that RSI shows a little bearish divergence, this does not mean a reversal sign of the trend. We keep our bullish vision for the FTSE in 8,000 pts as the next target.

DAX 30 adds to the market optimism by the progress between the U.S. and China negotiations. The index climbs near to the first target level proposed in previous updates (Daily Update – May 15th). The RSI oscillator does not show movement exhaustion signals.
– First target level 13,250.5.
– Second target level: 13,497.7.
– Invalidation level: 12,918.3

UK Government seeks to pay its national debt

The UK Government will appeal to the High Court for access to a National Fund untouched since 1928 to pay its National Debt. The “National Fund” was opened in 1928 by an anonymous donation of £500,000 with the condition that it must keep untouched until the U.K. have enough money to pay its national debt entirely. Currently, the fund ascends to £475 million, but the U.K. debt rises to £1.7 trillion.

The pound is moving sideways, in this session has tested the 1.348 resistance. RSI shows bullish divergences signals; we expect that the RSI moves above the 60 level for it to start to change the current bearish bias to bullish. Consider that the price action must confirm the new bias. For the moment we maintain neutral our position in GBPUSD.


The price action between EURUSD and USDCHF show divergences

USDCHF is moving bearish and has paid its bearish divergence falling to the 0.99203 level. It is likely that the price continues moving bearish to 0.9875 and start to bounce for it to make a new connector for a major degree bearish cycle. Invalidation level remains on 1.00561.

On the other hand, EURUSD keeps moving sideways. In the current session, the common currency has tested the resistance level at 1.18257 without success. However, RSI is showing reversal signals but it is necessary that the oscillator breaks above the 59.06 level and the price soar above the key resistance level 1.18257. Invalidation level is below 1.1717.


EURCAD and EURAUD are moving on critical zones

EURCAD has touched the first long-term bearish target level at 1.50373. The RSI oscillator shows bullish divergences as a bearish trend exhaustion signal. Now is the time to expect what the price action does, if the cross moves to the second long-term bearish target at 1.4866 or makes a reversal pattern. In this zone, our position turns from bearish to neutral.

Similarly to EURCAD, EURAUD moves below our second bearish long-term target placed in 1.5552 level. RSI shows bullish divergence as weakness in the bearish cycle. Now we are watching the control level in 1.54673, and waiting to see what will the price action will do. We have two scenarios:

– First scenario: The price breaks below the control level. In this case, it is likely that the cross continues its bearish momentum. For this scenario, the new bearish targets are placed at 1.5307 and 1.5195 levels. Invalidation level is 1.57279.

– Second scenario: The price makes a bullish reversal pattern, in this case, we have 1.5727 as the target.



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