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Forex course starting from the basics and up to advanced topics. This course will consist of 11 modules for a total of over 300 lessons. Each lesson will cover one short topic and in the end it will include a quiz to self-test the knowledge of the student. Course 01 - Forex basics. Course 02: Brokerages Course 03; Charts, Support/Resistance, Candlesticks, FIbonacci, Moving Averages, Popular indicators Course 04: Oscillators, chart patterns, pivots Course 05: Elliott Wave, Harmonic Patterns Course 06: DIvergences, market envoronment, Breakouts, multiple timeframe analysis Course 07: Market Sentiment, Trading the News, carry trade Course 08: The US Index, Intermarket Correlations, Using equities, Contry profiles Course 09: Developing a trade plan, Find which trader you are, the trading system, trading journal, Metatrader 4 Course 10: Risk management, Leverage, Position sizing, Stop losses, Scaling in and out, currelations course 11: Trading mistakes, Forex scams, personality quizes, The last words.