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Forex course starting from the basics and up to advanced topics. This course will consist of 11 modules for a total of over 300 lessons. Each lesson will cover one short topic and in the end it will include a quiz to self-test the knowledge of the student. Course 01 - Forex basics. Course 02: Brokerages Course 03; Charts, Support/Resistance, Candlesticks, FIbonacci, Moving Averages, Popular indicators Course 04: Oscillators, chart patterns, pivots Course 05: Elliott Wave, Harmonic Patterns Course 06: DIvergences, market envoronment, Breakouts, multiple timeframe analysis Course 07: Market Sentiment, Trading the News, carry trade Course 08: The US Index, Intermarket Correlations, Using equities, Contry profiles Course 09: Developing a trade plan, Find which trader you are, the trading system, trading journal, Metatrader 4 Course 10: Risk management, Leverage, Position sizing, Stop losses, Scaling in and out, currelations course 11: Trading mistakes, Forex scams, personality quizes, The last words.

Introduction To Forex Course 3.0

Hola Readers! We have successfully completed the first two courses and received an amazing response for both of them. We can't thank you enough for that. Also, we hope these first two courses have helped you in understanding the most fundamentals basics of the Forex market. It is very important to know these basics in order to succeed in the Forex market. We have made a quick navigation guide for both the courses just for you to access the articles easily.

42. Analyzing the Forex Market – Technical Analysis

A way to analyze the markets other than fundamental analysis is technical analysis. In this lesson, we shall exactly understand what technical analysis is, and also the different techniques to analyze the market using technical analysis.

37. Two Different Types Of Spreads In The Forex Market

In the last lesson, we clearly talked about what Spread in forex is and also how it is calculated. In this lesson, we will dig up a little more on the concept of spreads and understand its types.

Forex Course 1.0 – Complete Guide

Hello Readers!

Introduction – Forex Academy’s Forex Course 2.0

In the previous course, we started off by understanding what Forex Market is actually about and went on until the concepts related to margin trading. Thank you for the fantastic response to the Course 1.0. Now, its time to step up our learning a bit and move to the next level.

29. What Is Margin Level and How Is It Calculated?

Introduction The margin concepts such as Used margin and Equity have proved to be essential to understand other margin terms. In this lesson, the concept of Margin level too revolves

28. Other Important Margin Trading Terminologies – Free Margin

Introduction In the previous lesson, the concept of used margin and equity was discussed. Apart from having their importance, these terms prove to be significant to understand other terms as

27. What Should You Know About Used Margin and Equity

Introduction In the previous lesson, three terms related to margin was discussed. There is another term called used margin, which comes under the same roof of the margin requirement and

26. Understanding Margin Amount, Margin Requirement, and Required Margin

Introduction In the previous two lessons, the basic terms in a margin account were discussed. And this lesson shall talk about the concept of Margin in detail. Precisely, this chapter

25. Margin Terminologies – Unrealized P/L and Realized P/L

Introduction In the previous lesson, the concept of balance was discussed. And in this lesson, two more terms shall be opened up, namely, unrealized P/L and realized P/L. First up

24. Margin Terminologies – Balance & Rollover

In the previous lesson, we have understood the fundamentals of margin/leverage trading. In this lesson and the following few lessons, we shall be discussing different terms related to margin and

23. Fundamentals Of Margin Trading

Introduction Margin, which allows for Leverage trading, is one of the crucial reasons why most of the traders prefer trading Forex. It is an aggressive form of trading where traders

22. A Brief Comparison Between The Stock Market & The Forex...

Introduction The Stock market and the Forex market are the most widely traded markets in the world. Many traders who enter the universe of trading are often in a dilemma

21. Perks Of Trading The Forex Market

Introduction The foreign exchange market is, no doubt, the most popular market in the world. Though it is considered to be a very risky business, it can prove to be

19. Who Are The Forex Market Movers?

Introduction In the previous lesson, we discussed how the forex market is structured. Now, it is time to take this topic a little deeper. In this article, let's understand the

20. Brief History and Introduction to The Forex Brokers

Brief History The economy of all the nations after the end of World War II was at stake. Not a single country saw a growth in its economy during this

18. Decentralized Forex market and its hierarchy

Introduction It is a known fact that the forex market is the market for trading currencies, and the stock market is for trading shares of a company. This being the

16. What Should You Know About Trading The New York Session

Introduction After the Asian and the London session, the big fishes enter into the market, i.e., the New York market. When London's session is halfway through its trading, the New

17. What Is The Best Time To Trade The Forex Market?

Introduction The Forex market is open 24 hours daily and is traded from Monday to Friday. This feature makes it feasible for traders all around the world to trade it.

15. Trading The London Session

Introduction  The London session, also referred to as the European session, is the session where a significantly high amount of trading happens. The London session opens at 3:00 AM

14. All About Trading The Tokyo Session!

Introduction Japan’s capital Tokyo, is the most majorly traded market in the Asian continent. That is, in Asia, the highest volume comes from the Tokyo market. In fact, it is

13.The Different Sessions In The Forex Market

Introduction The forex market is traded all across the world. In fact, it is open 24 hours. And these markets are traded in countries when their national markets are

12. General Myths In The Forex Market Every Trader Must Be...

Introduction Forex is the market for trading currency pairs. It is a real business that happens over the internet. However, many new traders do not take it seriously and often

11. The First Step In Your Trading Journey

Introduction Trading the forex market involves high risk. As per statistics, 95% of the traders fail in this domain. Hence, having expertise and experience in trading is very necessary for

10. The Different Order Types In The Forex Market

Introduction In the world of trading, the order types are identical, irrespective of the market you’re trading. The type of the 'Order' refers to how you wish to enter or

9. Understanding Lots & Different Types Involved

Introduction In the stock market, securities are traded in a number of shares. Similarly, in the Forex market, currencies are traded in units of the currency. And these units are

8. Understanding The Concept Of ‘Pip’ In Detail

Introduction ‘Pip,’ the word sounds pretty familiar, right? Well, that’s because this is a fundamental term when it comes to trading in the forex market. Pip forms the base

7. Which Is The Right Currency Pair To Buy & Sell?

Introduction By now, we know that trading Forex market involves trading of currencies pairs rather than just a single currency. The working mechanism of this is quite different from that

6. How Does Profit & Loss Take Place When You Are...

Introduction Forex is that market where buying and selling of currency pairs take place. Unlike the stock market, where you need to consider only one stock to analyze, in the

5. Different Ways Of Trading The Forex Market

Introduction Forex is a market to trade foreign currencies. It is traded 24 hours electronically over-the-counter, meaning the transactions are performed over the networks around the world. One way to

4. How Large & Liquid Is The Forex Market?

When compared to other markets like the stock and commodity market, the foreign exchange market is the largest in the world in terms of size and liquidity. In this lesson

3 – Understanding The Mechanism In Buying And Selling Of Currency...

Introduction The mechanism of the forex market is quite different when compared with other markets like stocks and commodities. In the stock market, we essentially consider a company’s stock to

2 – Reading & Understanding The Currency Pairs

Introduction  From the previous lesson, we know that global currencies are traded in the Forex market. These currencies are exchanged in pairs. We also understood what Major, Minor, and Exotic

1 – Preface To The Forex Market

Introduction Forex AKA Foreign exchange is the largest market in the world where all the global currencies are traded. It can also be considered as a place where individuals, companies

Introduction To The ‘Ultimate Forex Course’ By The Forex Academy!

At Forex Academy, we give utmost importance to education. To be successful, you need to learn before you Earn. So for that same purpose, we have designed a proprietory