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Educational Articles for Newcomers to the Forex and Crypto World: Forex basics, including structure, assets, a basic definition of the common terms such as lot, bid, ask, price, how prices move, leverage, spread, slippage, basic chart concepts, chart types, timeframes, ranges. Basic money management and position size techniques.

Trading The GBP/SGD Exotic Currency Pair

Introduction To GBP & SGD Pairs

Some Spikes are Not to Be Ignored

Forex traders often struggle with spikes on their trading charts. The Line chart does not show spikes, but Candlestick Chart does. Price action traders usually use candlestick charts as one of their weapons to trade effectively. Thus, they face this problem every now and then. There is no sure method confirming which spikes are to be ignored, and which are not to be ignored. We have to be sensible about that. In today’s lesson, we find out a kind of spikes that are not to be ignored. Let us get started.

An Old Theory about Support/Resistance

In price action trading, traders rely on support/resistance a lot. Beginners often ask a question of whether they are predetermined. In answer to this, they are predetermined to some extent. A trader can guess level/levels that may work as support/resistance. The idea is simple. Support becomes resistance, and resistance becomes support. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of this.

Partial Profit-taking and Decision-making

Traders on major charts such as the daily and the H4 often take partial profits and let the rest of the trade run to earn more profit. This is an effective way to earn more pips without any doubt. Yes, to do that, traders need to have good ideas about price action and enough experience to interpret the market’s language. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of partial profit-taking and a situation where traders to make a decision. Let us get started.

What Moves the Forex Markets?

Analyzing the Forex Market