AIRBITZ (EDGE) Wallet Review: Features, Security, Fees, And Ease Of Use

Airbitz bitcoin wallet app recently underwent a major rebranding that saw its name to Edge wallet. In addition to the open-sourced crypto mobile app, it was also subjected to massive structural changes that aim at making it the most secure and easy to use the wallet.

The most visible changes include its shift from a Bitcoin-only to a multi-blockchain wallet and a more intuitive user interface. The Edge development team has also integrated several operational and security features to the highly versatile mobile wallet.

This Airbitz/Edge crypto wallet app review seeks to highlight all these features and examine their effectiveness in making it the most secure wallet. We will also be addressing its ease of use, supported currencies and compare it with other multi-currency wallets before telling you if it really is the most secure crypto wallet app available.

AIRBITZ key features:

Versatile mobile app: Edge is a highly versatile mobile wallet app. It is not only available for the popular Android and iOS smartphone operating systems but is also available for Windows phones.

Inbuilt exchange: Edge features an inbuilt crypto exchange. Therefore, you don’t have to leave the wallet to buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies, which saves time and eliminates unnecessary transaction fees.

Support for fiat purchases: Edge wallet app doesn’t just let you store, buy, and sell cryptos within the app but also lets you make crypto purchases using fiat currencies through either bank wire transfers to the wallet or via credit card.

Bluetooth transactions: Edge crypto wallet app supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which means you don’t need to be online to initiate a transaction. BLE allows you to send cryptocurrencies to other individuals via Bluetooth. 

Address book: The wallet seeks to eliminate the risk of sending funds to the wrong wallet by introducing the in-app address book where you can save a crypto recipient’s address, name, and photo for easy access when sending them digital coins.

AIRBITZ security features

Password and Biometrics: Edge embraces a multi-layered wallet protection feature. When creating a user account, you will first be required to set a strong multi-character password for the wallet. You are then required to set a four-digit passcode for regular logins. Additionally, you have the option of adding the fingerprint or face ID login option.

Open source: Edge is also built on an open-sourced technology and allows for scrutiny from both wallet app users and blockchain experts. The code can be downloaded from the official Edge wallet app website or GitHub.

Hierarchically deterministic: The wallet app is also hierarchically deterministic, implying that the public wallet address is auto-generated for every new transaction, which furthers the wallet’s commitment to user privacy.

Automated wallet backup: Unlike other crypto wallets that require you to save and memorize a lengthy recovery seed, your passphrase for the Edge wallet doubles up as your recovery seed.

Client-side encryption: Client-side encryption implies that any data that your wallet shares with the Edge wallet servers or third party systems is encrypted before it leaves your wallet app, effectively safeguarding it against possible man-in-the-middle attacks.

Anonymous registration: Edge crypto wallet app doesn’t ask for personal information like name or address when creating a user account. Neither does it collect or store any personal information when you use the wallet app.

How to set and activate the AIRBITZ wallet

Step 1: Download and install the Edge crypto wallet app compatible with your phone’s operating system.

Step 2: Once installed, launch the app and create a username

Step 3: Create a unique and multi-character password (with a minimum of 10-characters)

Step 4: Set a four-digit passcode that you will be using for regular on-device logins

Step 5: The wallet will request that you write down this information (username, password, and passcode) on a piece of paper and save it offline

Step 6: Read and agree to the crypto wallet app’s terms of use

Step 7: Clicking finish takes you to your account’s user dashboard, an indication that the wallet is active and ready for use.

How to add/receive Crypto into your AIRBITZ wallet

Step 1: Log in to your edge wallet and click the “Request” button

Step 2: Select the wallet address where you would like the coins deposited and enter the number of coins you wish to receive

Step 3: Copy this information and forward it to the party sending you cryptos.

Step 4: Alternatively, hit the share button if you want to share this information with the individual sending cryptos via SMS or email

Step 5: Wait for the funds to reflect in your wallet.

How to send Crypto from your AIRBITZ wallet

Step 1: Log in to your Edge crypto wallet and app and on the user dashboard, tap on the “Send” icon

Step 2: If you have multiple digital assets stored therein, select the wallet from whence you would like to send the coins

Step 3: On the transfer window, enter the recipient’s wallet address and the number of coins you wish to send

Step 4: Confirm that the transaction details are accurate.

Step 5: Slide the authorization button to authorize the transfer

AIRBITZ wallet ease of use

Edge crypto has a relatively straightforward onboarding process. The processes of sending and receiving cryptos are also easy and straightforward. The user dashboard is also easily navigable and specially designed for both the experienced and beginner crypto investors.

The user interface is also highly customizable and allows you to tweak most of the basic features, including its theme. It also integrates a map of all BTC-accepting stores in your neighborhood.

AIRBITZ wallet supported currencies and countries

Edge is a multi-blockchain and multi-currency wallet for all popular cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum. Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Dogecoin, and all ERC-20 tokens.

AIRBITZ wallet cost and fees

Installing the Edge crypto wallet is free. However, you will pay a  competitive transaction processing fee every time you send cryptocurrencies to another wallet or exchange. This fee is collected by the different blockchain miners and administrators and not the Edge wallet.

What are the pros and cons of using the AIRBITZ wallet?


  • Edge is built on an open-sourced technology and also supports two-factor authentication.
  • The wallet app is highly intuitive and beginner-friendly
  • Edge is a multi-currency wallet supporting 40+ cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • The wallet gives you absolute control of your private keys and password while simplifying the wallet backup process.
  • The wallet features an in-app exchange and integrates a crypto exchange.


  • One may still consider the number of supported cryptocurrencies to be limited.
  • It is a mobile app and not available for desktop or online (web) access.
  • It is not a multi-signature wallet.

Comparing AIRBITZ wallet with other Multiblockchain wallets

AIRBITZ wallet vs. BRD wallet

Edge is similar to BRD (also known as Bread wallet). They both started as bitcoin-only wallets before structural upgrades saw them appreciate and store other altcoins. Both are also easy to use, feature an inbuilt exchange, and have a highly intuitive user interface designed to appeal to experienced and beginner crypto traders. The recent update to the Edge wallet has, however, seen it incorporate more operational and security features when compared to BRD. One may also consider the Edge wallet app’s user interface to be user-friendlier.

Verdict: Is the AIRBITZ wallet safe?

Yes, Airbitz – now Edge – crypto wallet app has incorporated a wide range of security features to keep your private keys safe and within your control. These are highly effective and start with keeping all your sensitive information within the wallet and out of anyone’s (including their servers) reach. This data is also subjected to military-grade client-side encryption. The app’s equally effective security features include hierarchically deterministic address generation, biometrics support, and the all-important two-factor authentication. 


GreenAddress Wallet Review: Is This The  Safest Bitcoin wallet app?

GreenAddress wallet is a bitcoin-only wallet created in 2013 by Lawrence Nahun and Jerzy Kozera. It is run by GreenWallet – a technology company registered in Malta – but was in 2016 acquired by Blockstream. On the GreenAddress website, the company is described as a safe wallet that gives you control of your wallet. It also adds that GreenAddress adopts a multi-faceted approach to keeping crypto coins safe and ease of use doesn’t let you “choose between security and convenience” or “compromise your privacy.”

It has integrated numerous security and operational features, geared towards making GreenAddress the safest and most intuitive bitcoin wallet. But what are these features, and how have they impacted the wallet’s safety and convenience?

We detail the GreenAddress key features here, vet its ease of use, list its pros and cons, and compare it with other Bitcoin-only wallets before telling you if it really is the safest Bitcoin wallet.

GreenAddress key features:

Cross-platform: Though it started with Android and iOS mobile apps, the GreenAddress wallet recently launched a Google Web extension for the wallet.

Address book: The GreenAddress wallet also features an address book for saving wallet addresses for individual and exchange wallets you interact with regularly. It goes a long way in helping you avoid the often-costly errors of getting the wrong wallet address.

Instant confirmation: When sending or even receiving cryptos in and out of your GreenAdress wallet, you will have the option to turn on the Instant Confirmation feature that notifies you immediately a transaction is confirmed, effectively eliminating the possibility of double payment.

Hardware wallet support: You also have the option of integrating the GreenAddress hot wallet with a hardware wallet. This not only boosts the wallet’s security but also increases the number of coins you can interact with.

GreenAddress security features

Password + PIN: When setting up the wallet and creating a user account, you will be required to set a passphrase and a PIN code. The passphrase gives you access to the private access and doubles up as the encryption tool while the PIN code opens the wallet’s watch-only mode.

Two-factor authentication: There are three verification methods supported by the GreenAddress wallet’s two-factor-authentication functionality. You can choose to authorize transactions via an SMS alert, email notification, or a robocall.

Hierarchically deterministic: The process of generating wallet addresses for new transactions is hierarchically deterministic. And this comes in handy when you want to throw off trackers and ensure that the parties you interact with don’t get to view your past and future crypto transactions.

Open source: The wallet address is also open-sourced and open to vetting and auditing by both wallet users and the rest of the crypto community. This privacy guarantee ensures that the wallet is free of bugs, security loopholes, and malicious codes.

Non-custodial: The GreenAddress website claims that the wallet will “Never store your private keys, not even (when they are) encrypted.” They are encrypted and stored within your mobile or computer device, giving you total control.

Watch-only mode: When using public wi-fi or suspicious internet connection, you can access the wallet in a watch-only mode that allows you to view balances and accept transfers in. When using the watch-only mode, you don’t have access to the private keys and any sensitive wallet information, you cannot send coins, and you cannot alter the app settings.

How to set and activate the GreenAddress wallet (web wallet)

Step 1: Open the official GreenAddress wallet website ( and click on the ‘Create Your Wallet’ icon on the upper right corner of the homepage

Step 2: A warning will pop up asking if you want to continue with the registration via the web site or you wish to download the GreenAddress wallet app

Step 3: If you chose ‘Continue Using Webpage’ you will receive the mnemonic backup phrase that forms the recovery seed

Step 4: Write them down on a piece of paper and save them offline. Acknowledge that you have noted them down and press continue

Step 5: Verify that you have accurately written them down and in the right order by filling in the missing words.

Step 6: Activate the two-factor authentication and verify your identity by linking the web wallet with your Google authenticator, adding your email address, or phone number.

Step 7: Enter the verification code you receive on your chosen 2FA method

Step 8: Set the wallet PIN (between 5 and 15) numbers

Step 9: Tap on the “PIN set, ready for step 3” to complete the process

Step 10: The wallet is now active and ready for use

How to add/receive Crypto into your GreenAddress wallet

Step 1: Log in to your GreenAddress wallet and click the “Receive” tab on the user dashboard.

Step 2: If you have multiple wallet addresses, chose the one you want to use

Step 3: Copy the wallet address and forward it to the person sending you Bitcoins.

Step 4: Wait for the coins to reflect.

How to send Crypto from your GreenAddress wallet

Step 1: Log in to your wallet and click “Send” on the user dashboard

Step 2: If you have multiple wallet addresses, choose the one you would like to use

Step 3: Enter the recipient’s address and the number of Bitcoins you wish to send on the transfer window.

Step 4: Review the transaction details and hit send.

GreenAddress wallet ease of use

GreenAddress is a highly intuitive and customizable Wallet. You can easily customize most aspects of the wallet, including themes, set your preferred exchange rate, and change the privacy and notification settings. It also allows you to change the denomination of your wallet’s base currency from Bitcoin to mBTC, uBTC, or Bits. You can also choose between the 12 language settings, determine the daily/weekly/monthly transaction limits, add more user accounts or wallet addresses, and even incorporate advanced wallet security settings.

GreenAddress wallet supported currencies and countries.

GreenAddress will only support Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

GreenAddress wallet cost and fees

GreenAddress is a free wallet. It is free to create a user account and store coins here. You will only have to pay the Bitcoin network fee charged when you send coins to another wallet or exchange.

What are the pros and cons of using the GreenAddress wallet?


  • There is no limit to the number of wallet addresses or Bitcoins you can hold in your GreenAddress
  • Allows you to incorporate advanced security settings
  • The wallet is relatively easy to use
  • It can be easily integrated with hardware wallets
  • It gives you absolute control over your private keys


  • GreenAddress is a Bitcoin-only Crypto wallet
  • GreenAddress does not give wallet users a choice in choosing the multi-signature partner
  • One may consider the signup process to be laborious and the wallet not beginner-friendly

Comparing GreenAddress wallet with other Bitcoin-only wallets

GreenAddress wallet vs. Blockchain Core

GreenAddress and Bitcoin Core are both Bitcoin-only wallets. But while GreenAddress is a mobile/web crypto vault, the Bitcoin Core is a full-stack desktop client wallet. Additionally, while both wallets are hierarchically deterministic, the GreenAddress wallet generates a new address for new transactions automatically while address-generation for Bitcoin Core is manual.

Although Bitcoin Core may be considered safer as it integrates more effective security measures, GreenAddress carries the day for convenience. It only takes up limited storage space and even more intuitive.

Verdict: Is the GreenAddress Wallet safe?

Well, we consider the security measures GreenAdress wallet has put in place adequate for individuals looking for short-term storage for their coins or active traders. However, we find fault with their multi-signature functionality that does not present users with any other choice of a signee other than GreenAddress itself. Further, GreenAddress is a hot wallet and thus susceptible to the inherent threats associated with online wallets.


03 Wallet Review: Is It The Safest Neo Blockchain Wallet Yet?

203 crypto wallet launched in 2015 as a mobile crypto app before its developers – 03 Labs – introduced the desktop version in 2018. It is built for the Ontology Network – a Neo Blockchain fork – that was previously grouped alongside NEP-5 crypto projects. It is specially designed to provide Neo platform users with a safe and easy to use platform where they can store, exchange, and monitor their crypto portfolio.

The 03 network website describes the 03 crypto wallet app as a “gateway to the smart economy” where you can “manage, exchange, stake, and buy” different cryptocurrencies. But how convenient is the 03 Wallet? How safe is the 03 mobile wallet app? This wallet review seeks to explore and detail all the 03 Wallet features to help determine the wallet’s safety and security level.

Key features:

Cross-platform wallet: 03 is a cross-platform wallet implying that it is available as both a mobile wallet for Android and iOS smartphones and a desktop app compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can download the updated versions of either on the 03 network website or GitHub.

Voting and staking: By maintaining a significant number of Gas and NEO coins in your 03 Wallet, you can vote for the network delegates. Similarly, you can stake your coins held in the 03 Wallet and get to earn interest in the form of GAS tokens.

Multiple payments methods: 03 Wallet is also one of the few NEO and ONT network-linked wallets that allow for crypto purchases using credit cards. It is also one of the few wallets that allow you to buy Neo-affiliated tokens using such other cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Integrates a crypto marketplace: Though 03 Wallet does not have an inbuilt exchange, it integrates the Switcheo marketplace that allows for the exchange of cryptocoins and tokens at reasonable fees. The marketplace is highly intuitive and easy to use but requires you to transfer funds between the exchange and your wallet.

NEO newsfeed: The crypto wallet also integrates an updated NEO-blockchain news site. Here, you get the latest news and developments taking place within the Neo blockchain and ONT networks.

Portfolio monitoring: 03 further lets you partition your wallet and create hot and cold storage. This, plus the fact that you are able to monitor both wallet performances, plays a key role in helping you make sound financial decisions. It is also a security measure ensuring that even if a hacker were to gain access to your device, they cant breach your cold storage.

Security features:

Uses device password: Like most other app-based crypto vaults, 03 Wallet is secured with a password. But, unlike most other wallets, you don’t have to create a separate password for the wallet as it uses your device’s password.

Open source: 03 Wallet is created using open-source technology, which gives anybody a chance to view and audit its code. You can download this code on either the 03 network website or GitHub.

Hierarchically deterministic: The 03 Wallet app is also hierarchically deterministic and will auto-generate a new wallet address for every new transaction. This goes a long way in masking your real public address and throwing off would-be third-party crypto trackers.

Non-custodial: The 03 crypto wallet doesn’t store your private keys in the ONT or Neo network servers. Rather, it saves them within your device.

Guaranteed user anonymity: 03 Wallet guarantees the anonymity of their wallet users in the sense that it doesn’t ask for any of your personal information when creating a user account and neither does it collect and store any information that’s personally identifiable to you. Your crypto transactions are, therefore, wholly anonymous.

Military-grade encryption: All the data collected by the wallet, including your wallet address, private keys, and passwords, is also subjected to military-grade encryption. So are all wallet communications with third party systems like payment processors and exchanges.

How to set and activate the 03 Wallet

Step 1: Search for 03 Wallet on Google play store of Apple app store and download

Step 2: Install the wallet and, once complete, launch the app and select “Create a New Wallet.”

Step 3: Create a password for your wallet. This not only helps secure your app vault but also plays a key role in randomizing your private key.

Step 4: Click on the settings tab and proceed to backup your crypto wallet.

Step 5: Your 03 Wallet is now active and ready for use.

How to add/receive crypto into your 03 Wallet

Step 1: Log in to your 03 crypto wallet, and on the user dashboard, click on the “Receive” tab.

Step 2: The wallet will display both the public address and the QR code that you can copy and send to the individual sending you coins.

Step 3: Alternatively, use the “Buy” option and buy crypto from the integrated exchanges.

Step 4: Wait for your crypto to reflect on your wallet.

How to send crypto from your 03 Wallet

Step 1: Log in to your 03 crypto wallet app and on the user dashboard, click “send.”

Step 2: If you have multiple crypto coins held in here in different wallets, select the crypto you want to send

Step 3: On the transfer window, key in the recipient’s wallet address and the number of coins you wish to send 

Step 4: Confirm the accuracy of these details and hit send

03 Wallet ease of use

03 Wallet is very user friendly and easily navigable with all the important tabs carefully placed on the user dashboard. The wallet is designed to appeal to novice and experienced traders alike. The onboarding process is quick and straightforward, and so are the processes of sending and receiving crypto. 03 is also a light wallet that doesn’t eat into your phone’s storage or battery power while guaranteeing the fastest transaction processing speeds.

03 Wallet supported currencies

03 is a multi-currency asset, implying that it supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Supported cryptos include Neo, Neo Gas, ONT, all NEP-5 tokens, and all ONT-G tokens.

03 Wallet cost and fees

Installing the 03 Wallet and storing your cryptocurrencies therein is free. You will, however, be charged a network fee for outbound transactions by the NEO and ONT networks.

Other charges that you might incur when using 03 Wallet include the exchange fees accrued when you buy or sell crypto. This fee is fixed at 15% of the total value, but you enjoy a 50% discount if you use the exchange’s native token – SWTH.

What are the pros and cons of using the 03 Wallet


  • The wallet app is highly intuitive and beginner-friendly
  • 03 Wallet is quite versatile as its available on mobile and desktop
  • 03 integrates a crypto exchange and supports crypto purchases using a credit card
  • Wallet users also have access to a readily available customer support team via Telegram and twitter
  • The transaction processing fees are minimal and discounted – in the case of the Switcheo exchange


  • When the wallet uses your device’s password, you risk losing private keys should you deactivate the password before backing up the vault
  • It is a hot wallet
  • It ignores key security features like the two-factor authentication

Comparing 03 Wallet with other Neo-blockchain crypto wallets

03 Wallet vs. Neo Web Wallet

03 Wallet and Neo web wallet are some of the most innovative and easy to use Neo-blockchain wallets. They are also Neo-specific, relatively safe, and promote anonymous crypto trading. They also encrypt your user data and store it in your device. However, while Neo is web-based, 03 Wallet is a desktop and mobile app.

While Neo Web wallet may be considered faster in transaction processing, 03 Wallet carries the day when it comes to the number of supported currencies, integration with crypto exchanges, and support of multiple payment processing service providers.

Verdict: Is 03 Wallet safe?

Well, the desktop and mobile wallet app has embraced key security and anonymity measures that guarantee the security and anonymity of your trades. It, for instance, is hierarchically deterministic in generating wallet addresses, it is open-sourced, and allows for anonymous trading. Moreover, it introduces the concept of partitioning your wallet to create hot and cold storage. However, we must mention that 03 is still a hot wallet and, therefore, exposed to the inherent threats dogging online wallets.


ImToken Wallet Review: Is This Multi-Currency Wallet App Safe?

ImToken wallet was created by ConsenLabs and launched in May 2016. And in the past few years, ImToken has morphed into one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets and a favorite for Ethereum and eth-based token holders.

On their website, the ImToken wallet app is described as a ‘Multi-chain wallet’ where you can ‘store assets securely and exchange coins freely.’ The website also adds that the wallet is specially designed to ‘Lower the threshold for users to obtain digital assets and daily use’ without worrying about the ‘security management of the account’s private key.’

ImToken wallet app also markets itself as an easy to use and highly secure vault. In this review, we query these claims by looking at its key features, walking you through the account activation process, and vetting the security measures put in place. We also look at its customer support, the number of supported currencies, and compare it to other popular Ethereum-based crypto wallet apps.

Key features:

Multi-coin support: ImToken started as an Ethereum-only wallet app. However, recent upgrades to the crypto wallet have seen it incorporate some of the highly popular cryptocurrencies and stable coins.

Inbuilt exchange: ImToken recently introduced a token swap feature on their platform that allows quick token swaps. This inbuilt exchange is free and enables imtoken users to swap cryptos for other cryptos or stable coins for free. You only have to pay the transaction fees (GAS) charged by the Ethereum network.

DApp browser support: The wallet also integrates a highly versatile dapp browser. It features a wide range of Dapps, including games and social networking platforms. The browser is privacy-oriented and lets you decide if the hosted apps can read the wallet information. 

Compatible with hardware wallets: ImToken crypto wallet app is highly versatile and compatible with multiple hardware wallets. These include their ImKey Pro hardware wallet and other mainstream wallets like Ledger, Trezor, and CoolWallet.

Earn through staking: ImToken, in partnership with SparkPool and HashQuark, allows you to stake different coins, stablecoins, or imBTC and earn an interest of between 2%-20% p.a. The staking process is easy and straightforward. You can use the onscreen calculator to determine how much you stand to gain through staking and have any interest earned deposited to your wallet daily.

Supports multiple operating systems: ImToken crypto wallet app is available to both Android and iOS smartphone devices.

Security and privacy features:

Password: Like most wallet apps, ImToken is secured with a password set by the user during the installation process.

Recovery phrase: During the installation process, the ImToken wallet will also present you with a 12-word recovery phrase. Write it down and keep it safe offline as you will need it to reset your password, recover lost private keys, and restore your wallet on a different device.

Non-custodial: ImToen wallet app is non-custodial. All your private keys are, therefore, stored within your device, not on the company servers. This effectively gives you absolute control over your private keys.

Open source: The wallet app is built on an open-sourced technology. This means that anyone using the app and verified blockchain security experts can read and audit the wallet’s code, check malicious codes, and vet its transparency.

Hierarchically deterministic: Your privacy within the app is guaranteed by the fact that the app is hierarchically deterministic. It will automatically generate a new wallet address for every transaction, effectively masking your online transactions and evading crypto trackers.

Offline transaction signing: You can also integrate it with hardware wallets to activate offline transaction processing.  And you achieve this by connecting the app and the hardware wallet via Bluetooth and signing the transactions offline. In such a case, you only get online to broadcast the transaction.

Third-party security audits: Apart from being open-sourced, the ImToken crypto wallet is also subjected to regular security audits by popular security companies, including SlowMist, PeckShield, Cure53, and Knownsec.

How to set up and activate the ImToken wallet

Step 1: Download and install the ImToken wallet and select ‘Create Identity’ to start the account creation process

Step 2: Go through and agree to the wallets terms of use

Step 3: Complete the user profile by keying in your wallet username, password, and password hint

Step 4: The wallet will then provide you with 12 random words that form your recovery seed. Write them down and save them offline

Step 5: Your ImToken crypto wallet app is now active and ready for use

How to add/receive coins to ImToken wallet

Step 1: Log in to your ImTokem crypto wallet and click on the three dots on the far right corner of the user dashboard

Step 2: Select receive cryptos and click on the crypto you would like to receive to reveal the wallet address

Step 3: Copy the address and forward it to the party sending you coins

Step 4: Wait for your the coins to reflect on your wallet

How to send crypto from ImToken wallet

Step 1: Log in to your ImTokem crypto wallet and click on the three dots on the far right corner of the user dashboard

Step 2: Select send and click on the cryptocoins you would like to send

Step 3: On the popup tab, enter the recipient’s wallet address and the amount of crypto you would like to send

Step 4: Chose the transaction price

Step 5: Confirm that the transaction details are correct and send

ImToken wallet ease of use

The wallet installation and activation processes are easy and straightforward, and so is sending and receiving cryptos into the wallet. It is also intuitive and easily navigable. These factors make the ImToken wallet easy to use for both beginner and experienced traders. All the integrated platforms, including the dapp browser and inbuilt exchange, are also highly intuitive and easy to use.

ImToken wallet supported currencies and countries

ImToken crypto wallet app currently supports ten cryptocurrencies and eight main stable coins. These include Ethereum. BTC, BCH, COSMOS, LTC, USDT, USDC, DAI, and USDX. This crypto wallet app is available in over 200 countries.

ImToken wallet cost and fees

Downloading and installing the ImToken crypto wallet is free. Further, ConsenLabs won’t charge you when you swap cryptos or tokens using their proprietary Tokenlon exchange.

However, you will be charged Ethereum blockchain network fees every time you send crypto from the wallet app to another wallet or third party exchange. ImToken has nevertheless embraced the reduce-by-fee protocol that lets you set your preferred transaction fees. Ideally, the higher the transaction fees, the faster the transaction, while lower fees always translate to lower transaction processing speeds.

ImToken wallet Customer support

ImToken support starts with the rather elaborate FAQs page on their website. You can also contact the wallets support team via the live chat icon on their website. Alternatively, you can raise a support ticket on their website’s ‘Contact Us’ page or message them via their official social media pages

What are the pros and cons of using the ImToken Wallet?


  • ImToken wallet is a highly secure app that employs several security measures
  • The wallet app features several annexed features that include a dapp browser and an inbuilt exchange
  • The wallet is highly intuitive and beginner-friendly
  • Their customer support is readily available and highly responsive
  • The wallet is non-custodial and gives you absolute control over your wallet


  • The wallet doesn’t support such security features as two-factor authentication
  • ImToken doesn’t support fiat deposits, and you, therefore, have to use third-party currency convertors 

Comparing ImToken wallet to other Eth-based crypto wallets

ImToken wallet vs. MyEtherWallet

ImToken and MyEtherellet are hugely popular crypto wallet apps built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Both are free to acquire, easy to use, and give you control over your private keys by storing them in your device. However, unlike MyEtherWalet that will only support Eth-based cryptos and tokens, ImToken has increased the number of supported currencies to 18. It also integrates an inbuilt exchange and DApps browser. More importantly, it lets you control the level of access DApps have on your wallet and the transaction fees (Gas) charged on outbound transactions.

Verdict: Is ImToken wallet safe?

ImToken wallet has put in place numerous effective security measures aimed at keeping your private keys safe. The multi-character password and offline transaction signing provide a privacy guarantee, the open-sourced nature and third-party security audits provide a transparency guarantee while the recovery seed helps you recover lost keys. 


NEM Mobile Wallet Review: How Safe Is This NEM Network Crypto Wallet?

NEM Mobile wallet is the official smartphone app vault for the New Economy Movement (NEM) network.

It is the light version of NEM’s desktop client and home to NEM network’s native token – XEM. And in addition to hosting virtually all the desktop wallet features, NEM mobile wallet is more convenient, especially when you consider its portability and relatively faster transaction processing speeds.

Launched in 2014, NEM mobile wallet is specially designed to provide the most secure and highly intuitive vault for XEM and other cryptos developed on the NEM network.

In this review, we will be looking at the measures taken by its developers to ensure the wallet achieves these two functions. We also highlight such factors as ease of use, supported crypto, and pros and cons before comparing it to the NEM desktop wallet.

Key features:

Versatile: NEM mobile wallet app is available for smartphones using iOS and Android operating systems.

Synchronization with the desktop client: You can easily synchronize the NEM mobile wallet with its NEM desktop client. Synchronizing the two wallets ensures that transactions initiated on the mobile wallet reflect on the desktop client in real-time and makes it possible for you to export accounts created on the mobile app to the desktop wallet.

Multi-account support: There is no limit to the number of NEM user accounts you can create using the mobile wallet. And you can also manage them via the app or export them to the desktop client to generate blocks for XEM transactions.

Send XEM/Mosaics/Messages: The app allows you to send and receive XEMs and other NEM network-based tokens. Interestingly, you can also use the app to send Mosaics and personalized messages to other NEM wallet users.

Security and privacy features:

Password and 2FA: When installing the NEM mobile app and creating a user account, you will be required to secure the crypto wallet app with a multi-character password. You also have the option of fortifying this wallet app further by activating the two-factor authentication feature.

Hierarchically deterministic: The wallet app also guarantees the privacy of your private keys by virtue of being hierarchically deterministic. This implies that every time you initiate a transaction, the wallet auto-generates a new address. This minimizes the exposure of your real wallet address and makes it hard to track your crypto transactions.

Multi-signature: NEM Mobile wallet also supports the multi-signature functionality that allows for the creation of multi-signature contracts. It also means that the wallet is sharable.

Military-grade encryption: All the data collected and stored within the NEM mobile wallet app is highly encrypted. This includes the private keys, your data, and outgoing mosaics and messages.

Non-custodial: NEM mobile wallet app is also non-custodial and doesn’t store the private keys for your XEMs on the NEM Foundation servers. Instead, these are stored in your device, giving you absolute control over your digital assets.

External backup: In addition to exporting your accounts to the NEM desktop client, NEM mobile app also allows you to back up your private keys by exporting them to an external drive.

Community-led development: The NEM network and wallets are managed and maintained by a group of independent blockchain experts elected by the NEM community. The community’s involvement in pioneering developments and auditing the wallet’s code goes a long way in guaranteeing the transparency of the crypto wallet.

How to set up and activate the NEM Mobile wallet

Step 1: On the official NEM Network website, download the NEM mobile app that’s compatible with your phone’s operating system

Step 2: Install and launch the wallet

Step 3: Agree to the NEM wallet app warning about backing up your funds and responsibility for the funds

Step 4: Set a strong multi-character password for your NEM wallet app

Step 5: Click on ‘Add Account’ to create a user account and wallet address

Step 6: Back up the generated private key for the wallet by copying it and saving it in the phone or write it down to save it offline

Step 7: Your NEM wallet app is now active and ready to use

How to add/receive coins to NEM Mobile wallet

Step 1: Log in to your NEM mobile wallet, and on the user dashboard, click ‘Receive.’

Step 2: Copy your wallet address or its QR Code and send either to the party sending you XEM tokens

Step 3: Wait for the tokens to reflect on the crypto wallet app

How to send crypto from NEM Mobile wallet

Step 1: Log in to your NEM mobile wallet, and on the user dashboard, click ‘Send.’

Step 2: On the next window, key in the recipient’s wallet address and the amount of XEM tokens you wish to send

Step 3: Enter the message you would like to send (optional) and enter the maximum transaction fees

Step 4: Confirm the accuracy of these details and hit ‘send.’

NEM Mobile wallet ease of use

NEM mobile wallet’s onboarding process is easy and straightforward. The crypto app’s user interface is also easy to navigate and specially designed for beginner traders. The processes of sending crypto out and into the wallet are also easy and straightforward.

NEM Mobile wallet supported currencies

NEM mobile wallet is the official crypto vault for the NEM network. Therefore, it will only host the network’s native cryptocurrency – the XEM Token – or other cryptos built using the NEM network technology. It won’t support such legacy coins as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also doesn’t have an integrated exchange where you can convert your fiat and cryptocurrencies for XEM tokens.

NEM Mobile wallet cost and fees

Downloading and installing the NEM mobile wallet app is free. You also won’t be charged for creating a user account or holding your private keys in the wallet. However, you will be charged a small transaction fee every time you send XEMs to another wallet or exchange.

The network has embraced the Reduce by fee transaction pricing model. This gives the choice of setting your desired transaction fee, where higher fees translate to faster transaction processing and vice versa.

What are the pros and cons of using NEM Mobile wallet


  • NEM Mobile wallet is highly intuitive and beginner-friendly
  • The wallet is considerably secure and embraces such premium security and anonymity features like two-factor authentication, military-grade encryption, and HD wallets
  • The crypto wallet app simplifies the process of backing up your private keys to external drives and offline
  • The wallet has never been hacked
  • Its open-sourced nature and community-led development nature provide users with a transparency guarantee


  • The mobile wallet will only support XEM tokens
  • The mobile wallet app is still exposed to the inherent risks associated with online crypto vaults

Comparing NEM Mobile wallet to other NEM wallets

NEM Mobile wallet vs. NEM Nano Wallet

The NEM mobile wallet and NEM desktop client (also known as Nano wallet) are the official crypto storages for the NEM network. They host an almost similar number of features and are also designed to achieve similar roles. The desktop client, however, hosts more operational and security features than its mobile counterpart. The mobile wallet app can, on the other hand, be considered more efficient and easier to use.

Verdict: Is the NEM Mobile wallet safe?

Well, the mobile crypto app has put in place several safety and anonymization measures that are aimed at keeping your cryptos safe. These include enabling two-factor authentication, open sourcing the wallet technology, bringing onboard blockchain experts for the wallet’s development and maintenance, and supporting offline backups for your private keys. And all these, plus the wallet’s highly intuitive interface, make NEM mobile one of the friendliest and most secure crypto wallet apps. This security guarantee is backed by the fact that the wallet app has never been hacked.


GateHub Wallet Review: Is It A Safe Cryptocurrency Wallet Or A Scam? 

Gatehub wallet started off in 2014 as a Ripple-specific web-based wallet. In the past five years, however, it has morphed into the more popular Gatehub platform we know today. It not only supports more coins and functionalities but also introduced the Gatehub mobile and desktop apps. 

Gatehub Limited, a UK-based fintech company, created the wallet on the XRP Ledger Protocol. And according to their website, the wallet is designed to provide crypto enthusiasts with true value. But how safe is the wallet? What are some of its key features? Is it easy to use, and what are its pros and cons?

We answer this and more in this Gatehub wallet review.

GateHub wallet key features: 

  • Highly versatile wallet: Also known as the No. 1 XRP Ledger wallet, Gatehub is highly versatile. It is currently available as a web wallet and desktop app. According to their website, however, the Gatehub mobile wallet app is coming soon. So is the revolutionary Gatehub card. 
  • In-built trading platform: The Gatehub wallet also integrates an inbuilt trading platform. It is highly intuitive and easy to use for both expert and beginner traders. Here, you get to trade all the supported currencies as well as over 100 IOUs hosted on the XRP ledger network. 
  • Diverse payment options: Gatehub wallet also supports a wide range of payment options. You can, for instance, fund your wallet using both Fiat or Crypto. You can also leverage such other payment methods as Web Monetization, PayID, SEPA, Wire transfer, and other blockchain-based payment options on XRP Ledger. 
  • Analytics: Analytics is one of the most unique operational features on the Gatehub wallet. It helps you monitor your portfolio and track your net worth in real-time. 
  • Cashflow monitor: Gatehub wallet also features the Cashflow monitor that lets you see track your expenses. It shows you when you spent and received funds into your account. This goes a long way in helping you make sound financial decisions. 

GateHub wallet security features: 

  • Password: You will be required to set a strong password to secure your Gatehub wallet when registering your user account. 
  • Two-factor authentication: All of Gatehub wallet accounts must have the two-factor authentication enabled. This provides additional protection and goes a long way in guarding against remote wallet access. 
  • Open-sourced: The Gatehub wallet is developed using open-sourced technology. This implies that blockchain experts and internet security experts have prodded the wallet for possible loopholes and found it safe to use. 
  • Enterprise-level encryption: Gatehub wallet employs AES encryption. This is enterprise-level encryption that Gatehub uses to encrypt all data stored within the wallet, from personal information to the private keys. 
  • Device verification: Gatehub wallet will also whitelist common devices used to access your wallet. Every time you use a new device or a login with a new IP address, the platform subjects you to additional verification procedures. 
  • Network forensics: The Gatehub platform, in conjunction with several other blockchain-based networks, maintains a list of all fraudulent crypto addresses. Gatehub wallets will, in effect, warn you every time you wish to send cash to these wallets. 
  • Ripple wallet Gatehub wallets are also multi-signature. Each transaction is three-prong and requires authorization from three sets of keys: the user key, Gatehub wallet key, and backup key. This ensures that no one party can initiate the transaction without involving the other.

GateHub Wallet Setup and activation

Step 1: On the official Gatehub Wallet website, click the “Sign Up” tab.

Step 2: Proceed to enter your registration details (email address and password) and agree to the wallet’s terms of use. 

Step 3: The site will then provide you with a 32-character recovery key that you can use to reset the wallet password. Write it down on a piece of paper and store it safely or choose to download the digital copy.

Step 4: You will then need to verify the email address provided and activate the wallet. Check your email and click on the “Activate Account” button.

Step 5: Log in to your wallet and decide on the type of account you wish to register (individual or company).

Step 6: Complete registration by providing additional personal details like your phone number, name, and uploading a photo of yourself. 

Step 7: The account is now active, and you can proceed to add/receive crypto.

How to add/receive crypto into GateHub wallet 

Step 1: Log in to your Gatehub wallet, and on the user dashboard, click on the “Wallet” icon.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Deposit/Receive’ icon to reveal the wallet address. 

Step 3: Copy the address and send it to the party, sending you cryptos.

Step 4: Wait for the cryptos to reflect on your wallet.

How to send crypto on GateHub wallet

Step 1: Log in to your Gatehub crypto vault account and click on the wallet.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Send Payment’ icon.

Step 3: Enter your password.

Step 4: Select the crypto you wish to send and the key in the recipient’s wallet address plus the amounts you wish to send.

Step 5: Ensure that these details are correct and click ‘Confirm.’

GateHub wallet ease of use:

Registering an account on Gatehub is easy and relatively straightforward. It is also highly intuitive and easy to use for both expert and beginner crypto enthusiasts. It also features some of the most important features that include the inbuilt trader, portfolio tracker, and personalized analytics. 

Supported cryptocurrencies and countries

While Gatehub started as an XRP-specific wallet, it has since expanded its scope and currently supports eight cryptocurrencies (Ripple, Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Ethreum, Xaurum, Augur, and Quantum). It also supports hundreds of fiat currencies. 

GateHub wallet cost and fees

Registering a user account on the Gatehub wallet is free. But Gatehub adopts a rather complex pricing structure, especially when it comes to the exchange of Ripple. For instance, when sending Ripple, you will be charged with 0.2%. On the other hand, Bitcoin-to-Ripple conversion attracts 0.2%, while all other conversions attract a 0.3% fee. 

Comparing GateHub wallet with other crypto wallets

GateHub wallet vs. Freewallet

Gatehub Wallet and Freewallet have several common features. They are both custodial wallets, they are free to acquire, and have some of the most intuitive interfaces. Nevertheless, unlike the Gatehub wallet that only supports eight cryptos, Freewallet supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Plus, Freewallet avails both single and multi-currency wallets.

One may also consider Gatehub wallet’s pricing model rather complex when compared to the dynamic fee structure adopted by Freewallet. Though custodial, Gatehub wallet, and Freewallet have different approaches to storing client private keys. While Freewallet holds user keys in their servers, Gatehub holds its user’s private keys in highly encrypted third-party servers. 

What are the pros and cons of GateHub wallet


  • The highly intuitive nature of the Gatehub wallet makes it one of the most user-friendly crypto vaults.
  • Gatehub wallet supports both crypto and fiat currencies.
  • The wallet is highly versatile and available as a web interface, desktop, and mobile app.
  • It also employs a series of highly effective security features, including 2FA and network forensics.
  • Gatehub wallet features a wide range of features that include analytics, portfolio tracker, and in-built trader.


  • Gatehub wallet will only support a few cryptos.
  • Gatehub wallet has had a low reputation after the 2017 hack.
  • While it supports multiple payment options, these don’t include debit and credit cards.
  • The wallet has a relatively complex pricing structure.

Verdict? Is it safe or a scam?

In 2017, Gatehub wallet was hacked, and more than 23.2 million Ripple coins ($9.5 million) were stolen. Since then, Gatehub Wallet has continually worked towards embracing more solid security measures. It has, for instance, embraced 2FA, open-sourced the wallet’s technology, partnered with anti-fraud organizations to identify fraudulent wallet addresses, and introduced device verification measures. These have gone a long way in making Gatehub one of the most secure wallets. But its reputation is still at its lowest, especially after it failed to compensate its clients for the coins lost.