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79. Is Indicator Based Trading For You or Not? (Pros & Cons)


In the previous course article, we have briefly discussed the basics of indicator-based trading. We have also understood the different types of indicators. Before considering how to trade using these indicators, let’s see if indicator based trading is for you or not. For that, we will be listing down some of the significant pros and cons involved in indicator-based trading. After going through this article, we will know why we should be using indicators to trade the markets and what we should be cautious about while using these indicators.

Pros of using Technical Indicators


As discussed in the previous course article, Indicators mainly present the existing price and volume data on the price charts. For novice traders who have less knowledge of reading this data, can take the help of indicators to understand the price charts in a more precise way. Also, indicators act as a great tool to identify market strength.


For instance, using the Moving Average indicator, the direction of the trend can be found. By using the stochastic indicator, overbought and oversold areas can be found. These cannot be easily identified by the novice traders if not for these indicators.

Swift Decision Making

Since you aren’t entirely aware of most of the indicators, we would like to give you an example of the indicators we have learned till now. If you remember trading Fibonacci levels, we have taken our entries right after the price bounces after touching the respective Fib levels. It is impossible to make such swift decisions in the absence of these indicators. Hence we can say that indicator based trading allows us to make quick decisions comparatively.

Confirmation Tool

Indicators act like an excellent confirmation tool for experienced traders as well. For example, a technical trader identifies a candlestick pattern and wants to take trades based on that pattern. To confirm if the signal provided by the pattern is accurate or not, he can take the help of any technical indicator like RSI or Stochastic. If the indicator supports the signal provided by the pattern, the trader can confidently make trades.

Combination Capability  

Indicators can be combined to understand the market more clearly. For instance, Moving Averages can be combined with Fibonacci levels, and Stochastic can be combined with many other reliable indicators to generate accurate signals. If we wish to, we can even add an end number of indicators, but these additions should able to simplify the price chart rather than making it more complex.

Cons of using Technical Indicators

Unawareness of the complete picture

Novice traders who get used to trading with these indicators can never get an entire background on what’s happening behind the charts. If they get used to this, they can never become a professional technical trader. Also, they won’t be able to identify if the signal generated by the indicator is accurate or not. Hence, it is always crucial to understand why the indicator is moving the way it is so that we can make better trading decisions.

Not for pure price action traders

Price action trading is also a part of technical trading. It is purely based on the price movements of the asset alone. So price action traders might find indicator based trading a bit redundant because they know why the price is moving the way it is moving. Hence we can say that indicators don’t add more value to pure price action traders.

Lag Issue

By now, we know that there are lagging indicators that portray what has already happened in the market. These indicators do add significant value to indicator based trading, but they can’t be completely used to take the trades.

Final Word

These are some of the pros and cons involved in using indicators for trading the markets. So the answer to the question ‘If the Indicator based trading is for you or not?’ is yes. It is for you. But we have to be cautious and understand the entire picture instead of blindly following the indicators. In the upcoming articles, we will start learning how to take trades using various reliable indicators in the market. Cheers!


By Reddy Shyam Shankar

I am a professional Price Action retail trader and Speculator with expertise in Risk Management, Trade Management, and Hedging.

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