Do not be Biased with Your Anticipation


Financial markets keep going up and down. Traders make money out of those moves. To take an entry, a trader is to do a lot of calculations, such as detecting a trend, waiting for the price to go to the right zone, market psychology, and signal candle, etc.

In trading, we often find ourselves in a situation in which we were waiting for a long entry from a support zone, all of a sudden the price makes a breakout at the support and heads towards the South instead. We feel deprived. However, this should not be like this. In trading, we are to get ready to sell and to buy since the market can go anywhere. We are to stick with the rules to take an entry.


Let us demonstrate an example.

The price heads towards the North with good buying pressure. It seems that the price finds its resistance as well. The buyers are to wait for a bullish reversal candle and a breakout at the resistance to go long again on the pair.

The price keeps being bearish. It seems that the price is going to have a long correction instead of consolidation. The price is at a flipped support. This is where a battle is going to take place between the bull and the bear. Traders are to wait for a downside breakout to sell the pair. On the other hand, a bullish reversal candle is going to attract them to keep an eye for an upside breakout and buy the pair.

The bull wins here. An engulfing bullish candle right at the flipped support means traders shall wait for an upside breakout to buy the pair. The momentum looks good. If the breakout takes place within the next candle, it will be an excellent buy signal. If it takes two candles to make the breakout, that will be a good buy signal as well. Let us proceed to find out what happens next.

The bull has lost the momentum. Traders are to wait for an upside breakout to go long. A good-looking bullish engulfing candle at the support area shall attract the buyers on the minor time frames to push the price towards the upside. That would eventually help the price make an upside breakout on this chart. Let us wait and find what happens next.

What do you see here? A bearish engulfing candle is right at the resistance level. This is a Double Top resistance level as well. If you have been waiting to go long, please change your mind. Get ready to look for short opportunities. This is how the market changes its complexion. You know what you have to do to deal with it. Yes, you must not be biased with your anticipation/calculation — Trade what you see, not what you think.