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Fibonacci Trading: When Momentum is Lacking

Traders wait for the price to trend from 61.8% Fibonacci level. This is what attracts more traders to trade, which generates good momentum. When the price trends from 61.8% level, it usually goes up to 161.8%. Since the price gets enough space to move, it offers better risk-reward. This is another reason that Fibonacci traders love to trade in a chart when the price trends from 61.8%. However, the Forex market is uncertain. We may see that the price does not head towards 161.8% with good momentum upon trending from 61.8% from time to time. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of this.


This is an H1 chart. The chart shows that the price heads towards the South with good bearish momentum. Upon producing a strong bearish candle, it starts having a bullish correction. Fibonacci traders shall get themselves ready by drawing Fibo levels on the chart to find out potential short opportunities in the pair.

Here it is. The chart shows that the price breaches 78.6% level and trades above the level for two more candles. This means the price is in 61.8% zone. If the price trends from here, it may go towards 161.8% level. Yes, it would be better if the price goes towards the North and trends right from the level 61.8%. Nevertheless, the sellers still are to count the move from 61.8% zone. The chart produces a bearish engulfing candle followed by a doji candle. Since the reversal candle comes out as a bearish engulfing candle forming from 61.8% zone, some sellers may trigger a short entry (some may wait for the price to breach the last lowest low). Let us proceed to the next chart to find out what the price does.

The price heads towards the South and it makes a breakout at the last swing low as well. The pair may get more short orders now. However, the price does not head towards the South. It seems that 161.8% level is far away for the price to reach. It does not usually happen but this is how the Forex market runs. It does not always run on a single equation. A question may be raised here what does a trader do with his entry? Since it is an H1 chart based entry, it must be left behind and let it decide its fate by setting Stop Loss and Take Profit accordingly.


By Tareq Sikder

Tareq Sikder has been engaged with Forex trading as well as Forex writing since 2010. He mainly is a Technical Analyst and a Price Action Trader. He is an author of E-book, a Live Webinar Speaker. Expertise: Candlestick, Channel Trading, Fibonacci Trading.

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