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57. Trading Triple Candlestick Patterns – Part 2 (Reversal)


We have discussed some of the major triple candlestick continuous patterns in the previous articles. In this lesson, let’s talk about the triple candlestick reversal patterns. Morning Star and Three Inside Up patterns are very well known as they provide some of the most profitable signals. Let’s get right into the topic.

Morning Star Candlestick Pattern

Morning Star is a bullish candlestick pattern consisting of three candles and is interpreted as a bull force. The pattern is formed following a downtrend and indicates the start of an uptrend, which is a complete reversal. After an occurrence of the Morning Star, traders seek reversal confirmation through additional technical indicators. The RSI is one such indicator which tells that the market has gone into an oversold condition and that a reversal can happen anytime.


Below is how a Morning Star Pattern looks like on a price chart

Criteria for the Morning Star pattern

  1. The first candle is a long bearish candle with little or no wicks.
  2. The second candle is a smaller bullish or bearish candle that captures the indecision state of the market, where the sellers start to lose control.
  3. The third and last candle is a long bullish candle that confirms the reversal and marks a new uptrend.

A trader must lookout for a bullish position in the Forex pair once they identify the Morning Star pattern on the charts. Another important factor for traders to consider is to pair this pattern with a volume indicator for additional confirmation.

Three Inside Up Candlestick Pattern

The Three Inside Up is also a triple candlestick reversal pattern. This pattern indicates the signs of the current trend losing momentum, and warns the market movement in the opposite direction. It is a bullish pattern that is composed of large bearish candle, a smaller candle contained within the previous candle, and then a bullish candle that closes above the second candle.

Below is the picture of how the Three Inside Up pattern would appear on a chart.

Criteria for the pattern

  1. The market should be in a downtrend with a large bearish first candle.
  2. The second candle should open and close within the real body of the first candle, which shows that sellers have stopped selling further.
  3. The third candle is a bullish candle that closes above the second candle, trapping all the short-sellers and attracting the bulls.

Traders must take long positions at the end of the third candle or on the following green candle, which provides additional confirmation. This pattern is not always reliable when used stand-alone. So there are chances that the trend could reverse once again quickly. So risk management should be in place before taking any trades. A stop-loss must be placed below the second candle, and it depends on how much risk the trader is willing to take.


The opposite of the Morning Star candlestick pattern is the Evening star. Even this is a reversal pattern, but it signals a reversal of an uptrend into a downtrend. Likewise, the opposite of the Three Inside Up pattern is the Three Inside Down pattern, which reverses an uptrend. Learn about more triple candlestick patterns and how to trade them. The more you research, the better trader you will be. Cheers. [wp_quiz id=”61446″]


By Reddy Shyam Shankar

I am a professional Price Action retail trader and Speculator with expertise in Risk Management, Trade Management, and Hedging.

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