GoCapitalFX Review


Go Capital FX is an unregulated broker brand owned by Lancelot Equity Ltd located in the Commonwealth of Dominica. This company does not have a license to trade with CFD derivatives or other financial instruments and is not under any supervision by the international or local authority. The registration number provided on the web site cannot be confirmed nor it means anything for an investor.

Another domain owned by Lancelot Equity is the gocapital123.com that has almost the same structure. All this aside, the Go Capital FX website has a clean design although does not have any points related to the trading conditions. Published content is very general, redundant, oriented towards people with no experience, with marketing phrases that are generally not allowed in the industry. We will go through each section to find if there is anything of value for traders.


Account Types

Go Capital FX does not have any account types to select, all the information is obscured. The only instance we found is in the Terms and Conditions document stating that the leverage is set according to the account type. Since this document does not provide any more info on the subject we can confirm that no account types are offered. Islamic Account is offered and arranged through the contact form within the Traders Cabinet.


The only platform available is the Metatrader 4, desktop versions for PC and Mac only. No smart devices option is offered. The MT4 platform, once installed, will quickly show the Go Capital FX servers with the ping time of 39ms. The client version is the latest with default settings although the welcome message does not point to Go Capital FX but to PBN Capital (pbncapital.com). We are not sure if the feed comes from this company or if it just an error since this company is not mentioned anywhere on the Go Capital FX website. The execution times were always below 100ms and this is even better than the time promoted. As Go Capital FX presents itself as No Dealing Desk ECN broker, order executions are fast enough.


Go Capital FX website presents up to 1:300 leverage level but we were unable to confirm this on the MT4 platform, just the 1:100 level. To modify this, traders will have to contact support.

Trade Sizes

The minimum trade size is 0.01 lots or 1 micro-lot. The maximum is 100 lots with the ability of 0.01 lots volume steps. This is a common setting for many brokers as it allows traders to have better precision and Money Management. The same applies to precious metals and Cryptocurrencies.

Trading Costs

Based on the MT4 feed, there are no commissions. The Swaps are very precise, displayed up to 5 digits which may confuse traders as it is not common practice. Starting from the EUR/USD pair, a long position swap is -9.794 points and long +6.112. GBP/CHF pair also has one positive swap for a long position at 2.793 and -7.449 points short position swap. For the Bitcoin/USD, the swap is not negligible sitting on -539.726 points on both sides. Overall, trading costs are under normal ranges but traders should check the specification of the instrument before opening a position.


Go Capital FX covers all the asset categories, and each is has a good range. Forex has a total of 45 currency pairs. Traders can expect all the majors listed in the MT4 platform, and also a good variety of exotic currencies like CZK, HUF, PLN, CLP, CNH, MXN, and SGD. These are also found under EUR and USD combinations.

Go Capital FX does not stop there and goes wide with the Commodities too. A total of 12 assets including the WTI and Brent Oil. Big attention to metals is given so traders can find Zinc, Aluminium, Nickel, Silver, and Gold. Only Copper, Platinum, and Palladium are missing for the most complete list. Furthermore, Cocoa, Sugar, and more commodities are available.

The indices range is not bad, with a total of 14 across the globe. The majors are there and the less common ones are the Russian RUS50 Index and the Hang Seng index.
Go capital FX has an average Stocks range that covers some popular major companies in the US and a few of worldwide companies. A total of 55 stocks are listed.

Cryptocurrencies follow similar depth as with other categories, making Go Capital FX better than average in the industry. Of course, Bitcoin is unavoidable, with more interesting versions like the Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC, which is rare to see. The description in the MT4 platform was not correct for these and some other coins, as admins did not know their full names. Other, more exotic coins are Zcash, Monero, TRON, IOTA, Neo, EOS and Dashcoin. The total number of cryptocurrencies listed is 14.


Again, like with the rest of the key trading information, the spreads are not published. Based on the MT4 platform the spreads are in the industry average. To give an example, the most liquid currency pair – EUR/USD has a 1.6 pips variable spread, AUD/NZD – 3.7 pips, and the biggest spread among the majors is for GBP/NZD at 7.9 pips. For Gold the spread is 43 pips, meaning it is a bit above than usual, and for Bitcoin/USD it is 25pips.

Minimum Deposit

This information is obscured and mentioned in the deposit manual page only. The minimum deposit amount is 10 currency units selected as base account currency during the registration. This is valid for any kind of deposit method. As to what kind of currencies are available is not disclosed.

Deposit Methods & Costs

Go Capital FX states a very unspecified description of deposit channels possible. This broker has a very flexible stance in terms of how clients can deposit. Later on, it is specified that if clients deposit with a Credit/Debit card, the standard fee of 2.5% will be charged for the transaction. This is not true, especially if there is no conversion, implicating that this fee is specific to Go Capital FX. No other fees exist for other deposit methods clients had agreed with the broker. The maximum amount for cards deposit is $10.000.

Withdrawal Methods & Costs

According to the information published on the website, Go Capital FX will not charge fees for card transactions. Bank transfers have a fee of $30-50 depending on the bank location. Clients should note paragraph 9.3 under Terms and Conditions that tax fees can be deducted from the withdrawal amount by Go Capital FX. It is not common to see an abroad company deal with the taxes of other country residents.

Withdrawal Processing & Wait Time

Bank Transfers are processed in 24 hours by Go Capital FX. The transfers could take up to 10 days to reflect on the client’s bank account. For Credit/Debit cards, this time is 5-8 days, which is unusual.

Bonuses & Promotions

Under the promotions section, Go Capital FX presents an unlimited demo account. In the Terms and Conditions document, bonus conditions are mentioned under section 13 and they may exist. A client must trade a minimum trading volume of the bonus amount divided by 4 to withdraw bonus funds. Profits realized and the bonus amount cannot be withdrawn until the conditions are met.

Educational & Trading Tools

Go Capital FX has a simple News section that is updated monthly on average. The news is global, most popular and not longer than one page. Apart from the MT4 manual, there is also a “Wiki-forex”. This is just a short glossary of terms used in trading and Finance. FAQ section contains a dozen general topics about trading, and this is all educational material published.

Customer Service

Upon registration Go Capital FX uses the phone you have provided to contact you to gather more information about you and the size of your bank accounts. During this sales process, you may be able to ask anything related to trading. No broker phone is published on the website, chat service does not exist.

Demo Account

The Demo is available for MT4 after a sign-up process. Once traders log in they may be surprised that only $1000 of practice funds are deposited. This will not last much even if trading in micro-lots. Go Capital FX stated that it is possible to open an unlimited number of new accounts without time limits.

Countries Accepted

No information about countries anywhere on the web site. It is probably limited to the list of countries upon registration.


This broker has received many negative reports from other regulators and users. Many countries have banned this broker from dealing with its citizens. The biggest concerns are the withdrawals that are not paid out and no communication with the traders after. Other issues mentioned in this review point to a very risky business that is common with unregulated, offshore, obscure brokers that do not have any information to prove their identity or location. If we take these concerns aside, Go Capital FX has great instruments offer, competitive conditions and good executions.