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U.S. Core PPI (YoY) reaching its highest level since 2012

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  • S. Core PPI (YoY) reaches the highest level since 2012.
  • Volatility moves towards Europe.
  • The pound rally continues due to the weakness of the dollar.
  • Jinping reduces risks of a Trade War.
  • Oil Brent reaches the highest level since 2014.

U.S. Core PPI (YoY) reaches its highest level since 2012.

Signs of strength in the United States economic growth continue showing up. The Underlying Producer Price Index (YoY) reached 2.7% growth in March, the highest level since June 2012. The Core PPI (MoM) index, on the other hand, went up 0.3% fulfilling analysts expectations who projected 0.2%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of the increase in final demand is attributed to a rise of 0.3% in the prices of final demand services, in the same way, transport and storage services for final demand increased by 0.6 %. The producers’ inflation rise is expected to have an impact on the Consumer Price Index, which will be published this Thursday.

Despite these positive macroeconomic data, the greenback index continues its strong depreciation, losing 2.83% for the year. Today the greenback is closing with a loss of -0.25%. We are paying attention to the zone between 89.15% and 61.8%  Fibonacci retracements, where the Index has found support.


Volatility moves towards Europe.

The risks of a Trade War between the United States and China are disappearing more and more, with the bilateral attempts to resolve the conflict in a friendly way. However, in Europe, the scenario that seemed full of geopolitical stability is changing. This Sunday 08th, Viktor Orban won the elections in Hungary for the fourth time in a row. With an utterly autocratic speech, the nationalist Prime Minister proposes an anti-immigrant policy and open attacks towards the European Union. Hungary refuses to comply with the agreed European migration policy, that is, to accept Syrian refugees quotas in the same way the United Kingdom did as one of its arguments for Brexit. It should be added that Mr. Orban is not alone in this political tendency; he has found allies in power in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Italy. All of them are willing to reject the obligation to accept refugees and respect the right of free movement.

The euro has closed with gains for the third consecutive session with an advance of 0.29%. The pair shows a bullish move in the middle of a sideways formation. In the last trading session, the price has found resistance at 61.8% of Fibonacci retracement.

The pound rally continues due to the weakness of the dollar.

The pound continues for its third consecutive session in a bullish rally advancing 0.64% for the week and gaining 0.35% in the last trading session. All this occurs in a context of a weakness of the dollar, despite the excellent macroeconomic data of the United States. The level of support to be checked is 1.4145; the key resistance level is 1.42 as a psychological level.

Jinping reduces risks of a Trade War.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised to reduce import tariffs by alleviating the fear generated by the escalation of bilateral tensions between the United States and China. In a speech held at the Boao Forum, President Jinping promised to open further the Chinese economy and protect the intellectual property of foreign companies. These words filled the market with optimism, leading the indexes to move positively, the Dow Jones Index advanced 1.48%, while the yen reduced its attractiveness as a refuge, leading the USD-JPY to close with 0.41% of earnings.

The USD-JPY pair is forming an ascending diagonal pattern, which still has space to rally. Its closest resistance levels are 107.49 and 108, and the main support level to watch out is 106.64.


The Dow Jones index moves within a descending channel, its price looks to control a support level at 24,037.3 and is developing a possible upward diagonal formation whose closest resistance is at 24,630, a level that coincides with the Upper part of the bearish channel. Bullish positions are valued as long as price does not break the 23,749.3 level.



Oil Brent reaches the highest level since 2014.

The euphoria produced by the reduction of the economic tensions between the United States and China due to Jinping’s latest public speeches, not only has motivated a good mood on the indices but also on oils. The Brent Crude has reached its highest level since 2014: $ 71.03. Wes Texas Crude Oil, on the other hand, approached its two-week highs at $ 65.76. The oil rally and the Dollar weakness also benefited the USD-CAD pair (by inverse correlation), which closed at its lowest levels since February, and testing the psychological level 1.26,  approaching the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level at 1.2583.


Our central view for this highly correlated group has been bullish; but we currently prefer to maintain a neutral position considering that once oils reach specific long-term levels on their structures, they should make a significant corrective movement that will allow us to join the trend. As long as Brent does not reach the area between $ 71.26 and $ 72.91, and Crude Oil does not come close to $ 69 and $ 70, we do not expect a significative correction to begin.

In the case of the USD-CAD pair, once it reaches the base of the channel,   we expect the beginning of a bullish move.



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