Consolidation In The Crypto Market


Cryptocurrencies have been stagnant and without many big moves to either side. The reason for that is the uncertainty abbot what happens on the tax day. We see less movement in crypto because, whoever wanted to pull their money out before tax date, did already, and we now see only people that hold.

BTC/USD consolidating


After the recent spike due to positive fundamental news (approval of the Muslim community), Bitcoin has its momentum slowed down. It made an attempt over an 8230 Fibonacci retracement line of resistance, but failed and is now consolidating and going slightly downwards, with decreasing volume. The price range is currently between the 50 EMA and 100 EMA on the 1h time frame.

crypto consolidation

NEO/USD bouncing off the resistance line

As we have concluded in the last analysis, neo was in a tough spot, and the most likely thing that would happen to it was the bounce off the red resistance line (shown in the graph). That is exactly what happened to it. This is a big deciding point for NEO, as indicators are “fighting” for the range and the direction of the next movement. RSI just left overbought, volume is declining, and there is a major resistance on the upside, but there are also both EMAs as support, they crossed each other, signaling a bull trend. I am more inclined towards the bear side for a bit until all the indicators get in line.

NEO/USD bouncing off the resistance line

XRP/USD forming a triangle pattern

XRP has recently spiked, after the big announcement that regarded cooperation with Apple. When that happened, XRP spiked up and broke the $0.63 resistance line, which has now become support. It bounced off of it a couple of times, forming a perfect triangle pattern, with the expected breakout from the pattern around the 19th or 20th of April. It will most likely be an upwards move, but it can’t be said with certainty. EMAs and the support line form a “defense” against triangle patter break downwards, but ultimately, people will decide.

XRP/USD forming a triangle pattern

Final word

Markets are mostly consolidating since these are uncertain times fundamentally. Everyone is waiting for a catalyst, for a reason to re-enter the market. The next few days will determine the overall short-term trend of the market, so watch out for the swing trades for now. One thing is good, and that is the increasing volume in the general crypto market.

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