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Chaos Trading System EA Review

Chaos Trader system uses aspects of chaos theory to trade in the market. This expert advisor is based on theories made by Bill Williams. Each version of Metatrader contains Bill Williams’ indicators. Bill Williams’ indicators are useful when trading in the chaos theory. The EA locates bearish and bullish divergences and initiates a trade in the possible beginning of a change of trend. Then you will try to add positions if the trade goes in the right direction, based on the Awesome oscillator when the Awesome indicator repeats three bars to buy or three bars to sell.


The chaotic nature of the market can simply wipe out the position without any logic or reason behind it. Traders will often find that regardless of the entry (time, training, or indicator), the success rate and the commercial advantage depend mainly on the trend. In other words, you can enter almost all assets (with reasonable money management) as long as you do so with the right trend.


Main Properties of this Strategy

Chaos is a single trading system, using the concept of average, to try to get the best price in the right direction of the trend. The exponential function based on open equity is used to move each consecutive operation away from the previous one, reducing margin requirements and reducing risk as we add more transactions to the initial one. The robot uses a standard (and thoroughly tested) trend identification model, 4 moving (exponential) averages in two tandems.

Average: In the trend, the system will close each trade in profit. While if the trend continues, the robot will generate constant capital inflows into the account by scalping. Once the pattern is reversed, it closes all existing operations.

Facing trend reversals: Due to the use of magnification factor for the average robot is still able to close trades to profit as the trend reverses.
Closing Operations: Chaos system strategy accepts trend reversal losses. All existing operations will be closed, and we will switch sides of the market.

This Forex strategy is compatible with MT4 expert chaos war advisor. The maximum number of operations opened consecutively on each side is 5. The robot will close all existing trades side by side as soon as the total benefit of the account reaches the target profit. (2 USD if we use lot size 0.01 proportionately increase). The expert advisor can only be used in one currency for each account.

If there are trading opportunities, the new trade can only be opened according to the rules of averages (lower price). The factor of increase is applied in operations of consecutive averages. The system closes all existing trades in the global profit or loss account. Transactions can be closed in the general income statement (profit target) or in the trend reversal (fast EMA closing below slow EMA).


No negative user reviews have been found for this EA, and we sincerely consider it a system that can work well, with the incentive that its price is quite economical and that it can also be tested free on a demo account. The robot can be tested for free in a demo account, and if we want to use the full version, its price is 59.90 Swiss francs.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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