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MT5 Exp Copyloy Client EA Review

The Exp Copylot Client for MT5 is an expert advisor/utility that can be found in the MQL5 marketplace. We have linked it below so you can know exactly which product we are reviewing. The current version of this utility is version 20.225 which was last updated on the 25th of February 2020.


This exact version of the software is designed to copy trades from a MetaTrader 5 terminal to another MetaTrader 5 terminal, or from a MetaTrader 4 terminal to a MetaTrader 5 terminal. The features of this software have been stated as follows:

  • The deals copier is created to copy deals/positions between terminals
  • Copying from a demo account and investment accounts is supported
  • The program can be run on multiple terminal bindings
  • Use it as a synchronizer of your trades on various accounts trading on one account
  • Copy from multiple terminals to one
  • Copy from one terminal to several others
  • Copy from any different brokers to any different brokers
  • Copy from a closed account opened with an Invest password
  • Copy from DEMO accounts to a real account
  • Hedge and netting accounts

There are a number of different parameters that can be selected and altered when using the software, these include things such as lot sizes, to copy only losing positions, to copy only profitable positions, to close all trades on master close, and more.

Service Cost

The current cost to purchase this software is $35, you are also able to rent the software which will cost you $10 for one month or $25 for three months. There is also a free demo available to use with MetaTrader 5, but we do not know what functions are available to this exact demo version or how long it will last for.


There are just three written reviews for this piece of software, all three are 5-star reviews.

“Great product, providing all the flexibility to copy deals across terminals. Update: First I rented it for a month, now I bought it. Very good product and excellent support from the developer.” – User Comment

“Really a great tool! The developer was able to create a very rich tool, that makes you able to trade, but also to learn from what happens between master and receiving accounts. Now I have it, I could not stay without it.”

So some positive words about the software, there are also a lot of comments about it, some stating that they are having issues installing but most are just questions about the software itself and not really anything that would sway a purchase. As always we would recommend using the free version first just to make sure it has the functions that you need.

This Forex service is currently available in the MQL5 marketplace:


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