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Breakout Length: Key to Trend’s Strength

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate the relation between the trend’s strength and breakout length. The breakout length usually represents one-fourth of a potential trend. If the breakout length is 25 pips, the trend may sustain up to 100 pips before making a big correction or long consolidation. It is important for breakout traders since the market often makes a breakout; confirms the breakout. However, the price does not head towards the trend direction. Let us clarify this by the examples below.

The price has been bearish upon making a bearish engulfing candle. The last swing low is quite far. This means the breakout length looks good for the sellers. The more the breakout length, the better it is for the traders.

The chart produces a bullish engulfing candle in between. This is bad for the sellers. The price may find its new resistance to produce a bearish reversal candle to make a breakout at the lowest low. This means the breakout length most probably needs to be adjusted.

The price seems to have found its new resistance here. It produces a do candle followed by a bearish engulfing candle. This means it produces an evening star. If the price heads towards the South and makes a breakout, the sellers may go short upon breakout confirmation. However, they must calculate new breakout length from the new resistance to the lowest low.

Here comes the breakout candle. This is an explicit breakout. The sellers are to wait for the price to make a breakout confirmation. If the next candle closes below the breakout candle, the sellers may trigger a short entry.

The confirmation candle looks to be an A+ breakout confirmation candle as well. However, do not forget the distance the price has already crossed. The price has crossed about 70% length considering the breakout length. Thus, the price may make a bullish correction. It usually happens when the price finds a new level of support/resistance. Let us proceed to the next chart.

The chart produces a big bullish engulfing candle, which changes the entire scenario. It happens when the price is about to make a correction. Sometimes corrective wave changes the trend. The sellers if the blindly trigger a short entry after the breakout confirmation without calculating breakout length and trend’s strength, they are to take a loss here.

Breakout strategy traders must calculate breakout length to determine how far the price could go. If it crosses more than 50% to confirm the breakout, it is better to skip such entries.