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Wolf Scalper Pro Trading Robot Review

Wolf Scalper Pro is one of many Expert Advisors that is available on the mql5 marketplace. It was originally uploaded on February 18th of 2020 by the author Michela Russo and has not yet been updated from its original version.


As you might have guessed, Wolf Scalper Pro is a trading robot that follows a scalping-based strategy. Through the strategy, traders profit off small changes. Those trading manually need to employ strict exit strategies to avoid losing all of their smaller gains in one sweep, and traders would typically need to sit in place making multiple small trades. This is where the trading robot comes in – it analyzes the market looking for the main trend, and executes automated trades based on a combination of market volatility and a specialized algorithm.


This EA was designed to work with the pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDCAD, and EURJPY with the M1 timeframe on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The developer does not recommend using it to trade other currency pairs. Traders will also need an ECN, STP, or Non-Dealing Desk broker with low spreads and commissions. The EA does not work with dangerous trading strategies, such as grid, arbitrage, martingale, etc. Those that need help with installation can contact the author for a free tutorial video.

Service Cost

Traders have the option to choose from renting the EA for $65 USD a month or $85 a year. Otherwise, one can simply purchase the program for $95. The overall price is fairly average, but it does cost a good bit to rent the EA, especially if you’re paying by the month. Backtesting is possible and might be the best means of testing, considering the cost of renting.


Wolf Scalper Pro is a fully functioning EA that works with 6 different currency pairs on the MT4 platform. Using a unique algorithm, it follows the trend and places trades based on a scalping strategy, profiting through small gains that add up over time. One of the major downsides to this strategy is that one large loss can wipe out the smaller gains that the robot has earned, as is always the case with scalping. If you’re curious about other’s experiences, you’ll find that the EA has earned a 5-star rating from users. If you’re a scalper, then this EA has the potential to make your life easier and to potentially pay for itself over time.

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