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VR Locker Expert Advisor Review

VR Locker is an Expert Advisor that was published to the mql5 website in August of 2017. The developer, Vladimir Pastushak, last updated the EA to version 17.90 a month after it was launched.


VR Locker is a trading robot that opens two market orders with the same volume in opposite directions, essentially using a grid of orders to spread the orders. The EA works with positive locks to allow for safer trading, which accumulates floating profit to create a sort of safety cushion that protects against losses.


Here are a few key facts about the product:

  • Works on the award-winning MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Works with any timeframe; H1 or higher is recommended
  • Tested and developed for currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and other instruments
  • Can be used in combination with any other EA or with manual trading
  • Designed to be used by traders of all skill levels, including beginners
  • Technical support available via Skype or email

Service Cost

There are a few separate pricing options available:

  • Rent for 3 months for $30 USD
  • Rent for 6 months for $50 USD
  • Rent for 1 year for $100 USD
  • Purchase for $199 USD

Note that the developer includes an impressive 30 activations with any purchase, which is much more ideal than the standard 5 activations offered with most products on the site. Free demo accounts are also offered as a way to test the product without making an investment.


VR Locker is an automated trading robot that uses positive locks and places orders in opposite directions to create a grid in order to provide a safety cushion that protects against losses. It is a versatile product that works with all trading instruments on the popular MT4 platform. We were a bit concerned with the product’s one-star rating, but we found the rating to be solely based off of the following review:

“It’s not an EA recovery” -Fallet

Keep in mind that the author does give some outlines that must be followed to ensure the robot is profitable, so it is possible that this trader didn’t use the correct settings, although the review is still troublesome. If you’re interested in the product, we would recommend testing a demo first, just to be safe, or renting it for $30 for three months before purchasing the product at full price.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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