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Stable EX EUR/USD Expert Advisor Review


Stable Ex EA is a Forex trading robot that was created in March 2020 by German developer Vitalii Zakharuk. Vitalii Zakharuk is a prolific creator of automated trading tools and has many of them available on the MQL market.


Once the Stable Ex expert system is introduced, it works with the EURUSD currency pair and only with it. This system implemented the principle of five commands – that is, a maximum of five commands can be placed in one direction, after which the total position of the series must be closed by stops, either real or virtual. The trading system is designed to work separately with a series of purchase orders and separately with a series of sales orders, which makes the trading system sufficiently versatile. The expert passes all types of tests throughout history for the specified currency pair. In addition, the expert system is tested with several delay values and operates in a fully automatic mode. No adjustments are needed, use only the default settings.

The equilibrium point concept is used for a series of orders (total position), two independent systems to buy and sell. Including a built-in scalper technique with quick sails, it works like a scalper with sharp price movements. The integrated module for processing self-tuning indicators is trained specifically for EURUSD.

To test the trading system, first set all tester parameters as shown below. The test model can be either opening prices, and checkpoints or all ticks, or using real ticks. The trial period in the EURUSD pair and the H1 time frame is not limited, and you can test in the entire history of this pair.

Primary Benefits of Stable EX:

-Maximum 5 orders in one direction.

-Optimal indicators are selected.

-Adaptive risk management system and deposit protection system.

-The stops and also the final stops I work for a common position and not for a separate order, regardless of buying and selling.

Tips for Usage:

-Advisor Settings: Use the default settings.

-Symbol: EUR/USD.

-Term: H1.

-Brokers: Any brokers, spread and commission of up to 20 pips, leverage 1: 100, to be of low latency so that the transactions are executed as quickly as possible.

-Minimum deposit: 1000 USD nominal, the closer the nominal deposit the more the withdrawal will be declared.

The main parameters of the expert system:

  • Volume – the size of the initial batch, if we work safely.
  • At-risk – used to allow automatic batch determination depending on the tank.
  • Risk Percentage – the percentage of risk, relative to which the initial deposit.
  • MM risk – money management options.
  • Stop Loss – point loss (in points).
  • Take Profit – Take Profit (in points).
  • Grid passage – minimum grid passage (in points).
  • Additional parameters of the expert system:
  • Type of filling – the type of execution of the order by balance.
  • Lot decimal – batch accuracy (rounding to how many digits).
  • Parameters of the expert system constraints:
  • Min Stops Level – mandatory minimum distance level for stops (points).
  • Max Spread – the maximum extension to which a command can be opened.
  • Commission – The committee is listed in points (points).

Service Cost

Stable Ex EA is for sale on the MQL market at a price of 99 USD, and there is no option for rental versions.


In short, we find a robot of which the author speaks very well of him, but gives no information about the basis of his operation. So we recommend downloading the free demo version to try to figure out how it works and whether it is cost-effective or not. It is highly recommended to use a dedicated virtual server to avoid losing transactions that the robot does, otherwise, we should have the computer turned on 24/7. Because this tool has been on the market for a concise time, there are no opinions or criticisms from users who have been able to test the product and share their experience in the MQL community.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47022


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