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Renaissance Android EA Review

Renaissance Android EA is a robot created in March 2020 by German developer Jaye Ricci Ademola Puncha. The author says that this sophisticated EA is based on his years of experience with statistical, technical, and quantitative analysis and is awarded with modular tools and options that will be well appreciated by any real professional trader. It specializes in EURUSD 4H, but in principle works on most high volume FX pairs.


This intelligent algorithm monitors the movement of prices, timing, open and close sail ratios, as well as other indicators that will be hidden within the secure confines of a database. Compare this information with historical data in order to determine the probabilities of future events. Based on these probabilities, it dynamically modifies the trend direction and trade volume always within the modular parameters.


What makes this EA better than others is the fusion of total automation and the simultaneous possibility of absolute human control. So, it looks more like an android, hence the name. With financial markets constantly changing, the interface provides the opportunity to derive benefits from anomalies by modifying selected parameters continuously. This is possible because the principles applied have been universal for decades, yes decades. The results of the tests coincide with the live results and this strategy has been very good for the author over many years.

Key advantages of Renaissance Android EA:

  • No martingale or grid.
  • Stop loss will always be used for capital protection.
  • Protection of intelligent reduction.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It is highly adaptable due to variable settings.
  • Integrated mechanisms inspired by real trade.
  • Very good risk/reward ratio.
  • It works on most brokers.

Renaissance Android EA Requirements:

-Brokers with commissions and spreads as low as possible, as well as a good server ping, low latency so that orders are executed as fast as possible.

-Brokers with a GMT+2/ GMT+3 server time (saving days). This prevents inaccuracies and trading errors.

-For EA I always recommend VPS hosting services. This allows for 24/7 trading.

-Diversification of instruments, markets, and strategies.

Adjust risk accordingly when trading during:

– Major events (FOM, NFP, etc.)
– Extraordinary crises (COVID-19, natural disasters, wars, etc.)
– Weekend

The author will only sell 5 licenses. Once sold, this EA will disappear forever. This helps to stop the alpha decomposition of this strategy. Obviously, this EA license comes with email support, free periodic updates, and other materials, such as a brochure and configuration files for additional FX pairs and time frames on request.


We are talking about a very professional EA and within the reach of very few. It is a tool designed for professional traders or capital managers. The few comments there are from users who have tried the demo version are very good, but the price of the robot makes it only accessible to very few. The sale price of this EA on the MQL market is 30,000 euros, and it is not available for rent, only the demo version and the contact of the author is available for any doubts or questions you want to ask before purchasing it.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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