Forex Fibonacci

Fibonacci Trading: How Fibonacci Levels Give Clues to the Traders

In today’s Fibonacci lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of a chart, which makes a bearish move. We dig into the charts and find out how we can take an entry based on Fibonacci levels and how the levels may help us giving clues to execute our plan. Let us get started.

The above figure shows an H1 chart. The chart shows that the price makes a bearish move at a moderate pace. It seems that the price finds its support. It has been having consolidation around the level of support having bounces three times. The last candle in this chart comes out as a bullish Marubozu candle. This may push the price towards the North. However, the sellers may still have the hope that they may get a bearish breakout here. Let us proceed to the next chart to find out what the price does.

The chart produces a bearish engulfing candle breaching the level of support. The pair trades for two more candles after the breakout. An important point is to be noticed here that the price is having an upside correction after the breakout. Sometimes price keeps trending after a breakout, whereas sometimes price makes the correction. Fibonacci levels have an important role to play in this. Thus, if we use Fibonacci levels, we are able to find out whether the price trends or makes correction well ahead. Let us now find out how we take the entry. We are to flip over to the minor chart. Since this is an H1 chart, we may flip over to the 15 M chart to trigger the entry.

Look at the arrowed candle. The candle comes out as a bearish Marubozu candle forming track rail. The candle is formed right at a flipped resistance. A short entry may be triggered right after the arrowed candle closes. The chart also shows how the price heads towards the South after the signal candle. Let us now see the H1 chart with Fibonacci levels.

The chart shows that the price trends from 78.6% level. Thus, it may reverse at 138.2%. It hits 161.8% here. However, we may set our target at 138.2% if the price trends from 78.6% to be safe. The Stop Loss may be set here above 100.0 Fibonacci level.

These are the things we must remember when we trade a chart trending from a 78.6% level.

  1. The price may make a reversal at 138.2.
  2. If the price trends from 78.2%, it most probably makes a correction after the breakout. Otherwise, it does not give a good risk-reward as well.