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The Moving Average Cross EA is an expert advisor that can be found on QUIVOfx. The expert advisor is currently on version 1.03. The way that the expert advisor works is that it will use moving averages to trade, a buy signal will be generated from the moving average crosses, either buy or sell depending on where the cross is. The expert advisor allows for trading simple, exponential, smoothed, and linear-weighted moving averages.


The Moving Average Cross EA can be used on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform and is currently not available to sue on any other platforms, it comes with three different versions, Basic, Advanced, and Pro, each having their own little features.


-The Basic version comes with money management, the ability to trade on a new bar, and an inverse strategy.

-The Advanced version comes with everything the basic version does, as well as the ability to use trailing stops, a break-even system, a spread filter, an MA trend filter, and a feature called trade max once per bar.

-The Pro version comes with everything the advanced and basic versions do, as well as the ability to close on a new signal, the martingale system, a candle trail, an ATR trail, a da/time filter, the ability to reverse on opposite signals and a trade direction feature.

Service Cost

The basic version of this expert advisor is free of charge, the advanced version has a cost of CHF 29.90 while the Pro version has a cost of CHF 39.90. There isn’t a demo but as the basic version is free, this could be used as a demo for other tier versions. If you do not like the expert advisors, you are able to exchange it for a different one within the first 7 days after purchase.


There aren’t any written reviews on the site, instead, there is a small rating section that has had 361 ratings added to it. The current score is 4/5 stars which are pretty impressive for something with so many ratings, this shows that it must have some potential and works for the majority that is currently using it.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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