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Free Forex Signals App! – Forex Academy’s FA Signals App Now Available For Android & IOS

Welcome to our Forex Academy Signals app!



It is a pleasure to announce the FA signals app! Available in iOS and Android, the FA Signals app is a terrific complement to our Forex Academy Signals service, that started on March 20 and which has currently accumulated a total of 3,319 pips and 68.53% winning accuracy.

The FA Signals app will allow our users to get timely signal notifications for them to profit from our pro approach to trading. In this article, we will explain the symbols and working of the app so that you can benefit from it.

The app was devised as a notification tool; therefore, it is quite simple. But we wanted to pack as much information as possible in it, so we created specific icons to compress the information and make it available at a glance.

In the figure below, we can see the main layout of the FA Signals app. We can see a series of icons on the left column that explain the type and direction of the trades. The top of the app shows the legend:

Spot Buy: Buy at the current price
Spot Sell: Sell at the current price
Pending BL: Pending order, Buy Limit
Pending SL: Pending order, Sell Limit
Pending BS: Pending order, Buy Stop
Pending SS: Pending order, Sell Stop

We see also that the app has two tabs: Primary Info and More Info. In the primary Info tab, we have packed the needed information to make the trade:

Assets: The Forex Pair that is the subject of the trade
Entry: Entry price. This value can be the spot price at which the entry has been taken, or, in Pending orders, the limit or stop level at which the order should be placed.
Stop: The stop-loss level
Target: The Take-profit level
Pips: the current pip count of the live and closed trades. In a green rectangle, the pips are gains, in a red one, losses.

The More info tab shows the following information:
Assets: The Forex Pair that is the subject of the trade
Exit Price: The price at which the trade was closed or blank in the case of live signals
Exit Date: The date and time of the close
Method: This is a link to our article explaining the trade setup. We recommend our traders to look at the articles because not only is it a practical lesson on trading, but we also give detailed information on the risk and reward figures of every trade. Position size is critical to succeeding in the Forex markets; thus, it is an integral part of our trade reports.

R/R: The reward/risk ratio of the trade.

Finally, at the top of the page, we present our current total stats: Pips:3,319.99, the pip balance of our trades since the beginning. Gainers: 69.53% the percent gainers since the beginning.

How does this work?

You will receive notifications on new signals, modifications of a live signal, and the close of the signal. The closing will occur by reaching the target, by manual closing, or if the price hits the stop loss. If you follow the instructions, you would have set the stop and target levels at the beginning of the trade; thus, you need only to take care of the modifications and manual closing of a signal.
When you receive a notification and click on it, the app will open and show the referred signal highlighted, so it is more easily identified. By touching the highlighted signal, you acknowledge the notification and will be de-highlighted. Therefore, we recommend that you do that after doing your mods.

We wish you successful trading, helped by our integral signal service. But, please take this as an opportunity to learn and be self-sufficient. Our philosophy is not to give signals, but to help you achieve your own by learning through practical examples, which are supported by our vast educational resources.


By Keiran

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