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Forex Godzilla EUR/USD H1 EA Review

ForexGodzilla EUR/USD H1 is found on the MQL5 marketplace under the Experts subcategory. The indicator was created by Raphael Schwietering and was uploaded on the 22nd of March 22, it has not received any additional updates so it is still at version 1.0 of the software.


ForexGodzilla EUR/USD H1 is an expert advisor that can be used with the MetaTrader 4 platform, it was designed as an automated trading strategy but we don’t actually know what the strategy is, this is a little concerning as there are a number of parameters available, adjusting these can change the way the EA functions but we do not know how they will affect the strategy used. The only information that we do know is what we have written below, and also that the EA does not use the martingale, grid, arbitrage, or scalping methods.


Plenty of additional features that come with the expert advisor, these include working with 4 or 5 digit brokers, it has a spread filter, an equity stop functions, offers drawdown protection, takes profit bracket functions, to stop trading once take profit or stop loss target is reached, fast buttons for order types, an information panel, 5 types of money management including fixed lots and percentages, adjustable trading times, and an advanced algorithm for entering the exiting the markets.

As mentioned above, there are also some parameters and settings that come with the EA which allows you to alter its functions. Some of these inputs include showing the information panel, magic numbers, lot sizes, risk management settings, take profit and stop loss goals, maximum spreads, slippage, minimum equity, and many more.

Service Cost

ForexGodzilla EUR/USD H1 is available to be purchased with a one-time payment of $349, this allows you to activate the EA up to 50 times, it does not come with any further limitations. There is also the option to rent the EA, this can be done yearly and will cost you $299 per year to rent. A free demo version is also available, this comes with a limitation of only being usable with the strategy tester within the MT4 platform, it cannot be used with a live account.


Unfortunately, there are currently no user reviews or ratings so we do not know whether people are finding the EA profitable or whether it is doing what it is intended to do, there are also no comments from users so we do not know if the developer is offering support, due to this we would suggest contacting them, just to make sure they will be there should you decide to get the EA and then need some support.

This Forex Indicator is currently available in the MQL5 marketplace:


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