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GS Done Expert Advisor Review

GS Done is an Expert Advisor made for the MetaTrader 4 platform that does not use Martingale or Grid methods in its strategy. The exact strategy and indicators used are not disclosed in the Overview page for this product published on the MQL5 market. The developer is Aleksander Gladkov from Russia, who has 11 product total on the market. This author is relatively new on the scene, only a handful of products have received attention form the community. Other products use Martingale methods in his EAs, but this one is different.


It is not known what is the exact strategy, but it seems to be a pending trend following entry strategy with specific modules for filtering. The initial version of this EA appeared on the 1st of April 2020, therefore it is very new and amid the COVID-19 crisis shaking the markets. GS Done has been updated 3 times already, with further important improvements to the analysis algorithm, upping the version to 1.3 in just 2 weeks since the initial release.


The main page is not detailed but it has enough elementary information to grasp what traders are having on the table. This is not a scalper but a prediction analysis EA for future trends. The analysis module has a set of unknown indicators that signal a change or appearance of a new trend. These indicators can as well be reversals and oscillators such as RSI and Stochastics. Anyways, the prediction is not executed once the analysis is complete, only a pending order is placed at the calculated level. This level is probably calculated based on market volatility. Therefore, only after the price or the trend has appeared in real-time, it will hit the pending order and trade will be executed.

Only one trade will be opened for a single asset. Also, if the analysis changes the signal, or it moves in another direction, the pending order previously opened will be canceled and a new one will be placed instead. Based on all this, the prediction has a confirmation factor, using the pending ordering, which greatly increases the reliability.

Every trade has a Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. These are not calculated in an “advanced” way, they are just fixed levels customizable in the settings panel. Take Profit also has an additional setting that deviates for the classical Take Profit orders definition. Take Proft setting this EA uses is actually an exit signal by a reversal indicator, described as “Take maximum profit”. This setting allows you to choose the reversal signal exit or to use the classical fixed Take Profit order. Fixed Take Profit level is adjustable in the settings panel.

GS Done is optimized for the most traded and by some analysts most manipulated currency pair, the EUR/USD, on M15 timeframe. This means the EA is not universal, probably because of the specific volatility levels and other factors that are unique for this pair. Speaking of volatility, GD Done also has a News filtering module. The Newsfeed is taken from the Forex Factory site and the user will have to insert the link provided into the WebRequest field in the MT4 Experts tab. The News filtering module is configurable, you may select what news impact is filtered (low, medium or high), set the alert on the event, and when to stop trading before or after the event.

Other settings reveal more features of the EA. Risk management is integrated with the common Auto lot variable, based on the balance amount. The auto lot can be disabled and if you want to use trade lot allocation according to the balance, you can adjust the risk percentage to 0.5%, 1.25%, 2.5%, or 5%. The Time order limit is an interesting option to cancel the pending order if the price has not triggered it during the specified time. Some traders want to skip trading during certain periods so there is the option to set the weekend day, EA working start, and end time.

According to the screenshots, GS done has an extremely good, almost perfect percentage of profitable trades. Out of 89 trades executed during the period from the beginning of 2019 till now, only 3 have been lost trades. This is done in the optimized EUR/USD pair on the M15 timeframe. The MT4 Strategy Tester is set to model every tick so this should be reliable backtesting. Maximal drawdown is 15.74%, which is tolerable, but not it was calculated only on 3 losing trades.

Service Price

GS Done is mid-priced, $140 to buy with 5 activations, and no option to rent it. The price could change if the EA continues to have good performance and receives attention from the MQL5 community. For now, GS Done remains under the radar, no reviews or comments are published. The demo version is downloaded only 19 times.


The average winning trade is 76.60 and the average loss trade is -472.92, which may be concerning to some. A provided graph shows some of these dips when a trade is lost but they are compensated quickly as the EA has a great number of average consecutive wins (22). Gain per month is a great 35%, the final net profit score is 5168.10 using 1000 starting balance. Even though the EA is set to M15 timeframe, it does not trade much, it can even be inactive for days.

In our opinion, the 3 losing trades made acceptable drawdown, although 6 of them could trigger a margin call if closely chained. Traders should test the EA with various settings to see if this trade success rate is just because of a deep Stop Loss.

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